29 Dec 2019

Men Who Have Been Abused By Women Share Their Stories

Radio TTS: Men who have left abusive relationships: what's your story?

Jewish Lobby's Wars Ricochet, Jewish Lobby's Censorship Angers: There's A "Latent Sense Of Insecurity" In Germany

Fifty-seven percent of Germans have awoken and say that "increasingly being told what to say and how to behave" is getting on their nerves...
Authored by Judith Bergman: "At least since the events at the Cologne cathedral square on New Year's Eve in 2015 people apparently feel more and more unsafe," said Oliver Malchow, the chairman of one of Germany's two largest police unions. He was referring to the mass sexual assaults committed mainly by Arab and North African men at the Cologne cathedral square on New Year's Eve more than four years ago. Malchow was also referring to new statistics, which show that approximately 640,000 Germans now have licenses for gas pistols -- a large increase since 2014, when around 260,000 people had such a license. A gas pistol fires loud blanks or tear gas cartridges and is only potentially lethal at extremely close range.

CosmicSkeptic Debating Douglas Murray On Gender, Reparations & Extinction Rebellion

"The cost to our society of not being able to think about things seems to me to already be evident." Douglas Murray.

Transgenders Are 58% More Likely To Commit Murder Than Be Murdered ~ Lesbian Couples Are The Most Violent

By Eric Striker: Transmania has taken cultural elites in the English speaking world by storm. Famous left-liberal JK Rowling is currently being hounded on Twitter for "transphobia," chic celebrities are now stating their pronouns, and presidential contender Elizabeth Warren has promised to read the names of transgender martyrs (mostly killed prostituting or in drug deals gone wrong) every year from the White House lawn if elected.  
The transsexual movement's driving myth is that there is an epidemic of murders targeting them for their stated "identities." The controlled press in America and the UK has been the main culprit in building this fictitious narrative, constantly reminding us that 24 trannies were killed in 2019, as if their lives are more special than the 17-18,000 victims of homicide every year.

The Dirty War On The UK NHS: Privatisation, Profits & The Impact On Patients

RT: Journalist and filmmaker John Pilger on his film The Dirty War on the NHS’. He discusses the issue of the film not being allowed to air during the general election and questions the role of OFCOM as a regulator, the negative impact of management consultants, how the Health and Social Care Act of 2012 opened the door to NHS privatisation, how privatisation causes money to be wasted in the NHS despite more funding promises,

O Little Town Of Bethlehem, What Has Become Of Thee?

The Zionist Jews' Apartheid Wall
Bristol City Banksy's interpretation?