30 Dec 2019

Why Christians Only Ever Hear About Attacks On Jews And Not About Retaliations Against Our Shabbos Goy Warring

‘Four out of five people persecuted for their faith are Christians and some 245 million Christians around the globe suffer extreme persecution'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: This morning TV presstitutes were reporting anti-semitic attacks against Orthodox Jews in New York with the implication that Trump was responsible. However, the Forward, a Jewish magazine, which reported the story yesterday wrote that “the majority of the perpetrators of the Brooklyn attacks, and the suspects in Jersey City—who were killed in a shootout with the police—and now Monsey, were not white.” The Forward adds: “Brooklyn attackers are, at least according to demographic trends, extremely unlikely to be Trump supporters.”
Orthodox Jews have a tradition of anti-Zionism, so the attackers, unless they were ignorant, were not aiming at Israel. What the motives were no one seems to know, so the presstitutes assigned the blame to Trump.
Attacks on Jews get the media’s attention, but not the more numerous attacks on white gentiles, Christians, and Christian churches. Could it be that the high level of concern for Jews compared to everyone else contributes to anti-semitism?

George Galloway On Brexit And UK's Political Future

The Grayzone: Anya Parampil speaks with former UK MP George Galloway about Britain's impending exit from the European Union, which Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to execute at the end of January 2020. Anya also asks for Galloway's thoughts on the future of UK politics in light of the Labour Party's devastating loss at the polls in December, asking if party leader Jeremy Corbyn could have managed accusations of anti-semitism and Brexit differently.

Men & Boys Who've Been Sexually Assaulted By Women Share Their Stories

"Take my penis out of your mouth! ...When I was 12, my uncle's wife would have her way with me when he would leave for work!"
Men who have been sexually assaulted by a woman, what's your story?

Privatization Has Resurrected Feudalism In The USA

Update: A reader points out that the US prison population is higher by 21,100 than the combined prison populations of China and India, the two largest countries in terms of population whose combined populations are eight times larger than that of the US. https://prisonstudies.org/highest-to-lowest/prison-population-total?field_region_taxonomy_tid=All
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: America is a country of scandals. The latest scandal is the Jewish multi-billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s use of prison labor call centers to spread the message of his presidential campaign. https://theintercept.com/2019/12/24/mike-bloomberg-2020-prison-labor/ It seems to me that Bloomberg’s attack on the American Constitution is the scandal, not his use of prison labor. Bloomberg wants to repeal the Second Amendment and disarm the American people right at the time that the country is falling apart spiritualy, morally, economically, and politically.
In the not distant past, I reported on the widespread use by major US corporations and the Department of Defense of prison labor. Apple is one such company, and boots and clothing for the military are made by prison labor.

Hindu Nationalists Are Seeking Extreme Far Right Talmudic Style Israelification Of India; They Must Be Stopped

India's new Jewish apartheid Israel regime style citizenship law ignites religious tensions
By Miriam Jackson: Of their quest to refashion India as a Hindu state, Hindutva extremists have positioned themselves on a collision course with the nation’s secular structure. Their aim is at least the reformation of India as an ethno-religious state affording particular rights and privileges to Hindus inside a multi-tier system of citizenship. The mannequin state that they aspire to duplicate is Israel. The Zionist state has turn out to be an aspiration as a lot as an inspiration for far-right nationalists world wide, India included.