7 Jul 2020

Reddit CEO Claims She Knew About Jewish Mossad Paedo Ghislaine Maxwell "Supplying Underage Shiksas For Sex"...

...In 2011 - Then Locks Twitter Account "Very brave of her to say this in 2020..."
By Tyler Durden: Former Reddit CEO Ellen K. Pao admitted in a Sunday night tweet that she knew about Jeffrey Epstein 'madam' Ghislaine Maxwell procuring underage girls as far back as 2011.
In response to a tweet in expressing relief at never having been photographed with Maxwell, Pao replied:
"She was at the Kleiner holiday party in 2011, but I had no desire to meet her much less have a photo taken with her. We knew about her supplying underage girls for sex, but I guess that was fine with the "cool" Jews who managed the tightly controlled guest list".

They're Lying About Covid...Yet The Fear-Filled Public Still Believes

Dr. Ron Paul: The daily death count has morphed into the daily "new case" count, as 100,000 tests a day have exploded into 700,000 tests. Is it a wonder cases are increasing? But what they don't dare mention is that deaths and even the death rate continue to decline. In fact the CDC warns that Covid is at the stage where it cannot even be classified an epidemic due to declining deaths. Still, more masks are required and petty dictators all around are calling for a return to lockdown. Can the truth ever be heard above all the lies?

6 Jul 2020

Odds On Kanye Becoming US President Slashed From 500/1 To 50/1

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson: Odds on Kanye West becoming president after he announced he was running in a tweet have been slashed from 500/1 to 50/1.
The rapper made the announcement on Saturday night, tweeting:
“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States! #2020VISION.”
This prompted a big move in the UK betting markets, with Casino.org reporting, “The consensus on West becoming the 46th president of the United States was slashed from 500/1 to 50/1 on his tweet. The reduction alters his odds from 0.2 percent to 1.96 percent.”
Oddschecker also reports that since his tweet, 61 per cent of all wagers on the presidential race have been placed on Kanye, while 25 per cent have gone for Trump in the belief that Kanye running would take votes away from Joe Biden.

Gentile: Daily Life Under Jewish Oppression In Occupied Palestine ~ Behind The Jews' "Apartheid Walls"

If Americans Knew: Most Americans, whose government gives Israel over $10 million per day, and Brits and Europeans who give money and support have no idea that Jewish Israel commits human rights abuses every single day against non-Jews [aka Gentiles, or Goyim and Shiksas to the Jews, which is not unlike the derogatory word 'nigger'], since US media virtually never report this information: that Israeli forces daily invade Palestinian villages, daily abduct people, and daily injure people; that virtually every week Israeli forces destroy farmers' trees, demolish family homes, confiscate Palestinian land, and more... These clips illustrate the kind of essential information US media companies almost never show Americans and the world.

Cynthia Garrett Fights For Due Process In Campus Sexual Misconduct Cases

Bettina Arndt: Lawyer Cynthia Garrett is co-president of Families Advocating for Campus Equality (FACE), an organisation providing support for students dealing with America's campus kangaroo courts.

The Truth About ANTIFA & BLM

Syrian Girl: For Syrians, the hand of liberal Zionism in Soros' Antifa is easy to spot.

Apartheid Jewish Israel Terror Regime Is Training U.S. Police

All US Goyim & Shiksas Are Gaza Mega Concentration Camp Survivors Now!
If Americans Knew

5 Jul 2020

Marriage Is Dead ~ Technocratic Population Control In Effect

'The “deal” that is on the table now is a preposterous joke. It is a contrivance for a mother to continue to acquire the benefits of marriage whilst the father is given nothing: no respect, no status and no security in his fatherhood.'
By MRA-UK: While everyone was focussed on the Domestic Abuse Bill, the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 was slipped quietly through Royal Assent on 25th June.
This is the Act that has been dubbed the No-Fault Divorce Act. Well, de facto we have had no-fault divorce for a long time, though this Act does indeed consolidate it. However, the even more substantive purpose of the Act is to make divorce unilateral. This is the key part of the Act which makes both no-fault and unilateral action clear…

Black American Rapper Says Black Lives Matter Is A Jewish Organization To Control Blacks Like 400 Year Slave Monopoly

He could be correct. BLM seems to have more white people than black ones, and donations to BLM reportedly end up in Democrat campaign coffers.
Rapper Slams Black Lives Matter: ‘NOT Our Movement’– It’s Jew George Soros’ Plan
By Warner Todd Huston: Rapper Lord Jamar is causing a stir with a viral video accusing the Black Lives Matter movement of being a foreign plot created by anti-American billionaire George Soros.
The rapper says that the BLM movement is a distraction for blacks not a serious movement that needs to be followed and supported.
The rapper, 51 (real name Lorenzo Dechalus), said that the Black Lives Matter movement was created by leftist billionaire George Soros and NOT black people.

Jew Vassal EU Spreads More Lies About BDS v Israel Gulag

'An unanimous ruling by the European Court of Human Rights last month that the criminal convictions of activists in France who called for a boycott of Jewish Israel goods violated the guarantee of freedom of expression in the European Convention on Human Rights. The European judges rejected the French courts’ reasoning that calling for a boycott of Jewish goods was tantamount to inciting hatred and discrimination.'
By Ali Abunimah: A prominent Shabbos Shiksa European Union official is once again spreading lies about the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement for Palestinian rights.
Katharina von Schnurbein, the bloc’s anti-Semitism coordinator, on Wednesday welcomed and shared suggestions from pro-Jewish-Israel groups supposedly meant to “make Europe a more inclusive place for Jewish students.”
But the proposals from the European Union of Jewish Students and its German member JSUD, actually call for official condemnation of the BDS movement based on libels and fabrications.

BBC Womans Hour

Belinda Brown: Me trying to knock some sense into Charlotte Proudman's pretty little head.

4 Jul 2020

The Black Racist Attack On Whites Continues Unabated

RT: Copenhagen’s ‘Little Mermaid’ statue has yet again been vandalized, now with the words “racist fish” sprayed on its base. The fairy tale character’s cancellation comes in spite of Disney casting a black actress for the movie role.
Denmark’s capital saw the dubious description written on the landmark on Friday. So far, no one has claimed responsibility for defacing the statue of the Hans Christian Andersen character. 
“We consider it vandalism and have started an investigation,” a Copenhagen police spokesperson said.
For dozens of years, local protesters have been taking out their political issues on the tourists’ favorite Little Mermaid statue, from feminists to the “Free Hong Kong” movement.
It remains unclear, though, why the Little Mermaid was targeted this time.

David Starkey Is Cancelled

Akkad: Legendary British historian David Starkey has been cancelled by the Twitterati for saying things they don't like in a way they don't like. This is clearly a good enough reason to demolish his reputation and career!

Life In The New Abnormal World

Computing Forever

3 Jul 2020

Jewish Mossad's Paedo Maxwell Jnr. "Knows Everything" And "Will Be Naming Names", Former Epstein Associate Says

Prince Andrew is "among those very worried" about what she might reveal...
By Tyler Durden: Assuming that the Jewish anti-Shiksa paedophile Ghislaine Maxwell [aka Maxwell Jnr.] doesn't wind up with the means to kill herself in her jail cell, and assuming those who are supposed to be watching her 24 hours a day won't be taking any well-timed coffee breaks, Maxwell will be "naming names" and "fully cooperating" with the FBI according to a former associate of Jeffrey Epstein, according The Daily Mail
Epstein's former employer Steven Hoffenberg said that Maxwell "knows everything" and will "totally co-operate". 
In addition, Prince Andrew, who has been nudged further and further toward the center of the Epstein/Maxwell controversy, is "among those very worried" about what she might reveal, the report says. "She's going to cooperate and be very important. Andrew is definitely, definitely concerned," Hoffenberg said.
Maxwell's arrest has put increased pressure on Prince Andrew to testify about his relationship with Epstein. Maxwell is facing 35 years behind bars as a maximum sentence and may be looking to cut a deal, the report suggests.

King - Fontzerelli

GlobalFaction: Official Video for: Fontzerelli - King - I grew tired and *pissed off* with the portrayal of my people and culture in the news, media and social media. I’m *NOT* one to moan when I’m unhappy with a situation so took it upon myself to *change the narrative* and restore the *TRUE* pride of *Black people* Like it or loathe it, truth is truth! What comes from the soul touches the soul and i mean *every single word* I’m saying in this song.

The Media Sabotage of Hydroxychloroquine Use for COVID-19: Doctors Worldwide Protest the Disaster

Media and Big Pharma are in lockstep to suppress a cheap, life-saving Covid-19 therapy in order to reap pandemic-sized profits
By Elizabeth Woodworth: Introduction
A dangerous, life-threatening sequence of events has unfolded since The Lancet’s fraudulent[i] hydroxychlorquine (HCQ) article appeared May 22, followed by headlines demonizing this ancient anti-malarial drug – aka quinine, aka chloroquine, and known to antiquity as the “sacred bark”.[ii]
The false news that 96,032 hospitalized patients on six continents were at risk for lethal heart rhythms sent shock waves throughout the world. Immediately, many randomized control trials (RCT’s) at the World Health Organization and elsewhere were suspended until the Lancet article was finally retracted two weeks later, June 5.
But the damage was done. The WHO had ordered countries to stop using it, and European Union countries had banned its use (outside clinical trials) for Covid-19 treatment.  Clinical trials themselves, such as the NAID trial announced by the US National Institutes of Health on May 14,[iii] were cancelled.

Dr David Starkey: Black Lives Matter - Funded By Jew Soros (Schwartz György) - Aims To Delegitimate British History

Reasoned: Dr David Starkey, TV historian and political commentator, takes Reasoned's Darren Grimes through the scholarship (or lack thereof) behind Black Lives Matter. Dr Starkey argues, as he did recently for The Critic Magazine, that the political movement behind Black Lives Matter (far removed from the laudable slogan), aims to delegitimate the whole of British history. As well as allowing the interview to take a personal note whilst discussing cancel culture at his alma mater, Cambridge University, Dr Starkey concludes that, despite all of the current craziness and chaos, he's optimistic for Britain's future.

2 Jul 2020

The FBI Just Arrested Jewish Mossad Paedophile Ghislaine Maxwell! Why It Matters


CO VIDEO 19 + Modern Robber Morons - WB7

Why The US Empire Works So Hard To Control The International Narrative About Russia

"If the Nuremberg laws had continued to be applied with fairness and consistency,
then every post-war US president
would have been hanged." 
Said Noam Chomsky.
By Caitlin Johnstone: On a December 2010 episode of Fox News’ Freedom Watch, John Bolton and the show’s host Andrew Napolitano were debating about recent WikiLeaks publications, and naturally the subject of government secrecy came up.
“Now I want to make the case for secrecy in government when it comes to the conduct of national security affairs, and possibly for deception where that’s appropriate,” Bolton said. “You know Winston Churchill said during World War Two that in wartime truth is so important it should be surrounded by a bodyguard of lies.”
“Do you really believe that?” asked an incredulous Napolitano.
“Absolutely,” Bolton replied.

1 Jul 2020

"Shvartze Chayas" AKA Niggers: Black Voices Also Matter

Historically the Jewish attitude towards Blacks has been nothing short of a disaster. ...In European Jewish culture the word shvartze  (Black, Yiddish) is an offensive term referring to a low being, specifically a Black person ("She's dating a shvartze. Her grandmother is probably rolling over in her grave"). Zein Shver, a Jewish Black American, points out that “Shvartze isn’t Yiddish for Black. Shvartze is Yiddish for Nigger!”
By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: That we are proceeding rapidly into an authoritarian reality is hardly a news item: it is impossible not to identify the institutions at the centre of this unfortunate transition. Every day one Jewish organization or another brags about its success in defeating our most precious Western values: political freedom and intellectual tolerance.

Any White Person Who Thinks They Have A Future In America Is Delusional

FN: For weeks, we've asked who will stand up for our country. The answer, we're learning, is Americans.

Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu And Covid19

'The Jewish State is a hard-core nationalist entity. It is institutionally discriminatory. It differentiates racially between Jews and the indigenous Gentile people of the land.'
FNA*: Netanyahu was very quick to administrate a lockdown at the outset of the coronavirus outbreak in Israel. Was Covid-19 his only reason for the lockdown?
Gilad: You are tapping here into a crucial aspect of the Covid 19 affair which none of the Western media has been brave enough to look into. As early as March 12, the Israeli PM announced nationwide school closures and urged the formation of an emergency unity government to “save the lives of tens of thousands” of Israelis from the coronavirus, Netanyahu presented a profoundly stark assessment in which there would be “tens of millions of deaths” worldwide unless the pandemic was stopped.  Political analysts who follow Netanyahu closely immediately understood that Netanyahu desperately needed the pandemic and the hysteria around it.

29 Jun 2020

Iran Calls For War Criminal Shabbos Goy Trump's Arrest Over 'Brutal Murder' Of Revolutionary Guard General For The Jews

...involved in planning and executing the Jan. 3 strike that killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad...
By Tyler Durden: A top Iranian prosecutor has called for the arrest of President Trump and dozens of other Americans for their involvement in the "brutal murder" of former IRGC General Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad.
According to the AP, "the charges underscore the heightened tensions between Iran and the US since President Trump unilaterally withdrew America from Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers," though President Trump "faces no danger of arrest."
Iran's state-run IRNA news agency reported Monday that Tehran prosecutor Ali Alqasimehr has accused Trump and more than 30 other Americans (whom Iran believes were involved in planning and executing the Jan. 3 strike that killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad) of "murder and terrorism charges". The identities of those other than Trump weren't disclosed, however.

Gun-Toting St. Louis Lawyers Defend Mansion From BLM Protesters In Viral Video

White US Govt. Officials Pledged To Defend Jewish Israel Apartheid Refuse To Defend Whites From Black Violence

Laurence Fox On Cancel Culture: ‘You Can’t Just Shut Everybody Up’

talkRADIO: Laurence Fox has said attempts to “cancel” him because of his opinions will not work. Speaking with talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer, the actor and musician said there had been a “concerted drive to make [him] be quiet” since he was caught up in a racism row on Question Time earlier this year. He said: “You can’t just shut everybody up, there’s an emotional and intellectual fragility to people who won’t tolerate dissenting voices. “Actually we need to talk and debate, otherwise the cancel culture creates an even more myopic monoculture and who wants that?”

28 Jun 2020

Fact Checking Feminist Law

Diana Davison: With a feminist inspired law recently being declared unconstitutional, I decided to fact check the data that feminists have used to support it before it goes to Supreme Court again.

UK Tax Money Leech Jewish Lobby Subverts UK Politics Again - Pro-Corbyn Shadow Minister Purged By The Jews

By Asa Winstanley: UK Labour leader Keir Starmer has fired his shadow education minister after she posted an interview with Labour-supporting actor Maxine Peake to Twitter.
In the interview, Peake had made reference to the well-documented fact that Jewish Israel regime death forces IDF habitually train US police forces.
Image: Rebecca Long-Bailey campaigning for a Labour government in November.
Rebecca Long-Bailey tweeted the interview approvingly, without making reference to the part about Israel.
After coming under attack, Long-Bailey tweeted that she hadn’t intended to endorse “all aspects of the article.” She later further distanced herself from the article, but refused to delete the original tweet.
This wasn’t enough for the Israel lobbyists.
Falsely smearing Peake as having promoted an “anti-Semitic conspiracy theory,” the Jewish Leadership Council denounced Long-Bailey for not having “deleted it or apologized” for her tweet and called for Starmer to take action against her.

Julia Hartley-Brewer On The Cultural Marxist Bias That DOMINATES Lame Stream Media

Reasoned: Darren Grimes of Reasoned talks to talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer about why the public is switching away from the mainstream media and it's left-wing bias, the vocal trans activists that are pushing for hormone therapies for children, the trade unions standing in the way of children returning to school and the migration crisis at the English Channel.

27 Jun 2020

“It Is Literally The US Intelligence Community’s Job To Lie To You”

NYT’s Afghan bounty story is CIA press release disguised as news
“Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill Troops, US Intelligence Says”, blares the latest viral headline from the New York Times. NYT’s unnamed sources allege that the GRU “secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing coalition forces in Afghanistan — including targeting American troops”, and that the Trump administration has known this for months.

Syria: Testimony From The 'Forgotten People' - Interviews By Pierre Le Corf In Aleppo

Pierre Le Corf: "Take these few minutes please, I ask it to you as a favor, it is really important. Here’s a little piece of history, a little bit of a window on the lives of those who go through war and face everyday life under the weight of sanctions. I have collected hours and hours of testimonies from people who are erased, forgotten. I ask you nothing except to take the time to listen, to open your hearts, to share their messages because these testimonies are essential."

Cultural Marxism In The UK: Gender Neutral Pronouns

Belinda Brown: A discussion about gender neutral pronouns. A woman claims she is not a woman.

Coronavirus Causes Weaponized 'Tentacles' To Sprout From Infected Cells, Directly Inject Virus Into New Ones

'According to the report, the silver lining is that the tentacle discovery may pave the way for a number of drugs to work against the disease - most of which were previously being used to treat cancer.'
By Tyler Durden: The virus behind COVID-19 causes infected cells to sprout 'tentacles' which allow the virus to attack several nearby cells at once - poking holes which allow the disease to easily transfer inside.
This nightmare fuel was discovered by researchers led by the University of California, San Francisco.
"There are long strings that poke holes in other cells and the virus passes through the tube from cell to cell," said UCSF's Director of the Quantitative Biosciences Institute, Professor Nevan Krogan. "Our hypothesis is that these speed up infection."

26 Jun 2020

My Friends: Get Ready For What Is Coming ~ Black Marxists Lives Matter

johntheother: Do not let them provoke you into unproductive anger. Just see and understand what's coming, and prepare yourself. Select for your own survival.

I Hate to Say I Told You So…

Catherine Austin Fitts – We Are Watching The "Mother Of All Debt Entrapments"

vanessa beeley: Terrifying interview which covers genetic engineering, contact tracing, surveillance strategy, vaccines, nano-particles. Focus on the debt entrapment and financial double-dealing under cover of Covid-19. 5G, crowd control technology. "We are financing the people attacking and destroying us" "We have two choices, one is freedom, one is slavery" "This is what WW3 looks like"

Blinken Reveals How Obama & Biden Helped The Jews Massacre Indigenous Gentiles In Gaza 2014

During the Jews' 2014 onslaught against Gaza Mega Concentration Camp, Israel said ‘jump,’ and Obama and Biden jumped… to the tune of a quarter of a billion US taxpayer dollars
By Alison Weir: President Barack Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor – and current Biden campaign senior advisor – recently described how Obama and Biden had helped Israel during its 2014 onslaught against Gaza.
Israel had said ‘jump,’ and Obama and Biden had jumped – to the tune of a quarter of a billion dollars. (This is on top of the $10 million per day that Israel was already getting from American taxpayers.)
Here’s the story:
Tony Blinken served as Deputy National Security Advisor under President Barack Obama and currently is a senior advisor to presidential candidate Joe Biden. He recently participated in the American Jewish Committee’s virtual Global Forum.

Jewish Lobbyist Describes Ways To Siphon US Gentiles Money For The Jews To Pillage Gentiles, Despite Recession

If Americans Knew: Over 30 million Americans have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus. American businesses have closed and the U.S. economy is devastated. Yet, the Jewish lobby works to ensure that Gentile American taxpayers will continue to give the Jews over $10 million per day...

25 Jun 2020

Bill Gates Invests In Lab-Made "Breastmilk"

Bill Gates grant to fund testicle blasting contraceptive. Everything he touches has to do with limiting life, blasting your testicles, mutilating your penis, fake breast milk, clandestine sterilisation by vaccine, etc.
Corbett: This week: Story #1: Bayer Settles Roundup Cancer Lawsuits For Up to $10.9 Billion https://bit.ly/380KUmI Alt Breastmilk Company Biomilq Raises $3.5 Million From Gates’ Investment Firm http://archive.is/fs5jA Artificial Breast Milk Investment Fund Backed By Gates, Bezos and Zuckerberg http://archive.is/HCBsj 

Jews Rubberstamp 50 Years Of Their Theft Of Gentile Lands

'Compelling Gentile Palestinians to swear allegiance to their Jewish occupiers is illegal under international law'
Image: Some white people who call themselves 'Jews' pretending to be from the Middle East, because they've got a tan.
By Aseel AlBajeh: The year 2020 is set to mark yet another reverse for Palestinian hopes of self-determination and freedom from oppression.
From a US “Vision for Peace” in January offering Israel large parts of the occupied West Bank to an Israeli unity government in May promising to proceed with the illegal annexation of exactly such territory, a new catastrophe is at the door.
But why has Israel waited for more than half a century to pursue formal annexation?

The Virtuous Anti Racist

johntheother: I might be murdered for this one. Thanks for watching.

US Anti-American Universities Are A Much Greater Threat To US Than Putin And China

'The university is akin to a suppressive regime that crushes real diversity and exiles free debate.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: This is an introduction to a letter written by a black American professor at the University of California, Berkeley.  He says that the University no longer serves scholarship and has become a servant to the Democratic Party and Black Lives Matter. He says that the university is akin to a suppressive regime that crushes real diversity and exiles free debate. At the end of his letter, he damns the University of California regents and the Berkely history department for eulogizing George Floyd, a depraved, drug-ridden thug “who hurt women. A man who hurt black women. With the full collaboration of the UCB history department, corporate America, most mainstream media outlets, and some of the wealthiest and most privileged opinion-shaping elites of the USA, he has become a culture hero, buried in a golden casket, his (recognized) family showered with gifts and praise. Americans are being socially pressured into kneeling for this violent, abusive misogynist.

24 Jun 2020

Tucker: The People Pulling Down Statues Are Idiots

FN: The angry children you're watching set fire to Wendy's, topple statues and scream at you on TV are truly and utterly stupid. There's probably never been a dumber group gathered in one place in all of American history.

EU In Jews' Pocket v Gentiles ~ Complicity Greenlights Israeli Executions ~ Gaza & West Bank Mega Concentration Camps

“Enforcing a military occupation on millions of people for decades requires exorbitant violence and impunity for the Jews who sustain it," '...Despite all this misery, and all this injustice, UN officials continue to embrace and praise the Jewish authors and executors of these cruel policies and war crimes'
The grandmother of Omar Yaghi displays a photo of the infant on 23 June, several days after the 9-month-old died from heart failure while his family waited for an Israeli permit for travel outside Gaza for life-saving medical treatment for the child. -Ashraf Amra APA images- Click on image to enlarge
By Maureen Clare Murphy: A Jew who shot and killed a Gentile fisherman and Gaza Mega Concentration Camp survivor Nawaf al-Attar in 2018 was sentenced by a Jewish Israel regime kangaroo court last week to 45 days of community service for unlawfully firing his weapon.

Fact Check: Polio Vaccines, Tetanus Vaccines And The Gates Foundation

Corbett: A listener writes in to lament that The Corbett Report is spreading false facts about Bill Gates in the Who Is Bill Gates? documentary . . . at least, according to the fact checkers. But are they right? Don't miss today's important edition of the Fact Check series where James teaches a master class in how to examine a "fact check" and how to tell whether a claim is supported by the evidence or not.

Woke Authors Quit JK Rowling's Agency After It Refuses To Cave To Trans Mob

Authored by Steve Watson: At least four authors have severed ties with the literary agency representing them and JK Rowling, after it refused to distance itself from remarks made by the Harry Potter author on transgender issues.
The authors, all identifying under the LGBTQIA umbrella, issued a joint statement resigning from The Blair Partnership that said “This decision is not made lightly, and we are saddened and disappointed it has come to this.”
“After J. K. Rowling’s — who is also signed to the agency — public comments on transgender issues, we reached out to the agency with an invitation to reaffirm their stance to transgender rights and equality.” the statement further explains.
“We felt that they were unable to commit to any action that we thought was appropriate and meaningful.” the authors said.
In other words, the agency wouldn’t publicly condemn Rowling’s opinions on biological sex.

Civil War - Immortal Technique, Killer Mike, Brother Ali & Chuck D

tgosse: A dream team of MCs came together to record this song for Tech's 2011 album The Martyr.

23 Jun 2020

Will White People Self-Destruct?

'Classical music is a white accomplishment and thereby racist.' ...To criticize a black person is to engage in hate speech and to commit a hate crime, just as criticizing Jewish Israel’s treatment of Gentile Palestinians is proof that you are an anti-semite.
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The November presidential election has been racialized by the Democrats, media, white liberal elites, and the George Floyd protests. The racialization makes this election a watershed.
The Democrats, media, and white liberal elites have placed the responsibility for the multi-city rioting and looting by blacks on white Americans for being racist.  Although the evidence is clear that Floyd died from a fatal dose of the opioid on which he was strung out, his death is falsely attributed to strangulation by white police.  Thousands of businesses in many cities have been damaged, looted, or destroyed.  People have been injured and killed, and public monuments of white men have been destroyed, including statues of George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant.

S&S ~ Revisited

GlobalFaction: Track from buddhankh called Stop & Search speaks volumes in his hard hitting lyrics and looks in animated depth of police brutality on our streets. But most of all We as ethnic minorities in the community needs to work closely together to stop this violence and senseless killing.

Jewish Identity Politics & The Current Identitarian World War

By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: In this interview with Swiss thinker Piero San Giorgio I delve into the present global cultural, political and spiritual crisis identifying the centrality of Jewish identitarian philosophy at the heart of current events. Together we elaborate on the significant influence of Jewish thought on whatever is left out of both ‘Left’ and ‘Right.’ Those who are interested in my thought and the few who are still disturbed by my ideas will enjoy this extended discussion as we simplified some of the most problematic contemporary topics to do with controlled opposition, identitarianism, the collapse of the Left and its surrender to biological determinism, the centrality of Zionism and more.

RSE - A Top Down Ideology Imposed On Our Children + How UK Schools Disrupt Development Of A Child's Gender Identity

Belinda Brown investigates the reality behind the RSE sugar coating. It turns out the Department for Education has no real interest in parent's views about how their children should be educated with regards to sex and relationships. Instead they have left the field wide open to RSE sharks.

22 Jun 2020

Letter To My Dad #fathersday - Emerge MC

GlobalFaction: For #fathersday the Ginger General Emerge MC gives a heartfelt dedication to his Dad. Written and performed by Emerge MC Recorded by Dylan the Idylist Produced by Mark My Words Video by Apex Zero

The Ku Klux Klan

'The KKK did not originate as a racist organization. It was a resistance movement.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The KKK is widely understood as an institution that symbolizes white racial hatred of blacks, hatred slaked by lynching blacks.  End of story.
The KKK did not originate as a racist organization. It was a resistance movement during the punitive period of Reconstruction when northerners stole property from southerners, imposed black governments and denied whites self-rule, and encouraged blacks to rape southern women as a way of humiliating southern men and women. The KKK was the response of people who had had enough.
The federal government ended Reconstruction because the ruling Republicans who had imposed the punitive measures on the South realized that abuses were producing a guerrilla movement.  The KKK faded away with Reconstruction’s repeal.

Celebrating Male Role-Models

Elizabeth Hobson
"We erase fathers at our peril!"

The Utter Ignorance Of White Knight Politicians

'The [UK] benefit system has created financial conditions which have incentivised mothers to kick their children’s father out of their home (and, of course, the feminist social and judicial order has made it very easy to do).'
By MRA-UK: On 18th June 2020 The Conservative Woman ran a piece by former Conservative Councillor and approved MP candidate Joel Davidson entitled “Bravo, Rashford, now tackle feckless fathers”. The footballer Marcus Rashford had recently run a successful campaign to have free school meals provided to children into the summer months, overturning a previous intention to stop them. Davidson’s suggestion is that we should have a similar campaign to tackle the scourge of fathers who are selfishly abandoning their children and refusing to pay maintenance. It was one of those articles for which a brief remark in the comments stream was not sufficient response. Such ignorance requires a more extended exposé.

21 Jun 2020

Gentile Children’s Dreams On Hold Behind The Jews' "Apartheid Wall"

Gentile, i.e. all non-Jewish Children in Jewish occupied Palestine face systemic dream-shattering obstacles living under an oppressive permit regime imposed by stinking Zio-Jews

Defense for Children International – Palestine: “I remember once when we were going to school, we asked the soldiers if we could go through the pathway without going through the search room,” 16-year-old Aya K. told Defense for Children International – Palestine. “One of the soldiers shouted at us and threatened to shoot at us. My classmates and I were afraid and immediately went into the search room.”

The Jews' Talk Is Cheap: Establishment Jewish Groups’ Faux Support For Anti-Racism

While a growing number of Jewish Americans support Palestinian human rights, like the individual in this photo, establishment Jewish organizations continue to advocate for Israel despite its oppression of Palestinians… even while claiming to oppose racism. Over 130 Jewish American organizations say they believe in justice and equalitybut not necessarily for Gentiles.
Many Jewish groups in America are sending mixed signals: YES, we want equality for Black Americans; NO, we do not want the same for Palestinians… and we’re using our power to procure U.S. policies that support Jewish Israel despite its systemic discrimination and violence.

5 Facts BBC's "The Salisbury Poisonings" Forgot To Mention

'We’ll never know exactly who at the BBC decided to omit all these details. But we can make a pretty good guess as to why...'
Authored by Kit Knightly: The BBC’s new drama “The Salisbury Poisonings” concluded over the weekend. A three-part story “based on actual events”, claiming to tell the story of the alleged poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury in 2018. 
It’s exactly what you’d expect. Schlocky tat. Poorly researched, badly written and woefully factually inaccurate.
The Guardian gave it four stars. Because of course they did. Because when you’re dealing with government-backed narrative everything that reinforces it must be described as having value. It’s one of the hallmarks of propaganda, that no story which supports the propaganda – however ridiculous – can ever be questioned, criticised or disputed.


Aba & Preach


DoctorRandomercam: Leave now if you don't want to get yelled at. Every gallon of rabid spittle is just for you. I wish I could say you know who you are, but you don't. That's the problem.
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20 Jun 2020

Bullshit Julian Assange Indictment Fails To Mention WikiLeaks Video That Exposed US 'War Crimes' In Iraq

‘Shameful’ Collateral Murder footage shows US Apache helicopter mowing down 11 civilians – including two Reuters journalists – in Baghdad
By Paul Daley: US prosecutors have failed to include one of WikiLeaks’ most shocking video revelations in the indictment against Julian Assange, a move that has brought accusations the US doesn’t want its “war crimes” exposed in public.
Assange, an Australian citizen, is remanded and in ill health in London’s Belmarsh prison while the US tries to extradite him to face 18 charges – 17 under its Espionage Act – for conspiracy to receive, obtain and disclose classified information.