31 Mar 2020

Hospitals Firing Doctors Who Talk To The Press

"A lot of hospitals are lying to their workers and saying that simple masks are sufficient and nurses are getting sick and they are dying."
By Tyler Durden:  US Health care systems have warned emergency room doctors and nurses that if they speak out about working conditions inside a hospital, they will be fired, reported Bloomberg.
Ming Lin, an emergency room physician in Washington state, lost his job last week after he spoke to a local media outlet about the lack of protective gear for staff at Puget Sound area hospitals.
Hospital staff at the NYU Langone Health system were recently warned that if they spoke to the media without authorization, they would be terminated.
"Hospitals are muzzling nurses and other health-care workers in an attempt to preserve their image," said Ruth Schubert, a spokeswoman for the Washington State Nurses Association. "It is outrageous."
With confirmed virus cases over 163,000 and 3,170 deaths, hospital systems across the country are seeing a massive influx of patients that is straining the system.

Is This What's Behind Italy's Outrageous 10% Mortality Rate From COVID-19?

Italy's 10% mortality rate has been one of the most disturbing mysteries of the global pandemic. Italy's mortality rate is roughly 20x Germany's (a relatively benign 0.4%), and many multiples of China's (roughly 2.5%) rate.
By Tyler Durden: As scientists puzzle over the reason, researchers have proposed a theory that's being vetted by peers: Italy's mild flu season left a larger victim pool for COVID-19. This would suggest that the US, which has struggled with more lethal flu seasons, won't have as large a pool of potential high-risk victims, especially as testing suggests the virus is more widespread than many had expected.

A Brief History Of Nagging

Feminism = Institutionalised female nagging
By Peter Wright: I recently mentioned to a friend that feminist verbiage amounts to little more than organized female nagging — the endless attempt to shame & guilt men into serving women. Is it any wonder that feminist street placards emphasise “having a voice,” “women speaking up,” “not being silenced,” and “speaking out”?  These phrases are nothing more than euphemisms for the ear piercing, fingernails-on-blackboard nagging that women have never gone without. Sadly, the days of being able to deal with nagging by use the following device are long gone: 
Scold’s bridle – historical device providing the nagging woman with some therapeutic time out

Doctor Shares The Biggest Lie About COVID-19 - UK Data

Medlife Crisis: There has been a particularly harmful misconception which has led many to believe coronavirus is a trivial problem that won't affect them. These are results from the first 775 patients admitted to intensive care in the UK, with COVID-19. Time to put the misconception that this disease only preys on the elderly and those with significant medical conditions, to rest. Erratum: Thanks to a couple of friends who pointed out that I should've been clearer with the deaths statistic - when saying around half have died, that refers to those with outcomes recorded, ie patients who have either left ICU alive or dead. Many of these patients are still in ICU right now, so the rate may change *however* if you click the link below you can see a steady state emerging between discharge alive and dead, suggesting the 52:48 ratio is probably about right.

30 Mar 2020

The Government Employee Who May Have Saved A Million American Lives

By Ron Unz: Dr. Sarah Cody [image left]. That’s the name of a local government employee probably unknown to almost everyone reading this. Yet I think there’s a good chance that a million or more Americans will owe her their lives. And therein lies a tale… 
Last Tuesday President Donald Trump announced that he expected to lift most health restrictions recently imposed due to the Coronavirus epidemic and send the country back to work by Easter, a possibility that shocked and horrified nearly all mainstream health professionals.
No need to worry, I said. I predicted that the exponentially-growing Coronavirus death toll in his home city of New York would have reached such horrifying levels by Easter that his Wall Street friends would persuade him to “pivot” away from such a foolhardy proposal.

Being In The Age Of Corona

By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: In its war against the terror of the Corona virus, the world has united in its determination to lock down its human inhabitants, hoping that Covid-19 will show some empathy and voluntarily evaporate.
We have been trained to think that winning a war entails killing the enemy but most scientists admit that Corona isn’t exactly a new Hitler or Bin Laden. Though viruses carry genetic material: they reproduce and evolve evolutionary, they lack some key characteristics typical of life organisms such as cell structure. Most biologists consider viruses as ‘organisms at the edge of life’ as opposed to ‘live organisms.’ Accordingly, our new little global enemy can’t be ‘killed’ for the simple reason that it isn’t alive.
It is reasonable to believe that the battle with viruses and with Covid-19 in particular, is a struggle inflicted on us and that humans cannot escape the battlefield.  We may prolong the battle by locking ourselves down. We may even produce a vaccination or find a cocktail of available medicines that successfully tackle severe respiratory symptoms, but the grim fact is: Corona is not going to give up. It will continue to be waiting for us behind some corner. This is the law of nature, and as far as Corona is concerned we, despite our incredible technological achievements, are still part of nature.

COVID-19 Is Saving Lives ...Wait, What?

Authored by Prasanthi Ramakrishnan, Siddhartha Sanghi, David Schwartzman and Hayley Wabiszewski: The United States death toll from the novel coronavirus has steadily increased in the last few days, with over 2, 200 COVID- 19 deaths, and more than half of the deaths in the last three days alone. The death toll is expected to only get worse in the coming weeks as cases increase and the capacity of the health care system is stretched. However, one silver lining might be that the death toll could be lower than anticipated due to individuals changing their behavior during the coronavirus pandemic. We use CDC data (detailed below) to analyze weekly US deaths over the last five years (as accessed on March 28 , 2020 ). Figure 1 shows weekly deaths for all ages. For the year 2020, we have data through week 10, or through the week of March 7, 2020.
There is a clear strong downward sloping trend in the number of deaths at all ages for the current year as compared to the previous 5 years. Moreover, the current year appears to be a break in trend from the previous 5 years. Comparing the difference of the previous 5 -year average with 2020 deaths through March 7 and we find that for week 10, there were close to 9000 fewer deaths – this is nearly a 20 percent decrease in the number of the deaths! The decrease is most evident after week 7 (week ending February 15 , 2020 ).

29 Mar 2020

Gold: Problems With Exchange For Physical

Max and Stacy review the problems with the EFP (Exchange for Physical) contracts on the Comex. Those trying to exchange their paper for physical gold are having a hard time with settlement.

Feminist Woketivists Quiet About Joe Biden To Beat Trump

Aba & Preach
"The cringe de la cringe!"

Europe Reports Deadliest Day On Record ~ Recorded Global COVID-19 Case Total Passes 700K


  • UK deputy chief medical officer warns life won't be normal for 6 months
  • US bankster Mnuchin says decision on reopening economy will be 'health decision'
  • Italy reports 2nd day of declines
  • Trump says he wants 'travel advisory' on NY area
  • Total COVID-19 cases tops 700k
  • US death toll passes 2k
  • Ireland death toll hits 46
  • Texas, RI, Florida & others bar people traveling from NY and surrounding area
  • France reports another 300 deaths
  • Dutch reject masks made by Chinese
  • Inmate dies from COVID-19 in Louisiana
  • Even Spanish politicians criticized for traveling to vacation villas
  • Modi asks for "forgiveness" from India's poor

Toby Young Launches Free Speech Union To Stop Deplatforming

Bettina Arndt: Following his own experience with a media mobbing, British journalist Toby Young has started a new organisation called the 'Free Speech Union' to help people who are under attack.

Prof. J. Fiamengo: Should Feminists Have The Right To Vote?


Joe "Believe All Women" Biden Hoisted On His Own Petard

Joe 'Sniffer' Biden: "Believe All Women" 
Except The One Accusing Me Of Sexual Assault
By Tyler Durden: In September, 2018 - former Vice President Joe Biden weighed in on allegations of sexual assault against Justice Brett Kavanaugh by insisting that any woman's public claims of sexual assault should be presumed to be true.

28 Mar 2020

Public Hysteria v Scientific Thinking

'In university 35 years ago, scepticism and critical thinking were regarded as precious Western values.
This approach has been discarded: skeptics are reduced into public enemies.'
By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: The Corona crisis has exposed our political and media establishments as dysfunctional and possibly dangerous.  If the West was, until recently, associated with scientific, analytical, rational and methodical thinking, then not much is left of that Athenian reasoning. Like houses of cards, most of our Western democracies have succumbed to populist decision making that is, by its nature, deeply unscientific.

Dua Lipa Follows Trend Of Women Shitting On Men In Music

 Another day, another predictable Misandric female singer.

Jewish Israel High Tech Precision Airstrikes v Gentile Palestinian Resistance Fireworks: Air Attack Facts & Stats

IAK: Western lame-stream media news reports on the Jews slaughtering Gentiles in Palestine to steal their land virtually always mention ‘thousands of rockets have been fired from Gaza Mega Concentration Camp.’ However, the lame-stream media rarely report how many people these rockets fireworks have killed, when they began, and what they look like. US media reports also fail to compare these Palestinian weapons to the weapons Israel uses in its airstrikes.
For that reason, If Americans Knew has compiled thorough information on this topic, including a list of those killed, the dates of their deaths, and details on some of the weaponry involved.

The Coming War On China - John Pilger

True Story Documentary Channel: The Coming War on China, from award winning journalist John Pilger, reveals what the news doesn’t – that the world’s greatest military power, the United States, and the world’s second economic power, China, both nuclear-armed, may well be on the road to war. Nuclear war is not only imaginable, but planned. The greatest build-up of NATO military forces since the Second World War is under way on the western borders of Russia. On the other side of the world, the rise of China is viewed in Washington as a threat to American dominance. To counter this, President Obama announced a ‘pivot to Asia’, which meant that almost two-thirds of all US naval forces would be transferred to Asia and the Pacific, their weapons aimed at China.

"Why We Need Male-Positive Histories" Prof. J. Fiamengo

Justice for Men & Boys: Janice Fiamengo is an internationally renowned Canadian Men’s Rights Advocate and anti-feminist, until recently a Professor of English at the University of Ottawa. She was a keynote speaker at the fifth International Conference on Men’s Issues, held in Chicago in August 2019: http://icmi2019.icmi.info

27 Mar 2020

Coronavirus Profiteers Are Worse Than War Profiteers

France is being intentionally destroyed.
Pharmaceutical companies are mass murderers!? The same thing is happening in the Anglosphere!?
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Didier Raoult is Professor of Microbiology and the leading world specialist in treatment of infectious diseases. He is the director of IHU Mediterranee Infection Institute. He was part of a clinical trial in which hydroxychloroquine and azithromyin healed 90% of Covid-19 cases if they were tested very early.
From the article by Pepe Escobar in the Asia Times reprinted below:
For years, Raoult has been pleading for a drastic revision of health economic models, so the treatments, cure and therapies created mostly during the 20th century, are considered a patrimony in the service of all humanity.“That’s not the case”, he says, “because we abandon medicine that is not profitable, even if it’s effective. That’s why almost no antibiotics are manufactured in the West.”

Exceptional US Healthcare = 18% Of GDP & Yet No Masks

Max and Stacy ask how it is that the US economy is 18% healthcare and yet not a medical mask or gown can be had? And is the danger from Covid-19 to the 49-years-old fiat currency system high enough to be fatal?

A Note For The Ladies

By Paul Male: I’ve been hearing women say, for far too long now, that when it comes to talking about problems, “I don’t want him to fix my problems. I just want him to listen to me. I just want to be heard.”
Ladies, I don’t know what 10-cent self-help rag you read that in, but it’s total bullshit.
Look. Men solve problems. It’s what we do. It’s what we’ve always done. Expecting us to listen to you drone on for 45 minutes about shit you have no intention of resolving isn’t only a complete waste of time, it’s downright rude.
Men don’t listen to each other wallow in problems. We identify what’s wrong and go to work on a plan to set it right. Once we figure out that the man we’re listening to is just yammering about something with no interest in fixing it, we lose interest right away. Said yammerer will find himself without an audience, and quickly.
Any self-respecting man will do the same thing with you. And you know what? That’s exactly the correct response.

Aspects Of Women’s Privilege In The Old French Jeu-Parti

In northern France in the thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries, men and women poet-singers known as trouvères composed lyric debates. This type of song, called the jeu-parti, involved two voices defending in alternate stanzas alternate responses to a question set out for debate in the first stanza.[1] Jeux-partis involving women trouvères depict significant aspects of women’s privilege in medieval France.
Like most women today, women trouvères in medieval France rarely assumed the emotional risk of soliciting an amorous relationship. A jeu-parti between Dame Margot and Dame Marote debates a case involving a woman and man who love each other dearly. The man dares not declare his desire to the women. The debate question is whether the woman should assume a man’s typical burden and declare her love to him. Dame Margot argues against the woman taking the initiative to establish an amorous relationship. Dame Marote argues for the woman taking the initiative.
In their arguments, both Dame Margot and Dame Marote recognize women’s privilege in relation to men. Dame Marote declares that “she should not be proud {pas ne doit cele estre fiere},” as if a woman telling a man that she loves him in some way injures her pride and lowers her worth. Dame Margot counters Dame Marote’s position, but confirms women’s privilege:

Coronavirus Lockdown: Douglas Murray & John Anderson

John Anderson speaks to author and journalist Douglas Murray from his home in England. Since they last spoke in January the whole world has been turned upside down by COVID-19. Douglas gives us the view from Europe and they consider the impact and possible future consequences of this unfolding crisis. They also discuss the limits of globalisation, the importance of the nation state, the looming debt crisis, the implications of trade with China, the crisis of conservative politics and the late Sir Roger Scruton.

26 Mar 2020

How To Practice Proper Social Distancing

"Social Distancing is here to stay! Things won't go back
to normal, ever!"

Coronavirus: More Men Die, Feminist Women Don't Care

Up to 70% of coronavirus deaths in Italy are male. Main stream media silent. Feminist females continue to be self-centred.

12 Monkeys - We're Living It!

The full New World Order agenda of complete control over humanity is in play...
Introduction by Tyler Durden: A brand new mini-documentary "We’re Living in 12 Monkeys" was released today by Truthstream Media that outlines the agenda that is unfolding from the coronavirus hysteria.
The full New World Order agenda of complete control over humanity is in play. Watch below:

The Land Theiving Jews Shoot Another Gentile Palestinian Dead In West Bank Mega Concentration Camp

Even amidst an unprecedented global pandemic, Jewish Israel land theft occupation forces continue their violence against indigenous Gentiles.
By Tamara Nassar: Jews fatally shot another Gentile man in the head near the entrance, next to The Apartheid Wall of West Bank Mega Concentration Camp, Nilin section, on Sunday.
The Jews claimed that Sufian Khawaja was hurling stones at vehicles when he was shot dead.
Pictures of Khawaja and his family were circulated by Gentile media.
Another Gentile, said to be Khawaja’s cousin, was reportedly injured in the same incident but managed to escape from the Murderous land thieving Jews.
A vehicle was damaged, according to The Times of Israel, but no Jews were reported injured, as in many previous cases in which an alleged Gentile attacker was butchered by Jews.
The Jewish terror regime reportedly prevented an ambulance from reaching Khawaja to provide treatment. Jewish occupation forces habitually deny first aid to Gentiles they shoot, causing them to bleed to death.

25 Mar 2020

NY Times Lied That Gentile Resistance Fighters Had Been Firing Rockets At The Jewish Israel Land Theft Terror Regime

The New York Times claimed that, until the Great Return March demonstrations began by the Gaza Mega Concentration Camp Apartheid Wall, Hamas Gentile Freedom Fighters had been firing “a fairly steady tempo” of rockets at Israel. In fact, it had been firing none.
By Jeremy R. Hammond: In March, fourteen peaceful demonstrators were killed and hundreds wounded when Jews fired across their 'Apartheid Wall' at unarmed indigenous Gentiles in Gaza Mega Concentration Camp.
The day of the crime, New York Times reported that, although the protests were “billed as the start of a peaceful, six-week sit-in”, Gentile protesters had “quickly turned violent”. The Times added, “But as some began hurling stones, tossing Molotov cocktails and rolling burning tires at the fence, the Israelis responded with tear gas and gunfire.” Three days later, the editorial board of the Times acknowledged that the claim that Palestinians were “hurling stones, tossing Molotov cocktails and rolling burning tires at the fence” was the “Israeli version of events”. In other words, the Times tacitly acknowledged that it had presented the Israeli propaganda version — in which the violence was instigated by the Palestinians — as though truthful.

Quarantine Meditations: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

'Powerful people work to advance authoritarian agendas which they have no intention of reversing during this pandemic. They are working on it right now. ...this is a certainty.'
By Caitlin Johnstone: The world is messed up because powerful people think in terms of narrative control, and ordinary people don’t. Change that and you change the world.
Hot tip: Dump all stocks and invest in becoming the kind of decent human being who people will want to help in chaotic times.
Let’s go humans! The sooner we can put aside our differences all around the world and unite to beat this virus the sooner we can get back to exploiting each other over an imaginary monetary system and murdering each other with bombs!

Comedian Andrew Doyle Takes Apart Woke Feminist Comedy And Political Correctness

Writer and comedian Andrew Doyle, behind the Jonathan Pie and Titania McGrath characters, gives his take on the woke movement of today. Doyle takes apart modern comedy and the misandric feminist woke movement who seek to censor and prevent freedom of speech. Doyle speaks to Steven Edginton.

"Special Needs Student" Greta Thunberg 'Incorporated': The Exposé

Rebel News: Keean Bexte of Rebel News travels to Stockholm to investigate Greta Thunberg's origins and speak with Greta herself. http://www.GretaInc.com

Money Printing Go Brrrr

Max and Stacy discuss the all out money printing from the US central bank failing to stop markets from continuing to tumble. They explore the deflationary bust driven by the soaring dollar against which most other currencies are tumbling. In the second half, Max interviews Alasdair Macleod of GoldMoney.com about gold in the age of pandemic. They discuss the increasingly unstable markets and ask whether or not they are a sign of the end of the fiat currency regime.

24 Mar 2020

Marvel's "New Warriors" Failure


In The Middle Of A Pandemic, Feminists Ask, “What About Me?”

Even in the middle of a global pandemic we can always count on feminists to remind us that it’s all about them.
The Atlantic released an article titled The Coronovirus Is A Disaster For Feminism;
The article addresses the self-isolation, work-from-home issue that has been suggested/forced upon us by health officials and our politicians. The author’s fear lies in a most critical issue: “Who’s going to watch the kids while we’re stuck at home?”

Debt Forgivness And Nationalization Are The Answers To The Economic Crisis

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The US airline companies have bankrupted themselves by buying back their stock in an enrichment scheme for CEOs and board members (https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/03/david-stockman/the-crony-capitalist-thieves-are-back/). With the impact of the virus on their revenues, Congress is handing them a $50 billion bailout.  Instead of being bailed out they should be nationalized.
In the health and economic crisis in which we find ourselves, the government is going to need all the public trust it can get. Bailouts of those who caused their problems and ours won’t meet the fairness test.  
As I previously wrote, nationalization is a four-letter word for many, but it actually offers a chance to correct for the decades of deregulation and concentration and thereby restore competition to the economy.

UK, Europe & IMF Ramp Up Pressure For Trump To Ease "Inhuman" Jewish Lobby Sanctions On Virus-Ravaged Iran

By Tyler Durden: Tehran has for the first time in a half-century turned to the International Monetary Fund for urgent assistance...
Reports and in some cases video began emerging last week of mass shipments of humanitarian supplies being halted and grounded by skittish EU countries worried about violating US-led Jewish lobby sanctions on Iran.
This as Iranian leaders have lashed out at Washington for ensuring a worsening coronavirus death toll through its "inhuman" Jewish sanctions. But the White House has also been coming under heightening pressures from European allies as well, including surprisingly by the UK, which has up to this point by and large stood by Trump's "maximum pressure" campaign aimed at ousting the government in Tehran.
"The U.K. has quietly prodded the Trump administration to ease sanctions because of the crisis, the Guardian reported, without saying where it obtained the information," Bloomberg writes Monday.

Faces Of Greed - Unscrupulous Big Pharma & Shutting Off Peoples Lights During This Outbreak

Aba & Preach

Coronavirus UK: Boris Johnson Urges British Public To Stay Home To Stop Covid-19 Spread - Again

ES: Boris Johnson has announced strict new lockdown measures this evening as coronavirus cases in the UK soar. The Prime Minister said that from this evening people will only be allowed to leave their home for very limited purposes including shopping for basic necessities, one form of exercise a day, medical need and travelling to work only when absolutely necessary. Mr Johnson said people had been asked to stay at home during this pandemic: "And though huge numbers are complying - and I thank you all - the time has now come for us all to do more. "From this evening I must give the British people a very simple instruction - you must stay at home.

23 Mar 2020

Racist Jewish Zionist Head Of Major Theological Consortium Has Been Pushed Out

Amid concerns about standard racist Jewish Rabbi Lehmann’s ‘Islamophobic statements and anti-Palestinian views,’ the GTU board accepted his resignation. The Interim president will convene a ‘healing task force’ and support Palestine programs…

By If Americans Knew staff: Rabbi Daniel Lehmann has resigned as president of the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) after concerns surfaced about his ‘Islamophobic statements and anti-Palestinian views’. GTU is reportedly “the most comprehensive center for the graduate study of religion in North America.”
Based in Berkeley, California, GTU has long been known for its commitment to justice, peace, and interfaith cooperation. It consists of eight Christian schools and nine academic centers and affiliates. It includes diverse faiths, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism.

COVID-19: "We're All Going To Get It" - New Jersey Top Health Official Warns

By Tyler Durden: New Jersey's top public health official, Judith Persichilli, told NJ.com some frightening news last week when she said everyone would get the virus, including her.
"I'm definitely going to get it. We all are," Persichilli said. "I'm just waiting."
At the age of 71, Persichilli is at high-risk for severe illness relating to a COVID-19 infection. She said when she gets sick, it'll probably be mild and will last for a few days.
Persichilli has studied all the COVID-19 pandemic models and consulted with experts on how best to prepare New Jersey for an outbreak.
"It seemed that we were being cautious. We are really proud of ourselves. We said let's get our emergency preparedness plan. Let's get it documented. Let's make sure it gets to the governor's office and that they know what we're doing," She said.

At Last, A Doctor Who Thinks And Articulates Himself Like A Proper Scientist

"The King Is Naked!"
G.A.: Dr Wolfgang Wodarg looks here into the Corona hysteria in clinical terms. He explains the virus, its history but also the awkward logic that drives our compromised leaders and define their policies.
To read more about the Corona Virus being systematically misunderstood click here.

Debt Jubilee ~ Time To Bail Out The People!

Everything Accomplished During The Great Depression To Make Capitalism Workable Has Been Taken Away Resulting In Economic Crisis That Only Debt Forgiveness Can Mitigate

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Below are an interview I gave to the Herland Report prior to the coronavirus explaining our precarious economic situation and Michael Hudson’s article today explaining that the way out of the economic crisis is a debt jubilee.  As the debts cannot be paid, it makes far more sense to forgive them than for all of us to sink with them. Debt cancellation is not an expression of idealistic egalitarianism. It is a practical alternative to prolonged depression and worse economic polarization with all of its social and political implications.
The central point of my interview is that deregulation and concentration of the economy and its financialization has made another severe depression unavoidable—unless possibly there is a debt jubilee as Michael Hudson recommends.

22 Mar 2020

The Gods Of The Copybook Headings

By Rudyard Kipling:
AS I PASS through my incarnations in every age and race,
I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market Place.
Peering through reverent fingers I watch them flourish and fall,
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice, outlast them all.
So we worshipped the Gods of the Market Who promised these beautiful things.
When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.
They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “Stick to the Devil you know.” 
On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promised the Fuller Life
(Which started by loving our neighbour and ended by loving his wife)
Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
There are only four things certain since Social Progress began. 
That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire, 
And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

Men's Rights: ICMI20 To Proceed As Virtual Conference

International Conference on Mens Issues 2020
By Robert Brockway: The ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is creating challenges that society hasn’t had to face in decades. As a result of the pandemic, Australia will soon close its border and has introduced limits on public gatherings that make holding ICMI20 in the originally intended form impossible. Recent statements by the Australian government suggest that even more stringent restrictions lay ahead of us.
In consultation with Paul Elam and Mike Buchanan, I’ve made the decision to hold ICMI20 as a virtual conference. Tickets purchased for ICMI20 in its original form will be refunded in the near future.
Stay safe, and watch this space for more information on ICMI20.

Coronavirus: Cultural Marxism Proves Deadly Yet Again

Italian Virologist Says Concerns Over "Racism" Crippled Italy's Coronavirus Response
Authored by Paul Joseph Watson: An Italian virologist says that the country’s attempt not to appear “racist” in the early says of the coronavirus outbreak crippled the ability to properly respond to the pandemic. 
Professor of Virology and Microbiology at the University of Padova Dr. Giorgio Palù told CNN that measures imposing travel restrictions and border controls were taken too late due to fears over political correctness.
“There was a proposal to isolate people coming from the epicenter, coming from China,” Palù told CNN. “Then it became seen as racist, but they were people coming from the outbreak.”
Italy is now the hardest hit country in the world in terms of coronavirus deaths, with 3,405 people losing their lives.

Christian Russia Sanctioned, Demonised Offers Help To West

Putin offers to send medical personnel & equipment to help Italy contain coronavirus outbreak
RT: Russia is set to send teams of doctors, protective gear and medical equipment to Italy to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic in the country. It follows an appeal by Italian PM Giuseppe Conte during a phone call with Vladimir Putin.
The coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in the southern European country, where nearly 800 people succumbed to the disease on Saturday alone – the largest daily loss since the start of the pandemic.
The overall number of deaths in Italy now stands at 4,825, with 53,578 infected, having long surpassed China, where the virus originated.
The Russian president voiced his support to the leadership in Rome and the Italian people as he spoke with Conte, according to the Kremlin. But it wasn’t just words, as he said Russia was willing to provide protective gear, mobile sanitizers and other medical equipment to Italy.

Italy Goes Full "Wuhan", Orders Most Restrictive Lockdown Yet, As Global Case Total Passes 300k


  • Massive surge in number of deaths and cases in UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France
  • New York, New Jersey deaths, cases accelerate
  • Italy goes under full lockdown
  • NY Gov Cuomo: "months, not weeks" to control virus
  • Ukraine declares total quarantine
  • Belgium sees 25% jump in cases
  • Saudi Arabia reports 10% spike
  • German gov't ends years of fiscal restraint with 365 billion euro aid package
  • NYC airspace closed after positive Air Traffic Controller test
  • NJ declares full state lockdown; "will take action" for people not following precautions
  • FDA authorizes first 45-minute COVID-19 test
  • US Fiscal Aid package around $2 trillion (10% of GDP), Kudlow
  • Officials increasingly calling for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics

21 Mar 2020

"End Of The Dollar" From Lost Generation To Last Generation

Max and Stacy discuss the ongoing stock market volatility and the emergency rate cuts. They ask whether or not Trump will be forced to introduce an FDR like jobs program if the pandemic continues to force social distancing measures which shut down businesses.

UK Minister For Equalities? The Reply

By MRA-UK: You may recall this post from last January calling for people to submit letters to the Prime Minister and/or their MPs to change the remit of the Minister for Women and Equalities to be the obviously more equitable Minister for Equalities. I duly made my submission to the Prime Minister (Cabinet Office), copied to my local MP (Conservative). As I expected, the Cabinet Office passed it to the Government Equalities Office (GEO). Below is the text of my letter, followed by the reply I have just received. I believe others have received an identical response.
I was not so disconnected from reality as to expect the request to be immediately fulfilled. The purpose of the exercise – if carried out by many people – is to start the process of nudging the political psychology in the right direction (expanding the Overton Window).
My letter…
In the forthcoming Cabinet reshuffle I urge you to consider that the title of the current ‘Minister for Women and Equalities’ be changed to simply ‘Minister for Equalities’ and that the remit both of the minister and of the current Government Equalities Office (GEO) be changed to include issues affecting men and boys.
It is anachronistic beyond belief that inequality is equated with women. It is boys who are failing in education, men who massively dominate the suicide statistics, men who die earlier, and men who make up the overwhelming majority of rough sleepers and deaths at work. It is also men whom one can denigrate freely without fear of censure. And the epidemic of fatherlessness is now having catastrophic effects on the wellbeing of children and young adults. Perhaps fathers need help rather than more brickbats?

Coronavirus Australia: Dr Norman Swan Recommends Proactive National Lockdowns

ABC: Dr Norman Swan says a 'severe shutdown' is required to combat coronavirus. Dr Swan says a proactive quarantine, including closing schools, while case numbers are low to curb the spread of the virus.

Modern Weapons Make War No Longer An Option And Critics No Longer Produce Reforms

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The World Was Insane to Produce Nuclear Weapons, the Use of Which Destroys Us, and
Bioweapons, the Use of Which Destroys Us
In the midst of the coronavirus assult on humanity, the US still has sanctions affecting medical supplies to Iran.  What kind of friends does this make for the US which needs masks and medical information concerning treatment from China and medicines from China and India?
The US has been the bully for so long that we have made enemies, not friends.  Ask yourself, would you rather have friends or enemies?  Why does the US cultivate enemies and not friends?
Within our own country all we do is to turn people against one another.  Racial hatreds, gender hatreds, sexual preference hatreds, class hatreds.  The New York Times 1619 Project teaches blacks to hate whites, MeTwo teaches women to hate men.  Transgendered now attack feminists.

The Crash Of 2020 Is Now Worse Than The Great Depression

By Tyler Durden: Back in December, someone in China made bat soup (at least according to the officially accepted narrative that doesn't get you banned on Facebook, Twitter, etc), and the rest is history: in the next three months, the global equity market has lost $24 trillion in value, more than the $22 trillion in US GDP. And here is a staggering chart from BofA putting the crash of 2020 in its historic context: in the past month, the US stock market has crashed faster than both the Great Depression and Black Monday, and in terms of the total drawdown, the crash of 2020 is now worse than 1929 and is fast approaching 1987.
Below, courtesy of BofA CIO Michael Hartnett, are several other stunning observations on the Crash of 2020:

20 Mar 2020

COVID-19: All Truth Has Three Stages

Japanese and Taiwanese virologists arrived independently at the conclusion that the virus could have originated in the US.
First, it is ignored.
Second, it is widely ridiculed.
Third, it is accepted as self-evident. 
By Larry Romanoff: With COVID-19, we have now entered Stage 2. At first, the media ignored the claims and the analysis that the virus could have originated in the US. But the spread of information and restatements of evidence from all sides, including in the US itself, has become too intense and now the claims are being openly ridiculed in the Western media.

Briefly, Chinese virologists discovered conclusively that the original source of the virus was not China, nor Wuhan, nor the seafood market, but had been traced to the US, a possible scenario being that the virus might have originated at the US Military’s bio-weapons lab at Fort Detrick (which was shut down by the CDC in July, because of outbreaks), and brought to China during the World Military Games in October 2019.

Also, Japanese and Taiwanese virologists arrived independently at the conclusion that the virus could have originated in the US.