30 Apr 2020

A Deflationary Spiral

Max and Stacy look at bond investors finally starting to debate whether the U.S. is heading into a deflationary spiral. They also look at the centralization in the meat processing industry whereby 98% of the meat supply is processed through just 50 abattoirs in America.

Corona Crisis: Ireland, Sweden And New Studies + The Rationalization Of Tyranny

Computing Forever
Dr. Marcus Debrun’s Article: https://sway.office.com/PwTN7GCvJWDgn9yd
The Rationalization of Tyranny
"Like the frog in the boiling pot of water."

Chinese Plot For World Domination Phase 2

MR. PANOS: Mr. Panos epic 3 phase breakdown of the plot for world domination. "We make toys for you!"

Honest Government Ad ~ The Machine

thejuicemedia: The Government has made an ad about its response to the pandemic, and it's surprisingly honest and informative.

LOKIN-20: UK Quarantine Sparks Increasing Health Concerns

Between 2001 and 2016, economic and social deprivation plus feminism in England consistently accounted for a staggering 9.3 year average reduced life expectancy for males...
Millions of lives will be cut short by LOKIN-20...
Authored by Iain Davis: A new public health crisis, very recently identified as LOKIN-20, is raising increasing health concerns in the UK. In their response to a respiratory illness called COVID-19 (C19) the UK State are among those who have responded by locking up their populations and destroying their own national economy. This appears to be causing LOKIN-20. 
The most recent statistics from UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) raise significant concerns about health impact of the lockdown regimes favoured by some, but not all, governments.
'...in the UK, a positive test is not even required for someone to be deemed to have died from C19. Nor does there need to be any clear evidence of causality for C19 to be declared as the underlying cause of death.

Our Leaders Are Making A Mockery Of Their Own Quarantines

"They have no intention of abiding by the restrictions they impose on their citizens."
Says Tucker.

29 Apr 2020

Big Tech Censors Dissent Over Coronavirus Lockdowns + Dr. Daniel Erickson - Lockdowns Have Minimal Impact

"Fact based honesty which is the soul of science is under attack!"

The Real Economic Problem Is Not The Closedown

'An economic system that enriches the rentier class by converting as much of personal income as possible to the service of debt is an economic system that is dead in the water.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: What do we make of it all? I just read an article in the New York Times that reports that President Trump lied and hid from the public the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/28/opinion/coronavirus-trump-coverup.html .  On the other side, I encounter endless Internet rage that Covid-19 is a hoax, that New York city’s hospitals  are empty and no one has died.  It is nothing but a Rothchild-Rockefeller-Bill Gates plot. Perhaps the most stunningly inconsistant claim of all is that it is a bioweapon that is so harmless that there should have been no lockdown.  Why make a harmless bioweapon?  
Where one stands on the closedown depends on where one stands on other issues.  If you are a libertarian, you oppose the closedown because it interferes with your freedom and keeps useless old people alive who cost you payroll tax dollars.  It you are a Trump-hater like the New York Times you blame trump for understating the threat and not closing down soon enough.

Chinese Plot World Domination Phase 1 + Who Benefits From Quarantine? + Coronavirus v Marriage, Which Is More Lethal

Mr. Panos:
Epic 3 phase breakdown of the plot for
world domination

Elizabeth 'Hottie' Hobson

'She calls herself an anti-feminist Gender Equality Activist' We call her “Hottie Hobson”.
By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Our thanks to Tom Caulfield, our Technical Director, for the above picture, taken in the pool room of The Patriarchy Council HQ in London in 2019. Elizabeth (“Eli”) is seated on one of the 10 pool tables, this would be inadvisable for the average feminist, for obvious reasons. Eli is one of a number of beautiful Men’s Rights Activists Tom has photographed in recent years.

Self-Actualization And The Red Pill

By Peter Wright: As a society we often talk about men’s duties and responsibilities, or alternatively their failures to man-up and adequately serve women and society. But we rarely talk about men’s needs for health and safety, and rarely encourage them to carve out some self-actualized living.
Abraham Maslow’s model of human needs is depicted as a series of hierarchical levels on a pyramid. At the base are what he calls the deficiency needs (D-needs) which must be fulfilled before moving up to enjoy the higher needs. Any absence in deficiency needs, such as social belonging or having enough to eat, creates a sense of deprivation that motivates people to seek satisfaction of those needs.
D-needs are comprised of the lower four of the following levels of need: Physiological, safety, belonging, and self-esteem.


DoctorRandomercam: Lauren and I are many miles socially distant, so I've started 3D printing my own army of Laurens. You could have prevented this, oh foolhardy world. Now your end is nigh. This content is NOT SUITABLE for the emotionally undeveloped, e.g. Children, Political Partisans, Mainstream Journalists, Silicon Valley Tech Bosses and CHINA. May not be recommended for pregnant women. Please consult your GP to find out if all of this is doing you any favours.

28 Apr 2020

Remain Calm

The Jews Are Spitting On Gentiles More Than Ever During Coronavirus

Spitting at someone is a universal insult. In Occupied Palestine, however, Jews spitting at Gentiles is an entirely different story.

By Ramzy Baroud: Now that we know that the deadly coronavirus can be transmitted through saliva droplets, Jewish Israel mercs and illegal Jewish land thieves aka 'settlers' are working extra hard to spit at as many Palestinians, their cars, doorknobs, and so on, as possible.
If this sounds to you too surreal and repugnant, then you might not be as familiar with the particular breed of Jewish colonialism as you may think you are.

In all fairness, Jews have been spitting at Gentiles well before the World Health Organization (WHO) lectured us on the elusive nature of the COVID-19 disease and on the critical need to apply ‘social distancing’.

The Wuhan Quack

The snake oil salesmen are back
With cures for a virus attack
His current possession
A cure for depression
The virus will silence this quack!

The Limerick King

Click on image to enlarge.
X art by William Banzai7

Zio-Shill-US Will Back Jewish Land Theft Project's AKA Israel's Theft Of Jordan Valley Says Bibi 'The Baby Butcher'

'Palestinians have refused to be part of
the so-called 'deal of the century'
and have repeatedly pointed out they weren't even invited to the table.'
By Tyler Durden: The Jewish Israel regime's leader Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu has said he expects that Jewish vassal United States will soon approve the Jewish terror regime's move to formally steal parts of West Bank Mega Concentration Camp during comments made Sunday while discussing Trump's "deal of the century" peace plan. He projected this will happen in a mere two months.

Life After COVID: A Look At The New Economy

"We’re never going “back to normal.”
Authored by Daisy Luther: Many Americans have been locked down in their homes for more than a month now, and they’re anxiously awaiting the day when things “get back to normal.”
I regret to inform you, as I wrote previously, that we’re never going “back to normal.
The world After COVID will not be like the world Before COVID.
It’s very important to understand what lies ahead so we can prepare for it.
Two reasons that the world After COVID will be so different are problems with the economy and the supply chain. Let’s take a look at both and see where we’re headed.

Secret 'COVID-19 Manhattan Project' Led By Billionaires Seeking To Influence Trump Admin

Biologist Michael Rosbash, a 2017 Nobel Prize winner, said, “There’s no question that I’m the least qualified.”
By Tyler Durden: Last month Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey called for the bold and urgent launch of what he called "a Manhattan Project-type approach" to fight the coronavirus pandemic given the enormity of the health and economic impact, increasingly even harming US defense readiness.
Apparently there has been such a group operating behind the scenes, but very unlike the original Manhattan Project it's a private sector initiative, funded by a tiny network of ultra-rich industry titans working closely with government contacts. Meet "the secret group of scientists and billionaires pushing Trump on a Covid-19 plan" profiled in a lengthy Wall Street Journal investigation Monday:
These scientists and their backers describe their work as a lockdown-era Manhattan Project, a nod to the World War II group of scientists who helped develop the atomic bomb. This time around, the scientists are marshaling brains and money to distill unorthodox ideas gleaned from around the globe.

UN Agency In Jordan Dumps G4S Over Human Rights Abuses

G4S continues to manage the Jewish Israel land theft project’s Police Academy in Jerusalem, where Jews are trained in advanced
Gentile repression tactics.
By Nora Barrows-Friedman: All six United Nations agencies in Jordan have now canceled their contracts with G4S, a private security corporation with a lengthy history of involvement in Jewish land theft project Israel’s crimes.
The UN Development Programme (UNDP) office in Jordan will not renew its contract with the British firm, according to Jordan BDS, a group that supports the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement.
An unnamed corporation in Jordan has also announced it is not renewing its contract with G4S, Jordan BDS has stated.
The BDS National Committee – a Palestinian organization coordinating boycott activities – has welcomed the decisions by the UNDP and the unnamed company “to meet their ethical and legal obligations by dumping G4S, which is complicit in Jewish Israel’s grave violations of Palestinian rights and international law through its partnership with Israel’s police.”

27 Apr 2020

Corona Crisis: A Viral Episode Or A Half-Life Nightmare*

By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon:
Herd Immunity Ratio
As an intellectual exercise let’s think of an imaginary state, “State A.” Our fictional State A is devastated that 100 of its citizens are infected with Covid-19. For this exercise, we accept that these 100 citizens are representative of State A‘s demography, classes, ethnicities and so on. Apparently, State A’s nightmare is just the beginning because out of its 100 Covid-19 carriers, not one survives the next three weeks.
Let’s now imagine another case, we will call “State B.” State B is similar to state A in terms of its size, population, geography, climate, culture, ethnicity, nutrition, etc. In State B 100 citizens also tested positive for Covid-19. Following the experience of State A, State B braces itself for the possibility that all its infected citizens may perish but then for reasons that are not yet clear to us, no one in state B dies. And if this is not different enough, hardly any of the 100 develop any symptoms.

Show Me The EVIDENCE ! ~ Was Coronavirus Deliberately Spread In Wuhan By The USA? ~ Is Kim Jung Un Dead?

"Don't tell me that they [US military] wouldn't do such a thing, because they have done such a thing." Said George Galloway.

Does Anybody Actually "Believe Women?" - Prof. J. Fiamengo


Whisteblowing ER Docs Urge "Open Up Society Now" Because "Lockdowns Are Weakening Our Immune Systems"

'COVID-19 came here earlier than previously believed, is more ubiquitous, and ultimately for the general population less deadly than we thought.'
Authored by Edward Peter Stringham: Dr. Daniel W. Erickson of Bakersfield, California, is a former emergency-room physician who co-owns, with his partner Dr. Artin Massih, Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield.
They are experienced medical professionals who have 40 years of hands-on experience in dealing with viruses and respiratory infections.

26 Apr 2020

The Red Queen Goes Through The Looking Glass + The Everything Bubble Turns (Almost) Everything Bailout

Max and Stacy look at how the US Fed has created a world in which E may not actually equal MC squared any longer. With no way to measure the world around us, including time or matter, we first had negative interest rates and now negative prices on energy.

The BBC Can't Be Trusted + Dr Ranjeet Brar Says We Need Testing For Covid-19

George Galloway

Coronavirus Is A Gift To Jewish Colonization Of Gentile Lands

By Maureen Clare Murphy: The Jews have found propaganda opportunities in the coronavirus pandemic and the Jewish land theft project 'Israel' in occupied Palestine's leader Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu has exploited the crisis to consolidate his authoritarian control and ramp up attacks on indigenous Gentiles.

The Jewish apartheid terror regime's surveillance industry and its military-intelligence complex, is poised to find a global market as health authorities seek to use technology for contact tracing as they look toward easing broad lockdowns.
Indeed, the significant changes brought about by the pandemic may serve Jewish Israel’s settler-colonial agenda more generally.
Annexation Of West Bank Mega Concentration Camp For Indigenous Gentile Survivors
Bibi 'The baby Butcher' and Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz reached an agreement to form a coalition after a year of political stalemate and three general elections.

She Is Fuming Because She Found Out Her Ex-Husband Is Doing Well

Aba & Preach:

Exploiting Fear - Sound Familiar? + Complying With Tyranny

Larken Rose
"The people never give up their liberties,
but under some delusion."
Edmund Burke

25 Apr 2020

The Digital Revolution Is Inconsistent With Liberty

'The outcome of the digital revolution is completely different from the naive belief that the Internet opened up communicative freedom that would ensure liberty. 
What a joke this belief turned out to be.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Many have expressed concerns that coronavirus will be used, as 9/11 and the hoax “war on terror” were, to further expand the American police state dystopia.  But we were doomed by the digital revolution to a controlled existence regardless of 9/11 and Covid-19.  
The digital revolution provides government and corporations with unlimited and unaccountable ability to spy and control populations.  Every word, deed, and movement of people can be tracked and a “social credit” dossier built for them.  China already has such a control system in place.  Those whose profiles are outside acceptable parameters are unable to function in normal society, being blocked from passports, driving licenses, employment, and activities reserved to those with acceptable social credit scores.
Technology is now available that permits videos to be created of people speaking words that they never spoke.  These can be used to ruin people on social media and to convict them falsely in trials.

Jokes Or Not? Feminism In Action

PCR: I have no idea whether these reports are jokes or not, but if not a sense of personal responsibility no longer exists.

If a woman believes a 3' 4" midget is a Leprechaun who will give her a pot of gold for having sex with him, that is his fault, and she is his victim for prostituting herself.
If a woman uses her cell phone as a vibrator and it gets stuck inside her vagina, that’s Samsung’s fault.
If coronavirus confinement cuts down on your sexual activity, engage in sexual intercourse with your pet animal. Denmark cleared the way by setting aside its bestiality ban.

The Data Is In... Stop The Panic & End The Total Isolation

Authored by Scott Atlas, M.D.: The tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be entering the containment phaseTens of thousands of Americans have died, and Americans are now desperate for sensible policymakers who have the courage to ignore the panic and rely on facts. Leaders must examine accumulated data to see what has actually happened, rather than keep emphasizing hypothetical projections; combine that empirical evidence with fundamental principles of biology established for decades; and then thoughtfully restore the country to function.
Five key facts are being ignored by those calling for continuing the near-total lockdown.

Fact 1: The overwhelming majority of people do not have any significant risk of dying from COVID-19.

The recent Stanford University antibody study now estimates that the fatality rate if infected is likely 0.1 to 0.2 percent, a risk far lower than previous World Health Organization estimates that were 20 to 30 times higher and that motivated isolation policies.

Germany’s War By John Wear, Epilogue: Creation Of The Modern World Run By Jewish Bankers

Germany’s War by John Wear: Epilogue
World War II was supposedly fought to stop fascist aggression and to create democratic institutions in the liberated nations of Europe. However, within a remarkably short period after the end of the war, the 95% Jewish run Soviet Union ruthlessly subjected Eastern Europe to its totalitarian control. The Red Army brought Moscow-trained secret policemen into every Judeo-Soviet occupied country, put local communists in control of the national media, and dismantled Goyim and Shiksa youth groups and other civic organizations. The Judeo-Soviets also brutally arrested, murdered, and deported people whom they believed to be anti-Judeo-Soviet, and enforced a policy of ethnic cleansing.1
On March 5, 1946, less than 10 months after the defeat of Germany, Winston Churchill made his dramatic Iron Curtain speech in Fulton, Missouri. Churchill states in this speech: “A shadow has fallen upon the scenes so lately lighted by the Allied victory. . . . The Communist parties, which were very small in all these Eastern states of Europe, have been raised to pre-eminence and power far beyond their numbers and are seeking everywhere to obtain totalitarian control.”2 Churchill thus acknowledged that the Soviet Union was obtaining control of Eastern Europe.

Dark Side Of Men's Rights - Money Grubbing Leeches Pt. 1

'The last time I was bothered by the leader of a commercial entity to drop a post on my blog was about an exposé of a South African gold mine's shady dealings.' Told him to sod off too.
By Angelo Agathangelou: There's something rotten in the state of Denmark and its name is Paul Elam [image left]. How did it ever come to this? How did I find myself saying "No Mr. Elam I will not be gagged by you. I'll Listen to whatever I want and report it as I see fit.” What on earth is going on?

Paul Elam climbed out of his own rectal passage today with a list of bods to persecute for spreading the MHRM word and dared to tell me what I can and can not post on my personal non-profit blog. Paul wants to control what we put in our diary. Paul wants to censor your blog. Of course I told Paul where he has my permission to shove his copyright fascism, but I think someone should check this slimy weasel's pills, because the lanky git's clearly taking the wrong ones.

24 Apr 2020

The Jews Shoot A Gentile Child, Kill A Man, Invade Gaza Concentration Camp, Raze Survivors' Farmland, Abduct, Etc.

Jewish War Vehicles Attack Own Mega Concentration Camp 'Gaza', Raze Palestinian Land
A number of Jewish occupation military vehicles penetrated, on Thursday morning, the Palestinian agricultural lands along the Jewish 'Apartheid Wall", east of Gaza concentration camp, local sources reported. Local sources and residents told Quds Press, that Jews infiltrated dozens of meters into the agricultural lands of survivors east of […]

Churchill’s War: An Addendum

'A coverup continued as late as 1988 by the British foreign office.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Some readers have trouble with long articles. When my recent review of the second volume of David Irving’s Churchill’s War hit 2,500 words, I broke it off.  Among the interesting information left unreported are Churchill’s cover up of the Katyn massacre by the Soviets of thousands of Polish officers, a coverup continued as late as 1988 by the British foreign office.  General Sikorski, head of the Polish government in exile, would not go along with the cover up.  This made him a problem.  He died in a plane crash 17 seconds after take-off in what appears to be foul play.
Assassination was a British and American policy.  Charles de Gaulle was an intense problem for the British and Americans.  Although only a junior general, he was determined to locate French authority in himself.  He made it difficult for the British and Americans to secure the cooperation of Vichy France against Germany.  President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, and Eisenhower, a poor field commander but ruthless in military politics, hated de Gaulle and wanted de Gaulle assassinated, but British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden, who was in de Gaulle’s pocket, saved him.
Instead Eden boosted de Gaulle by arranging the assassination of the Vinchy French Admiral Darlan, who paved the way for British/American occupation of French Africa and was cooperative with the British/American aims.

Teachers Ordered To Focus On Women On ANZAC Day

'Pushing the men to one side and standing alone in the full glare of the spotlight.'
By Mark Dent: My article, Some of us are more equal than others was published only a couple of days ago.
The major focus of my article was the way in which the media promotes the lie that women stood side by side with men in the trenches and on the battlefields in past wars and suffered through the same hellish conditions and endured the same shocking trauma and loss. They insist women should share the stage with men on the day we pay tribute to the sacrifice of our soldiers who fought in countless wars during the past century.

Jewed Debt-Stricken Lebanon Becomes First Arab Country To Legalize Cannabis Growth

By Tyler Durden: Lebanon, the tiny Mediterranean country with hugely outsized debt, has become the first country in the Middle East to legalize the growing of cannabis in an unlikely precedent.
The Lebanese Parliament approved a law on Tuesday which allows its growth for medicinal and industrial use, which ironically enough was strongly recommended by economic advisers as a way to boost the country's troubled economy by regulating what was reportedly already a booming but illicit trade, especially in the Bekaa Valley.
Lebanon's national newspaper The Daily Star linked the move directly to the country's recent debt woes:
Although it is illegal, Lebanon has long been one of the world's biggest producers of famous 'Red Leb' indica hashish.

Feminists Do Not Understand Evolution

By Marcus Holden: Why are we expected to believe that nature has allowed our species to consist of half the population being fundamentally flawed (males), while the other half are in full working order (females)?
Everyone, at some point, has been impressed by the results of evolution, need I even mention them? What is of most interest here, is the strictness of the evolutionary net, in fact, it is this that defines the process of evolution. Flaws are rarely allowed into the next generation, and on the rare occasions that they are, they find themselves quickly extinguished.
Most people are fully aware of the brutal strictness of the selection process, yet to despite this, we are expected to accept a flaw, so extraordinary, so appalling, so fundamentally cloddish in its oversight, that it should force us to review our awe of nature, or even the great creator (should that be the working paradigm).

MGTOW Don't Have To Put Up With This Abuse + MGTOW Aren't Putting Up With These Women

Think Before You Sleep: This video is about a Steve Harvey segment called "What Do Men Really Think."

23 Apr 2020

Vetting? What Vetting?

By MRA-UK: In 2017, Welsh grandmother Anne O’Regan complained to the EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission) about the Dyn Project, a Welsh domestic abuse service for men operated by Safer Wales and supported by the Welsh Government. She complained that the service was discriminating against men by subjecting callers to a vetting procedure, something not done for female callers to similar helplines. Despite the complaint being directed through her Welsh Assembly member, the EHRC’s initial reaction was that there was no basis for the complaint. The EHRC Wales Commissioner’s office initially replied,
The Dyn Project provides support to Heterosexual, Gay, Bisexual and Trans men who are experiencing Domestic abuse from a partner. The Dyn Project has developed five guiding principles for its work with men. These include that a clear screening protocol is essential in order to identify, and respond appropriately, to counter-allegations. Screening is not commonplace within services for women because women constitute the overwhelming majority of those abused.”
The informed reader will spot some problems with this,

The State Of The Police State

Corbett Report and Media Monarchy cover some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news this week.

Shoshana Zuboff On Surveillance Capitalism

Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff wrote a monumental book about the new economic order that is alarming. "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism," reveals how the biggest tech companies deal with our data. How do we regain control of our data? What is surveillance capitalism? In this documentary, Zuboff takes the lid off Google and Facebook and reveals a merciless form of capitalism in which no natural resources, but the citizen itself, serves as a raw material. How can citizens regain control of their data? It is 2000, and the dot.com crisis has caused deep wounds. How will startup Google survive the bursting of the internet bubble? Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin don't know anymore how to turn the tide. By chance, Google discovers that the "residual data" that people leave behind in their searches on the internet is very precious and tradable.

The Jews Bought UK Labour’s New Leader

Trevor Chinn (left) at an event he co-hosted in 2018 with Jewish Israel terror regime rep. Mark Regev (second left) and Rothschild [centre]. Chinn for years funded anti-Corbyn efforts. (UJIA)
By Asa Winstanley: A multi-millionaire pro-Israel lobbyist donated $62,000 to help Keir Starmer win the UK Labour Party’s leadership election, it was revealed last week.
The official register of lawmakers’ financial interests shows that Trevor Chinn donated the sum as part of Starmer’s leadership campaign.
During the campaign Starmer said “I support Zionism without qualification.” Since his election he has tilted the party sharply towards Israel.
Starmer came under criticism for not disclosing all his donors during the campaign itself, when Labour members were deciding who should replace Jeremy Corbyn.

Men's Rights: Ava Brighton & Paul Male

Germany’s War By John Wear: Chapter 9, Crimes Committed In German Concentration Camps

PCR: Readers have asked for the remaining chapters of John Wear’s book, Germany’s War.  The last chapter posted was about the crimes that Germany did not commit. The next two are about the crimes that Germany did commit. The final chapter is about WW II lies that created the postwar world.

Germany’s War by John Wear: Ch. 9
Crimes committed in German Concentration Camps
John Wear: National Socialist Germany established an immense camp system before and during World War II comprising at least 43 different types of camps. By the end of the war there were over 1,000 camps with an estimated maximum number of 715,000 prisoners in the camp system.1 In the previous chapter we established that Germany did not use concentration camps during World War II to commit genocide against European Jewry. In this chapter we will examine some of the crimes that were committed in the German concentration camps during and after World War II.

22 Apr 2020

California Study Shows Virus Much More Pervasive "But Not Killing At Rate We Thought"

A new scientific study published at the start of this week strongly suggests the coronavirus may already be much more widespread in the US population than official tallies, though far less dangerous to most.
By tyler Durden: The LA Times reports on preliminary findings from a coronavirus study in Los Angeles County, which show a whopping 4.1% of adults have antibodies to the virus in their blood. The county is home to 10 million residents, meaning hundreds of thousands have likely been exposed, according to the study.
LA Times concludes of the study's high numbers: "That translates to roughly 221,000 to 442,000 adults who have recovered from an infection, once margin of error is taken into account, according to the researchers conducting the study. The county had reported fewer than 8,000 cases at that time."
Los Angeles County over the weekend suffered its deadliest single day, with COVID-19 killing 81 on Sunday, mostly among the elderly especially in nursing homes. As of Tuesday the county reported a total 13,816 cases and 617 deaths so far.

Some Of Us Are More Equal Than Others

'Surely the day of reckoning will come and feminism’s hateful and dishonest agenda will become a subject of much wonderment and examination as future academics try to understand how such a corrupt, bigoted ideology established on a base of lies and half-truths ever took root in Western culture and wrought so much damage.'
By Mark Dent: Feminists are fascinating.
The fascination I have is similar to the way a person can be transfixed by something so distasteful and shocking that they cannot look away.
The endless examples of their cognitive dissonance are indisputable proof of the corruption of their ideology.

Ron Unz Examines The Circumstantial Evidence That COVID-19 Originated As A US Biowarfare Attack On China

'The coronavirus outbreak was indeed a deliberate biowarfare attack against China, hitting that nation just before Lunar New Year, the worst possible time to produce a permanent nationwide pandemic.'
By Ron Unz: Nearly 30,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus during the last two weeks, and by some estimates this is a substantial under-count, while the death-toll continues to rapidly mount. Meanwhile, measures to control the spread of this deadly infection have already cost 22 million Americans their jobs, an unprecedented economic collapse that has pushed our unemployment rates to Great Depression levels. Our country is facing a crisis as grave as almost any in our national history.

Jewish Fifth Column In Virginia, USA Funnels COVID-19 Resources To Jewish Land Theft Terror Regime 'Israel'

The Virginia Israel Advisory Board is little more than a mechanism set up to carry out licensed robbery of Virginia state resources being run by a cabal of Jews to benefit their brutal co-religionists in Jewish occupied Palestine. ...The VIAB is unique because it is actually part of the Virginia state government. It is funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia and is able to access funds from other government agencies to support Jewish Israeli regime businesses. It is staffed by Jewish Israelis and Jewish Americans drawn from what has been described as the Jewish "Israel advocacy ecosystem”

2020 Oddity - William Banzai 7

21 Apr 2020

What if…?

'What if we are being bamboozled? 
...What if we are so busy being obedient little sheep that we will wake up too late?'
Kimberly Brady, MD: What if…? What if the number of Coronavirus cases is not accurate and is actually exaggerated by many times? What if the estimates are based on a flawed computer model? What if the developer of the model has so admitted? What if the death certificates are being modified to show more Coronavirus related deaths than actually exist? What if people who were already dying of serious conditions like heart disease or diabetes or COPD are now being counted as Coronavirus deaths because of the supposed presence of Coronavirus at the time of death? What if hospitals are assuming people have Coronavirus just because they exhibit one or more symptoms, like a cough or fever, even though no actual lab testing is performed (presumptive diagnosis)?
What if the CDC is as wrong about this virus as they were about Swine flu in 1976, or since then the Bird flu, or HIV or SARS or MERS? What if the Swine Flu Vaccine injured more people than the Swine Flu itself and the program had to be stopped? What if you found out that Fauci had very large financial ties to the Pharma agenda to provide vaccines, and that is why he is not mentioning any possible way to treat the flu except vaccines? What if Fauci has close financial connections to Bill (the computer and vaccine salesman) Gates? What if natural immunity from a virus entering your system through the throat is far superior to a synthetic chemical cocktail called a vaccine shot into your body with a needle?