2 Jan 2020

Zio-Vassal USA Assassinated Iran's Top Commander Qasem Suleimani

"THIS IS A DECLARATION OF WAR! ...Tantamount to the Iranians assassinating our [US] Secretary of defence." This is the spark that could set the whole region on fire, given Suleimani is Iran's most important, visible and powerful military leader.

By Tyler Durden:
update2It's official — unbelievable as it is  Iraqi state TV moments ago announced the death of Iran's most senior elite military commander, IRGC Quds Force chief Qasem Suleimani:

‘Jew-niversalist’ Soros' Antifa Strike Again!

The C.O.C.K. Fairy: The Post Millennial's Editor at Large, Andy Ngo, is again the target of Antifa violence but this time legal action is being threatened.

Why Child Labour Is Common In The Zionist Jews' Gaza Mega Concentration Camp For Indigenous Gentiles

Growing numbers of Gentile children have to work as Gaza Mega Concentration Camp's survival economy deteriorates under the strain of decades of Jewish calorie counting torture.
Anne Paq ActiveStills
By inmate journalist Isra Saleh el-Namey: It is cold and windy outside but Anas keeps himself busy.
The 12-year-old has to get drinks ready for people on the Gaza City seafront. In the summer, he sells fruit juices and ice cream; in the winter, tea, coffee and sahlab – a hot milk pudding.
Anas performs this task – along with his older brother – each afternoon. He attends school in the morning.
“I usually don’t do my homework until the evening,” he says. “But if I have an exam the next day, I bring my books with me to work. I study when I have ten minutes off.”

Discussing Germany’s New Jewish Lobby Hate Speech Bill

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