11 Jan 2020

'PC Specialist' Ad Banned In Gynocentric Pussy-Whipped Misandric UK Because It Doesn't Feature Women

A PC Specialist ad has been banned in the UK for perpetuating “harmful gender stereotypes” because it doesn’t feature any women.
Apparently, the commercial, which features a white man, a black man and an Asian man, isn’t diverse enough.
Authored by Paul Joseph Watson: The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority cracked down on the ad after just eight offended morons complained.
Despite PC Specialist’s core market being 87.5% male, the fact that their commercial isn’t politically correct enough was its undoing.

YouTube Hates Men's Rights Activists, Just Hates Us!

HBR look at a recent study that examines the claims made by many in the mainstream academic field: YouTube radicalizes viewers with it's Far-Right, Alt-Right, anti-woman content!

The Nature Of Male Value And Our Gynocentric Culture Part 1

By Peter Ryan: This article is dedicated to the multiple men that I have known who have killed themselves or attempted to kill themselves. Men always have value and something to live for, even when they think they don’t, or how they are treated by society convinces them they don’t.

MGTOW's Roadblock Part 2

Ava Brighton: This is the second part of a two part video. It took longer than expected to finish this part, my apologies. Regardless of who is orchestrating it all, a terrifying dystopia is being created in which boys and men will have hell to look forward to. But is there a solution? And lastly, I intent to make these videos for the men whom are not too well-versed (yet) in this kind of material.

Trump, At Israel's Request, Assassinated The Military Genius Most Responsible For Destroying ISIS

'Trump actually assassinated ISIS’s main enemy.'
By Eric Zuesse: Even some mainstream U.S. ‘news’-media (but none that are Republican) acknowledge the fact that Qasem Soleimani was among the most effective of all nations’ generals who fought against ISIS. Other mainstream U.S. ‘news’-media seem very reluctant to do so, because the entirety of America’s mainstream ‘journalism’ has spewed hatred against Iran’s Government after Iranians in 1979 succeeded at overthrowing the dictator Shah whom America’s CIA had installed in 1953 to end Iran’s democracy and to control the country, and he privatized the National Iranian Oil company and cut America’s aristocrats in on the profits from sales of Iranian oil. (Under George W. Bush, the U.S. Government did basically the same thing to Iraq’s oil industry.) So, America’s mainstream ‘news’-media, which are owned by the same aristocracy that imposed Iran’s dictatorship in 1953, have portrayed Iran’s #2 leader, General Qasem Soleimani, as a ‘terrorist’, instead of as the leading fighter against ISIS, which he actually was.