26 Jan 2020

Hero Bettina Arndt - Achieving Gender Equity Through Advocacy For Men

On Australia Day 2020 Bettina Arndt was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for "significant service to the community as a social commentator, and to gender equity through advocacy for men."

American Zionists Choose Lies Over Gentile Children

A bill before Congress seeks merely to stop US aid dollars from subsidizing the incarceration and torture of Palestinian children. Pro-Israel organizations would rather believe outrageous fallacies than stand up for these kids’ rights.
By Kathryn Shihadah: Imagine a country that arrests hundreds of children every year, tortures many of them, and forces them to sign confessions they can’t read. Imagine that the United States provides billions of dollars in free aid to this country.
Now imagine a Congressperson demanding better oversight of aid to that country, to assure that American taxpayer dollars are not spent in support of these practices. Would lawmakers line up to support such legislation? Would anyone with a conscience not want to protect those children?
There is a country that arrests and tortures children – Jewish Israel

The Truth And Vaccinations With Common Law Advocate Courtenay Heading

"It's time that people grew some balls!"

Coronavirus Is Worse Than You've Been Told: Scientist Explains

Peak Prosperity: Once a pandemic spreads to my neck of the woods, I’m not going to be doing anything in the company of strangers. No shopping, no going to restaurants, and especially no traveling in closed up metal tubes with recirculated air (i.e. planes and trains). I won’t be alone in those behaviors. How many airline pilots, train conductors, trash collectors, and medical personnel have to call in “sick” to disrupt the entire system? Not that many. So why is this Wuhan New Coronavirus (officially “2019-ncov”) a substantially more dangerous threat than the standard flu?

Make Women Great Again Discussion - Live With Janice Fiamengo

StudioBrule: Janice was recently on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan discussing the upcoming conference "Make Women Great Again." We will discuss the conference and the treatment of guests on Good Morning Britain. Full episode of Good Morning Britain with Janice Fiamengo: https://vimeo.com/21c/review/38631912...