27 Jan 2020

If Only Unborn Human Babies Had Feathers

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The United States is a country in which an eagle’s egg is protected by law, but not the life of an unborn human baby.
The esteem in which we hold unborn baby eagles is remarkable. The protection which the law affords them is noble and inspiring.  If only unborn human babies had feathers…perhaps we would not kill them.

National Conference On Men’s Issues Manchester UK 17 May 2020: Domestic Abuse Is A Men’s Issue Too

J4MB's National Conference on Men’s Issues
By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: It’s our intention to post periodic reminders of this important conference. While we need to sell a minimum number of tickets by 7 March, we would welcome more ticket sales at this stage.
My original announcement, from last week:
I’m pleased to announce J4MB will be hosting the first National Conference on Men’s Issues – as opposed to an international conference – to be held in the UK. It will be held at a premier venue in Manchester on Sunday, 17 May, 2020. Details here. The event title is Domestic abuse is a men’s issue, too. We’re delighted at the range of speakers. The keynote speaker will be Professor Nicola Graham-Kevan, whose work is well known to many J4MB supporters. William Collins will also be speaking, along with other speakers who are well-known or not so well-known to J4MB supporters.
Tickets are strictly limited, so I recommend you don’t wait long before ordering yours. In any case, I’d strongly urge you to order your ticket(s) before 7 March, for reasons explained in the document.

Jim Acosta Destroyed Over Julian Assange At “Newseum”

Jimmy Dore

Misandric Feminist Rosie Is Sickened

By Mark Dent: The queen of gender bigotry in Australia is sickened.
The woman who has repeatedly denigrated, admonished, condemned and blamed men for all violence perpetrated upon children and women in this country is disgusted.
The callously, cold creature who stood upon her powerful platform and told male victims who had experienced physical and emotional abuse at the hands of a female partner that their experience of violence does not rise to the same level as a woman’s, is angry.
The feminist female who chose to lay the blame for the death of her son at the feet of the patriarchy and all Australian men who wallow in their toxic masculinity even though it was her decision to choose the man who killed her son as her partner and then welcome him back into her bed after a separation due to his unpredictable behavior and mental issues.
Rosie Batty is beneath contempt. She is a liar. She is a deceitful, manipulative, power-drunk gender bigot.
I wonder how this woman places her head upon her pillow and sleeps each night.
The air has felt a little fresher and the sunshine a tad warmer and brighter since this sick woman gradually became yesterday’s news.