2 Feb 2020

Spoken But Unwoken: Quotes From Hollywood

'Hooray for Hollywood…on Turner Classic Movies.  But not today.'
By Doug Mortimer: It may be difficult to believe today, but before #MeToo, a number of people in Hollywood were candid and outspoken about sex and all its ramifications.  Differences between men and women were a given, sex appeal was lauded and flaunted, racy jokes were common…and nobody objected.  I’m not necessarily talking about Hollywood during the silent era or its golden age before television.  Some of the quotes that follow are from actors (or behind-the-scenes movers and shakers) who are still drawing breath.  And none of them sprang from the mind of a screenwriter or publicist.
Producer Harvey Weinstein regularly employed the casting couch and paid a steep price for it.  He didn’t do anything his predecessors hadn’t done.  They didn’t necessarily brag about it but they didn’t try to hide it.  Of course, this was before “privilege” was a curse word.  Rank had its privileges, and that was that.  Consider the following:
Why don’t you sit on my lap when we’re discussing your contract – the way other girls do?
    • Jewish MGM Mogul Louis B. Mayer

Firefighters Battle Police In The Streets Of Paris

"Fear porn."

How Unchecked Female Hypergamy Destroys Society

By Jon Anthony: A wise man once told me that two forces must be channeled in order for a society to function properly. The first force is male aggression. The second force is female hypergamy.
When channeled properly, these two forces are powerful human motivators, which propel society forward towards technological innovation, cultural achievements, and overall satisfaction.
When not channeled properly, however, they will inevitably lead to the collapse of a society.
Unfortunately, the West has been doing a terrible job at controlling and leveraging these forces over the past 50 years or so, and in today’s article, I would like to explain why this might lead to the downfall of Western Civilization if we don’t get these two forces in check.

The Forces of Human Nature

Despite the claims of ideologues, there is such a thing as human nature. Millions of years of evolution hardwired us to have certain biological tendencies. There are a number of tendencies which all human beings have, and then there are some tendencies which are gender-specific.

Posie Parker's Illegal Opinions

Akkad: Gender critical activist Posie Parker has been subject to police questioning because of her views on trans people. I will probably be in trouble for merely interviewing her.

Fear Of The Coronavirus Is Spreading Like Wildfire All Over The Globe

'The U.K. and Russia have both confirmed their very first cases.  This is obviously a very dangerous disease, and nobody is quite sure what is going to happen next.'
Authored by Michael Snyder: We haven’t seen an outbreak like this in any of our lifetimes, and it is really starting to frighten a whole lot of people.  This virus has an incubation period of up to 14 days, it spreads very easily from person to person, and it also appears to be mutating very rapidlyFor now, the vast majority of the confirmed cases are still in China, but the virus continues to pop up in more locations around the globe.
In fact, on Friday we learned that the U.K. and Russia have both confirmed their very first cases.  This is obviously a very dangerous disease, and nobody is quite sure what is going to happen next.  But videos that are circulating on social media are fueling speculation that this could become a horrifying global pandemic of epic proportions.