13 Feb 2020

What Does Demographic Crunch Look Like?

James tackles a question about the declining population in Japan. What does a shrinking population look like, and how does it impact the economy and the culture?

“This Land Is Our Child” Gaza Mega Concentration Camp

The Jews came and inflicted a catastrophe! ...Gentile victims of the Jew's land theft mourn their stolen land “the same way we mourn a child in a grave.”
The Electronic Intifada: Khadra Muhammad Hasan al-Zuwaidi, 85, was born in the Palestinian village of Dimra.
Dimra was a village in historic Palestine that was ethnically cleansed by Jewish terrorist gangs in 1948 and partially replaced with the Erez Kibbutz, a type of Jewish anti-Gentile training camp.

PBS Assaults White Americans

'What about the Jewish slave traders?'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The New York Times’ assault on white Americans, about which I wrote yesterday ( stgeorgewest.blogspot.com/2020/02/the-new-york-times-assault-on-white.html ), is not unique to the New York Times.  White people are the targets of Identity Politics—the political ideology of the Democrat Party.  The demonization of white people is the main focus of “Black Studies” in universities and schools.  Corporate adds now engage in attacks on white ethnicities, such as this Scandinavian Airlines ad: https://youtu.be/ljtFEMAfQ_E .  Not to be left out of the fun of beating up on white people, PBS announced that the propaganda film, The Long Shadow ( http://thelongshadowfilm.com ), will be aired 697 times on 176 PBS stations and channels across 70% of the US.
The Long Shadow is an ignorant or intentionally propagandistic film.

About Jerks: Women’s Regrets For The Men Who Truly Loved Them

Both men and women commonly feel regret about past love mistakes. Love regrets commonly concern jerks. Those who don’t study the past are doomed to repeat it. Medieval poetry can help women and men learn from the past and love more learnedly.
In northern France in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, women poets known as trouvères mourned their love mistakes. One woman poet sang:

The Belief That Everything Will Be Fine Once Trump’s Gone Is More Dangerous Than Trump

'I do wish the malignant belief that eliminating Trump will solve America’s main problems could be expunged from human consciousness forever.'
By Caitlin Johnstone: The New Hampshire primary election, much like the Iowa caucuses, saw Bernie Sanders doing worse than polls anticipated and establishment favorite Pete Buttigieg doing much better than polls anticipated.
Buttigieg closed at a tight second place behind Sanders and both were awarded the same number of delegates, which with the bizarre Iowa shenanigans means the former South Bend mayor is now leading the pack in total delegates despite receiving fewer votes than Sanders in both states.
So of course “Buttigieg leads” is the information that the mainstream media is placing special emphasis on today.