25 Feb 2020

Bad Decisions Have Spread Coronavirus

'To prevent future escapes, publics must demand the cessation of bioweapon research.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The coronavirus was spread throughout China by travel associated with the Chinese new year.  Now the virus is being spread throughout the US by travel associated with spring break.  
The coronavirus escaped from China, because governments and airlines waited too long before they stopped flights in and out of China. The US government and airlines are waiting too long to stop domestic flights in the US.  
Government carelessness is also a contributor to the spread of the virus.  President Trump agreed that the US passengers who had been quarantined for weeks aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan who were free of the virus would be flown to the US on two chartered planes, but the 14 Americans who tested positive for the virus would remain in quarantine.  However, State Department officials and a top US health official instead flew back the infected Americans on a plane with uninfected passengers.  It is entirely possible that the health passengers were infected and now are spreading the virus.

Climate Change Study Was "100 Per Cent Wrong"

Physicist and author Peter Ridd says “people don’t realize it but about 50 per cent of scientific literature is faulty". The results of eight studies from James Cook University (JCU) on the impact of climate change on coral reef fishes were “tested by 'The Magnificent 7' and found to be 100 per cent wrong”.

Genocidal Land Thieving Jews Threaten Gentile Annihilation After 90 Fireworks Set Off In Gaza Mega Concentration Camp

"We [Jews] have prepared something you [indigenous Gentiles] can’t even imagine."
By Tyler Durden: Monday witnessed significant escalation over the Jews' Gaza Mega Concentration Camp For indigenous Gentiles as Gentile inmates sought to avenge the deaths of three Gentile leaders killed in Jewish air strikes on the Jews' Mega Concentration Camp 'Gaza' and on Damascus the day before. 
Jewish propaganda outlets counted some 90 total fireworks set off in Gaza Concentration Camp throughout the day since the festivities began Sunday night, with the IDF Jewish Israeli Death Force claiming its Iron Dome defense system had intercepted the vast majority of the fireworks.
The Jewish terror regime's leader Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' [aka Benjamin Netanyahu] had earlier threatened to annihilate all the indigenous Gentiles.