29 Feb 2020

How To Strengthen Yourself Against The Virus

This information will help you to understand how viruses attack us, and it provides information that you can use to help protect yourself.  It is somewhat technical, but the recommendations are clear. Click download here.

Jewish Israel Terror Regime Shoots 100 People, Washington Post Calls The Area ‘Quiet’

The Post says there had been “weeks of relative quiet,” even though Jewish Death Forces IDF had shot over 100 Gentile civilians, killing four of them; conducted 400+ invasions of the Gentile Territories; abducted dozens of Gentiles; perpetrated air strikes on their Gaza Mega Concentration Camp; shot at fishermen and farmers; demolished Gentile homes; tortured a Gentile mother; and shot a small boy in the eye… Are Post Editor Marty Baron and reporter Ruth Eglash too close to the Jewish land thieving Project 'Israel' to report the full, unfiltered news?
By Alison Weir: On February 24th, the Washington Post reported that a “flare up” of violence in Israel-Palestine “followed weeks of relative quiet.” This statement ignores massive Israeli violence against Palestinians. The following is a partial list of Israeli actions against Palestinians during the previous three and a half weeks:
  • Israeli soldiers Shot and killed 4 Palestinian civilians, including a 19-year-old shot in the neck, a 17-year-old shot in the head, and a 24-year-old policeman shot in the stomach.
  • Israeli soldiers shot an additional 100 Palestinians, including 15 minors, 3 fishermen, 3 journalists, and a photographer working for an Israeli human rights organization. One of the injured minors was a 9-year-old whose eye was shot out.