1 Mar 2020

Enlightened Questioning Of Medieval Pregnant Nun Claiming Rape

Today men are taught to “listen and believe” women making accusations of serious crimes. Such dogma would never have been accepted in relatively enlightened medieval Europe. Clerics, church officials, and monks such as Erasmus of Rotterdam, Poggio Bracciolini, and Fran├žois Rabelais taught men and women to think and to question. That’s the path to a more just, more enlightened world.
No later than early in the sixteenth century, a Dominican friar in his homily on Good Friday presented to a crowded congregation the story of a pregnant nun who claimed to have been raped. Erasmus reported in his Colloquies that a butcher relayed the story to a fishmonger. The butcher explained:
A young man had laid with a nun. Her swollen belly provided subsequent proof of the act. The nuns were called together, with the abbess presiding. The nun was accused. There was no grounds for status inficialis {controverting the facts}.

How Amber Heard Johnny Depp

"This is the start of a revolution, The start of the exposure of this type of woman. There goes the Duluth model, it's rendered null and void."
Ava Brighton: Yes.. I said I would not make a video about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, but after receiving a few request to comment on their case, I decided to do make one.

5G And The Coronavirus

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Many readers have asked me about the connection between deployment of 5G in Wuhan and the outbreak there of Coronavirus, not that 5G caused the virus, but that the high radio frequency radiation damaged people’s ability to resist.  
I have no competence in these matters.  Here is Jon Rappoport’s report on the connection.  The report also explains the threat of 5G alone.

Also, this information has come to me.  Don’t be turned off by the woman in the video.  She is well informed about 5G.  She is mistaken if she believes that the virus is just a coverup story and there is only 5G.
Some observations:
– Switzerland and Israel have recently banned 5G technology due to health impact concerns.
– 5G service was launched in Wuhan / Hubei Province on October 31, 2019
– The following video looks at 5G technology and its impact on human physiology. 
While I do not think that 5G is exclusively causing the Wuhan health impacts, it may be that 5G impacts are compounding or overlapping/leveraging the COVID-19/Corona Virus negative health effects.