5 Mar 2020

Social Workers Trained To Hate Men

Men Are Good!

'Greta Thunberg Never Talks About The Science' Naomi Seibt

SNA: Self-proclaimed "climate realist" and "anti-Greta Thunberg sensation" Naomi Seibt says while she doesn’t deny the climate is warming, "the effect is absolutely insignificant”. Ms Seibt said the world "did benefit from some amount of warming” because it encouraged “better crop yields” which she said allowed the earth to sustain a growing population. According to Ms Seibt, Greta Thunberg’s rejection of the European Union’s proposal of zero net emissions by 2050 was “just another way to spread panic”. “I have never heard her talk about the science so how is she supposed to know anything about the perfect political measures to take when it comes to climate change,”

Freedom Of Speech 'No Longer Exists' In Australia And The UK + "Plaasmoorde: The Killing Fields"

SNA: Stringent government control and oppressive social media platforms are forcing Australians to self-censor themselves, according to controversial media personality Katie Hopkins. Ms Hopkins, who is known for her strident support of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, says social media giants like Twitter and Facebook often punish those whose views fall out of the mainstream. She told Sky News freedom of speech, which was once the bedrock of democracy, "no longer exists" in many western nations. "Frankly, no one would defend freedom of speech to their death because we (Australia and the UK) don't have it anymore," she said.

Rise Of The Shield Hero: Anime Men’s Issues

By : It’s fair to say that I don’t like anime. I’m not saying they’re bad, and there are some I’ve enjoyed, but for the most part, I have difficulty getting into them. Some of the things people seem to enjoy about them are elements that I tend to dislike. What I have seen of anime tends to be highly gynocentric, a focus on uplifting female characters to the nth degree that they are somehow super powerful or the key to some great legend, and the only characters deserving of character depth.
Very recently, we learned that Amber Heard was the actual abuser in her relationship with Johnny Depp. We know about this because Depp released audio recordings of her gaslighting him that she can’t hurt him, so it’s not abuse, and that no one would believe that she as a woman could be abusive.
I was watching TheQuartering about Amber Heard, and he mentioned Feminist outrage to an anime, “The Rise of the Shield Hero.” Feminist outrage over an anime? This I had to see. I did some research, and apparently, it dealt with the issue of false rape accusations and a male that had to help save the world despite being hated by everyone. I had to see this anime.
Be forewarned; my review will have spoilers. Before I do so, I will give my overall impressions. It’s good, very good. I give 4 out of 5 stars.

Women Dominant Gender In Christian Literary History

In 203, Saint Perpetua resolutely rejected her father’s abject pleas and triumphantly proceeded to Christian martyrdom. In the sixth-century kontakia of Romanos the Melodist, the blessed Mary overshadows Jesus. Moreover, men’s voices on the way to Jesus’s crucifixion are scarcely heard. Mary the Mother of God and Saint Perpetua aren’t exceptional Christian women in dominating men. Notker of Saint Gall’s ninth-century sequence, “For the festival of holy women,” shows the pattern of Christian gynocentrism. The central position of women in Christianity was ultimately expressed parodically about 1450 in “The Dispute Between God and His Mother.”
Christianity requires its followers to strive for holiness. The seventh-century desert monk John Climacus explored in his Ladder of Divine Ascent the difficulties of obtaining union with the heavenly divine. Notker of Saint Gall’s ninth-century sequence “For the festival of holy women {In natale sanctorum feminarum}” proclaimed that Christ’s love had made heavenly ascent possible for women: