7 Mar 2020

The Western World Is Unprepared For The Virus

Dr. PCR: A Virologist of much experience who led a US team studying the SARS virus has explained how unprepared public authorities in the West are for coronavirus
Open letter to the Belgian Prime Minister and to my fellow citizens
By Marc Wathelet: Dear Prime Minister, dear fellow citizens,
Belgium has experienced many political crises, it is a local specialty for which we are famous in the world, but it is facing today its first real crisis since the Second World War, and it turns out to be very badly prepared to respond to it effectively.
The attitude of the Ministry of Public Health is paternalistic, with the message: we are prepared, we have a pandemic plan, we have groups of experts, we are monitoring the situation closely, we are controlling the situation, we are communicating as it is necessary, and we are not interested in independent criticism of health professionals or scientists.
However, apart from the disinterest in the opinion of professionals independent of the government, nothing could be further from the truth: we are not prepared, we do not have a pandemic plan, government experts demonstrate a lack of knowledge of this new coronavirus characteristics, they follow the situation closely but refuse to anticipate it, and communication remains incoherent, for the simple reason that they do not sufficiently understand the nature of the danger we face.

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