21 Mar 2020

"End Of The Dollar" From Lost Generation To Last Generation

Max and Stacy discuss the ongoing stock market volatility and the emergency rate cuts. They ask whether or not Trump will be forced to introduce an FDR like jobs program if the pandemic continues to force social distancing measures which shut down businesses.

UK Minister For Equalities? The Reply

By MRA-UK: You may recall this post from last January calling for people to submit letters to the Prime Minister and/or their MPs to change the remit of the Minister for Women and Equalities to be the obviously more equitable Minister for Equalities. I duly made my submission to the Prime Minister (Cabinet Office), copied to my local MP (Conservative). As I expected, the Cabinet Office passed it to the Government Equalities Office (GEO). Below is the text of my letter, followed by the reply I have just received. I believe others have received an identical response.
I was not so disconnected from reality as to expect the request to be immediately fulfilled. The purpose of the exercise – if carried out by many people – is to start the process of nudging the political psychology in the right direction (expanding the Overton Window).
My letter…
In the forthcoming Cabinet reshuffle I urge you to consider that the title of the current ‘Minister for Women and Equalities’ be changed to simply ‘Minister for Equalities’ and that the remit both of the minister and of the current Government Equalities Office (GEO) be changed to include issues affecting men and boys.
It is anachronistic beyond belief that inequality is equated with women. It is boys who are failing in education, men who massively dominate the suicide statistics, men who die earlier, and men who make up the overwhelming majority of rough sleepers and deaths at work. It is also men whom one can denigrate freely without fear of censure. And the epidemic of fatherlessness is now having catastrophic effects on the wellbeing of children and young adults. Perhaps fathers need help rather than more brickbats?

Coronavirus Australia: Dr Norman Swan Recommends Proactive National Lockdowns

ABC: Dr Norman Swan says a 'severe shutdown' is required to combat coronavirus. Dr Swan says a proactive quarantine, including closing schools, while case numbers are low to curb the spread of the virus.

Modern Weapons Make War No Longer An Option And Critics No Longer Produce Reforms

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The World Was Insane to Produce Nuclear Weapons, the Use of Which Destroys Us, and
Bioweapons, the Use of Which Destroys Us
In the midst of the coronavirus assult on humanity, the US still has sanctions affecting medical supplies to Iran.  What kind of friends does this make for the US which needs masks and medical information concerning treatment from China and medicines from China and India?
The US has been the bully for so long that we have made enemies, not friends.  Ask yourself, would you rather have friends or enemies?  Why does the US cultivate enemies and not friends?
Within our own country all we do is to turn people against one another.  Racial hatreds, gender hatreds, sexual preference hatreds, class hatreds.  The New York Times 1619 Project teaches blacks to hate whites, MeTwo teaches women to hate men.  Transgendered now attack feminists.

The Crash Of 2020 Is Now Worse Than The Great Depression

By Tyler Durden: Back in December, someone in China made bat soup (at least according to the officially accepted narrative that doesn't get you banned on Facebook, Twitter, etc), and the rest is history: in the next three months, the global equity market has lost $24 trillion in value, more than the $22 trillion in US GDP. And here is a staggering chart from BofA putting the crash of 2020 in its historic context: in the past month, the US stock market has crashed faster than both the Great Depression and Black Monday, and in terms of the total drawdown, the crash of 2020 is now worse than 1929 and is fast approaching 1987.
Below, courtesy of BofA CIO Michael Hartnett, are several other stunning observations on the Crash of 2020: