23 Mar 2020

Racist Jewish Zionist Head Of Major Theological Consortium Has Been Pushed Out

Amid concerns about standard racist Jewish Rabbi Lehmann’s ‘Islamophobic statements and anti-Palestinian views,’ the GTU board accepted his resignation. The Interim president will convene a ‘healing task force’ and support Palestine programs…

By If Americans Knew staff: Rabbi Daniel Lehmann has resigned as president of the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) after concerns surfaced about his ‘Islamophobic statements and anti-Palestinian views’. GTU is reportedly “the most comprehensive center for the graduate study of religion in North America.”
Based in Berkeley, California, GTU has long been known for its commitment to justice, peace, and interfaith cooperation. It consists of eight Christian schools and nine academic centers and affiliates. It includes diverse faiths, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism.

COVID-19: "We're All Going To Get It" - New Jersey Top Health Official Warns

By Tyler Durden: New Jersey's top public health official, Judith Persichilli, told NJ.com some frightening news last week when she said everyone would get the virus, including her.
"I'm definitely going to get it. We all are," Persichilli said. "I'm just waiting."
At the age of 71, Persichilli is at high-risk for severe illness relating to a COVID-19 infection. She said when she gets sick, it'll probably be mild and will last for a few days.
Persichilli has studied all the COVID-19 pandemic models and consulted with experts on how best to prepare New Jersey for an outbreak.
"It seemed that we were being cautious. We are really proud of ourselves. We said let's get our emergency preparedness plan. Let's get it documented. Let's make sure it gets to the governor's office and that they know what we're doing," She said.

At Last, A Doctor Who Thinks And Articulates Himself Like A Proper Scientist

"The King Is Naked!"
G.A.: Dr Wolfgang Wodarg looks here into the Corona hysteria in clinical terms. He explains the virus, its history but also the awkward logic that drives our compromised leaders and define their policies.
To read more about the Corona Virus being systematically misunderstood click here.

Debt Jubilee ~ Time To Bail Out The People!

Everything Accomplished During The Great Depression To Make Capitalism Workable Has Been Taken Away Resulting In Economic Crisis That Only Debt Forgiveness Can Mitigate

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Below are an interview I gave to the Herland Report prior to the coronavirus explaining our precarious economic situation and Michael Hudson’s article today explaining that the way out of the economic crisis is a debt jubilee.  As the debts cannot be paid, it makes far more sense to forgive them than for all of us to sink with them. Debt cancellation is not an expression of idealistic egalitarianism. It is a practical alternative to prolonged depression and worse economic polarization with all of its social and political implications.
The central point of my interview is that deregulation and concentration of the economy and its financialization has made another severe depression unavoidable—unless possibly there is a debt jubilee as Michael Hudson recommends.