25 Mar 2020

NY Times Lied That Gentile Resistance Fighters Had Been Firing Rockets At The Jewish Israel Land Theft Terror Regime

The New York Times claimed that, until the Great Return March demonstrations began by the Gaza Mega Concentration Camp Apartheid Wall, Hamas Gentile Freedom Fighters had been firing “a fairly steady tempo” of rockets at Israel. In fact, it had been firing none.
By Jeremy R. Hammond: In March, fourteen peaceful demonstrators were killed and hundreds wounded when Jews fired across their 'Apartheid Wall' at unarmed indigenous Gentiles in Gaza Mega Concentration Camp.
The day of the crime, New York Times reported that, although the protests were “billed as the start of a peaceful, six-week sit-in”, Gentile protesters had “quickly turned violent”. The Times added, “But as some began hurling stones, tossing Molotov cocktails and rolling burning tires at the fence, the Israelis responded with tear gas and gunfire.” Three days later, the editorial board of the Times acknowledged that the claim that Palestinians were “hurling stones, tossing Molotov cocktails and rolling burning tires at the fence” was the “Israeli version of events”. In other words, the Times tacitly acknowledged that it had presented the Israeli propaganda version — in which the violence was instigated by the Palestinians — as though truthful.

Quarantine Meditations: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

'Powerful people work to advance authoritarian agendas which they have no intention of reversing during this pandemic. They are working on it right now. ...this is a certainty.'
By Caitlin Johnstone: The world is messed up because powerful people think in terms of narrative control, and ordinary people don’t. Change that and you change the world.
Hot tip: Dump all stocks and invest in becoming the kind of decent human being who people will want to help in chaotic times.
Let’s go humans! The sooner we can put aside our differences all around the world and unite to beat this virus the sooner we can get back to exploiting each other over an imaginary monetary system and murdering each other with bombs!

Comedian Andrew Doyle Takes Apart Woke Feminist Comedy And Political Correctness

Writer and comedian Andrew Doyle, behind the Jonathan Pie and Titania McGrath characters, gives his take on the woke movement of today. Doyle takes apart modern comedy and the misandric feminist woke movement who seek to censor and prevent freedom of speech. Doyle speaks to Steven Edginton.

"Special Needs Student" Greta Thunberg 'Incorporated': The Exposé

Rebel News: Keean Bexte of Rebel News travels to Stockholm to investigate Greta Thunberg's origins and speak with Greta herself. http://www.GretaInc.com

Money Printing Go Brrrr

Max and Stacy discuss the all out money printing from the US central bank failing to stop markets from continuing to tumble. They explore the deflationary bust driven by the soaring dollar against which most other currencies are tumbling. In the second half, Max interviews Alasdair Macleod of GoldMoney.com about gold in the age of pandemic. They discuss the increasingly unstable markets and ask whether or not they are a sign of the end of the fiat currency regime.