30 Mar 2020

The Government Employee Who May Have Saved A Million American Lives

By Ron Unz: Dr. Sarah Cody [image left]. That’s the name of a local government employee probably unknown to almost everyone reading this. Yet I think there’s a good chance that a million or more Americans will owe her their lives. And therein lies a tale… 
Last Tuesday President Donald Trump announced that he expected to lift most health restrictions recently imposed due to the Coronavirus epidemic and send the country back to work by Easter, a possibility that shocked and horrified nearly all mainstream health professionals.
No need to worry, I said. I predicted that the exponentially-growing Coronavirus death toll in his home city of New York would have reached such horrifying levels by Easter that his Wall Street friends would persuade him to “pivot” away from such a foolhardy proposal.

Being In The Age Of Corona

By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: In its war against the terror of the Corona virus, the world has united in its determination to lock down its human inhabitants, hoping that Covid-19 will show some empathy and voluntarily evaporate.
We have been trained to think that winning a war entails killing the enemy but most scientists admit that Corona isn’t exactly a new Hitler or Bin Laden. Though viruses carry genetic material: they reproduce and evolve evolutionary, they lack some key characteristics typical of life organisms such as cell structure. Most biologists consider viruses as ‘organisms at the edge of life’ as opposed to ‘live organisms.’ Accordingly, our new little global enemy can’t be ‘killed’ for the simple reason that it isn’t alive.
It is reasonable to believe that the battle with viruses and with Covid-19 in particular, is a struggle inflicted on us and that humans cannot escape the battlefield.  We may prolong the battle by locking ourselves down. We may even produce a vaccination or find a cocktail of available medicines that successfully tackle severe respiratory symptoms, but the grim fact is: Corona is not going to give up. It will continue to be waiting for us behind some corner. This is the law of nature, and as far as Corona is concerned we, despite our incredible technological achievements, are still part of nature.

COVID-19 Is Saving Lives ...Wait, What?

Authored by Prasanthi Ramakrishnan, Siddhartha Sanghi, David Schwartzman and Hayley Wabiszewski: The United States death toll from the novel coronavirus has steadily increased in the last few days, with over 2, 200 COVID- 19 deaths, and more than half of the deaths in the last three days alone. The death toll is expected to only get worse in the coming weeks as cases increase and the capacity of the health care system is stretched. However, one silver lining might be that the death toll could be lower than anticipated due to individuals changing their behavior during the coronavirus pandemic. We use CDC data (detailed below) to analyze weekly US deaths over the last five years (as accessed on March 28 , 2020 ). Figure 1 shows weekly deaths for all ages. For the year 2020, we have data through week 10, or through the week of March 7, 2020.
There is a clear strong downward sloping trend in the number of deaths at all ages for the current year as compared to the previous 5 years. Moreover, the current year appears to be a break in trend from the previous 5 years. Comparing the difference of the previous 5 -year average with 2020 deaths through March 7 and we find that for week 10, there were close to 9000 fewer deaths – this is nearly a 20 percent decrease in the number of the deaths! The decrease is most evident after week 7 (week ending February 15 , 2020 ).