2 Apr 2020

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Sweden’s No-Lockdown Approach To Coronavirus

C4: With most of the world in lockdown, Sweden has been forging its own path, letting much of life continue as normal. Although today, Swedes were told to avoid public transport during rush hour and sports events were cancelled. After 239 deaths, pressure is rising on the government to do more.

To Catch A Simp

"A Pimp is the manager and a Simp is a customer who never gets the goods."
Aba & Preach:
I paid for IDubbbz's girlfriend's OnlyFans ~ Lets talk Simping

Sweden Begins To Abandon Liberal Coronavirus Approach As Deaths Surge

More fatalities than Denmark, Norway & Finland combined...
Authored by Paul Joseph Watson: Having been one of the few countries in the world not to impose a coronavirus lockdown, Sweden is now starting to abandon its liberal approach after a surge in deaths. 
Up until now, Sweden had kept schools, bars, restaurants and cinemas open while only restricting gatherings that were over 50 people.
People were encouraged to observe social distancing measures, but there were no quarantine protocols enforced by force of law and unlike its Scandinavian neighbors, Sweden’s borders remained open.
Commentators warned that this was “like watching a horror movie” and that it would inevitably backfire.
Now that Sweden has recorded 239 COVID-19 deaths, more than Norway, Finland and Denmark combined, the country’s radical feminist government is finally imposing a stronger form of lockdown.

'Disappeared' Wuhan Whistleblower Doc Suddenly Sends Cryptic Message

"A river, A bridge. A clock chime."
By Tyler Durden: Chinese whistleblowing Wuhan doctor Ai Fen, who claimed Beijing prevented her from warning the world about COVID-19, has mysteriously disappeared, according to an investigation by 60 Minutes, Australia.