3 Apr 2020

Jews' Continued 13 Year Genocidal Blockade Of Their 'Gaza' Mega Concentration Camp For Gentiles & The Coronavirus

For 13 years the Jewish land theft project 'Israel' has perpetrated a cruel blockade of their Mega Concentration Camps for Indigenous Gentiles, causing intolerable and unnecessary suffering to Gentile children. Now that COVID-19 has hit, the situation could be far more devastating.

Covid19, Quarantine & The Feminist Regime

Ava Brighton: Almost everyone is quarantined. Just before Spain went into lockdown, feminists marched the streets of Madrid, despite Covid19. Various countries are legislating 'emergency laws', which allows police to enter your house without a warrant. Phone companies are ordered to hand over all our details so police can keep track of us. Spain, Italy, England, French and many more countries are asking the governments to throw men out of their homes during lockdown, if a woman wants to. I mean - if the women are being abused. Because a lockdown, provokes domestic abuse.

The Staggering Cost Of The Genocidal Jews' Apartheid Land Theft Project 'Israel' To Gentile Americans: The Facts

The U.S. gives the Jews over $10 million per day of Gentile Americans’ tax money, approximately $7,000 per minute. On average, the Gentile US tax payer has given Jews over 7,000 times more than to other people around the world. And on top of this, the US gives Zio-Shills Egypt and Jordan large aid packages on behalf of the Jews. And there is more…
This is largely due to the powerful and pervasive Jewish war lobby, and continues even though most Gentile Americans feel we give too much aid to land thieving Jews and despite the fact that the Jewish land theft project Israel's genocidal regime is not an ally, has spied on the U.S, stolen American technology, tried to sink a U.S. Navy ship and has a long record of human rights violations.

Misandric Italian “Pink Mafia” Doesn’t Care About COVID-19

By Jakub G: A few hours ago, Mrs. Elena Bonetti, Italian Minister for the Family and Equal Opportunities, announced the distribution of 30 million euros (more than million US Dollars) to what are called “anti-violence centers for women” (ACW). Founded as a result of the Istanbul Convention, they recruit only women to give help and support only to women — presumed victims of domestic violence by men. No help is given to male victims.
In Italy there are 360 ACWs spread all over the country, acting under the legal form of “associations,” that, in Italy, means: no need to publish balance sheets or financial statements despite the huge amount of public money they receive (between 80 and 100 million euros per year).
ACWs also release periodical reports on the number of accesses they record: usually numbers consistent with a war. Judging by their stories, thousands of women every month are abused by tyrant-husbands or jailor fiancés, as every man (their ideological presupposition) is by nature a stalker and/or a violent oppressor. Their figures can’t be verified or challenged. When asked, ACWs managers claim they can’t be verified for privacy reasons.