4 Apr 2020

Eternal Verities In A Time Of Change

By Robert Franklin: Tis a season of change, a time of upheaval.  It’s an era in which everyday life has been turned upside down and things we thought of as givens now aren’t.  Do you need to go to the hardware store for a part for the leaky valve in the sink?  You can’t.  Thought you had a stable job?  You were wrong.  Some things are known to be certain as a matter of cliché, but now even taxes won’t be collected at the usual time.  Death?  That’s another matter.
So in this time of crisis and uncertainty, where it seems nothing is predictable, it’s “good” to know that at least one of life’s eternal verities remains.

Noam Chomsky: Coronavirus - What Is At Stake?

"Germany can't help Greece,
but Cuba can halp European countries.
Think about what that means."
A conversation with philosopher and co-founder of DiEM25, Srecko Horvat. The coronavirus crisis is revealing that the powers that be of the European Union have learned nothing from the Eurocrisis. They are currently betraying the interests of the majority of Europeans in the same way that they have done so in 2010 -- by failing to mobilize existing money and public financial instruments in the interests of the many. With their current decisions, they are jeopardizing public health, public goods and the interests of Europeans.

Citizens Fear For Assange Amid UK Prisons Outbreak ~ Gynocentric UK Government Release Female Convicts Early

Three prisoners have now died after contracting the virus and another 69 inmates and 14 prison staff have tested positive for COVID-19 across 25 prisons in the country.
Assange was denied bail last week after his lawyers failed to convince District Judge Vanessa Baraister he was a vulnerable person at higher risk of the disease inside Belmarsh prison.
The country's prisons are currently locked down and 69 pregnant women and women with babies have been released early to mitigate the virus.
UK's former chief inspector of prisons David Ramsbotham says there must a full scale release of short-term prisoners.
"The remand prisoners in particular should be let out," Baron Rambotham wrote in the Telegraph newspaper.

Post-Woke Malaysian Government Tells Women "Don't Nag Your Husband, Wear Makeup" During Lockdown

...maintain positive relationships within the family and during the phase of working from home."
By Tyler Durden: The World Health Organization (WHO) expects COVID-19 cases and deaths in Malaysia to peak in mid-April as there are some signs of curve flattening. There are 3,116 confirmed cases and 50 deaths in the Southeast Asian country, by far, the most in the region. The country has imposed a travel ban, along with an extension of a nationwide lockdown through April 14.
During nationwide lockdowns, many countries around the world have put their unique spin on it. For example, Panama, on Wednesday, said men and women will only be allowed to leave their homes for two hours at a time, and on different days.
As for Malaysia, the Ministry for Women, Family and Community Development has requested that women do not nag their husbands during the lockdown, reported NPR.

Transmission Of COVID-19 By Aerosol ~ Implications For Public Health

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: This is a posting by experts explaining the transmission of Covid-19 by aerosol and an explanation of what that means.  Some European health ministers and prime ministers do not seem to understand the concept.
We are a multidisciplinary and international group of experts who conclude that neglecting the transmission of COVID 19 by aerosol is the source of the difference between the countries which control or do not control the spread of the new coronavirus.

When a person carries a respiratory virus, his cough, sneezing, but also his talking or singing will produce a cloud of droplets from his mouth or nose.

The modes of contamination of respiratory viral diseases can be classified into three categories according to the size of these droplets:

The Jewish Land Theft Project 'Israel' Attacking, Robbing, Starving & Murdering Gentiles As Gentiles Fight COVID-19

Ali Abunimah: IDF the Jewish Israel occupation forces continue to attack Gentile communities as they struggle to hold back the threat from the coronavirus pandemic. ...Inhuman Jewish occupation forces wearing hazmat suits and carrying assault rifles raided a home near Ramallah early Tuesday. Jewish occupation forces detained at least four indigenous Gentiles during overnight raids on barraks in and around the West Bank Mega Concentration Camp Ramallah section, the seat of the Gentile Palestinian concentration camp inmates representatives.
On Tuesday evening, Jewish IDF Death Forces confiscated food parcels that were due to be distributed to starving quarantined families in Sur Baher, a village south of Jerusalem: