5 Apr 2020

"We Will Meet Again" The Queen's World War C Speech

Recalling the first address she made at just 14 years old in 1940 to wartime evacuees, the Queen said: “Today, once again, many will feel a painful sense of separation from their loved ones. ...We Will Meet Again.”

Gates, Soros & Other Jewish Tyrants Using Virus To Create A Gentile Dystopia To End Privacy, Family, Cash, Fossil Fuels

'The call to abolish the family 'because coronavirus', published by OpenDemocracy'
By Helen Buyniski: Technocratic activists are full of solutions to the coronavirus crisis – the same panaceas they've been pushing for years. What problem wouldn't be solved by abolishing the family, privacy, and other things we take for granted?!
Under the time-honored rubric of "never let a good crisis go to waste," the usual suspects have come out of the woodwork to tout their favored "solutions" as answers to the coronavirus pandemic and the attendant economic crisis. Of course, they've been pushing these initiatives for years, and there's a reason (or three) that they haven't been terribly popular – they'd require completely upending current societal models, and few have the stomach for such fundamental change.

WORLD WAR C: Russia's Counter-COVID-19 Aid To America Advances Case For A New Detente

Authored by Andrew Korybko:
Russia’s urgent dispatch of counter-COVID aid to America was both symbolic and substantial in the sense that it improved the country’s reputation among average Americans which in turn advances Trump’s years-long case for a “New Detente” between these two Great Powers.

From Russia With Love
Observers could be forgiven for not believing it when they first heard the news, but Russia just urgently dispatched counter-COVID aid to America in a real-life scene that seems ripped from the pages of political fiction. Had anyone speculated about this scenario just a few short months ago, practically nobody would have believed them, but World War C is truly turning the world upside down faster than anyone could have expected.

Shutdown Society Or Not

Leading German microbiologist: Society shut down is grotesquely dangerous, collective suicide – Sucharit Bhakdi
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: A leading microbiologist gives the opposite view of virologist Marc Wathelet whose approach to controlling the virus is posted on this website.
Both scientists make a lot of sense.  As I understand them, Dr. Wathelet’s recommendations stem from the West’s unpreparedness.  The lack of masks, tests, hospital capacity, and ventilators, together with the high infection rate of the virus, means that the health care system can be easily overwhelmed by the numbers of sick people.  As the virus progresses further in some people than in others, it is not predictable who among the sick are in the most danger, except generally—the aged with prior conditions.  Therefore Wathelet focuses on controlling the spread as people of all ages die from the virus.
Dr. Bhakdi focuses on the downsides of isolating the population—the social and economic disruption and the state of fear that it creates.  He believes that many who have the virus and are dying could be dying from other existing illnesses. If the overall morbidity rate is not rising, the isolation might be counterproductive.

Putin And Trump v The New World Order: The Final Battle

'My friends, globalism is dead
and ready for cremation.'
Written by Sylvain LAFOREST: We live in exciting times.

The unknown that lays ahead for all of us is both exhilarating and scary. Exhilarating in the long term, but rather scary in the short term. All empires eventually die and we’re in the terminal phase of the New World Order that will not recover from the Russian roulette game it has been playing, for Vladimir Putin handed it a loaded gun and it pulled the trigger.

The last few weeks put everything in place for the last battle. There are so many different facts and events, left and right, and I will try to do my best to remain methodical in this complicated expose. Bare with me, I’ve been struggling for three weeks with this article because of the insane amount of additional details that each day provides. It might have been a wrong time to quit smoking, but I enjoy a good challenge.

Why Amber Heard Johnny Depp - Part 2/3

Ava Brighton: These Johnny Depp and Amber Heard series are for everyone who wants to see it, but specifically created for women to see what the feminist movement is really about. So if you're already 'red pilled', most of the information might not be new for you. #justiceforjohnnydepp