22 Jan 2018

The Fake News You Paid For - BBC, CBC, Etc.

The Slow Rise Of #MeToo Sexual Panic

By : The current hysteria surrounding sexual abuse of women, otherwise known as the #MeToo movement, has been a long time in the making. Fantasies of a ‘rape culture’ were first generated within radical feminist circles in the 1970s, who pressed the idea relentlessly into the imaginations of a wider public. Its zealous promotion led to an increased culture of ‘belief,’ and the fateful commandment listen and believe.
As with all mass hysterical movements that went before it, such as false memory syndrome of the 1990s, or the Salem Witch Trials, there were people who predicted its rise.
As a matter of historical interest, one of those documenting the rise of the current hysteria was Dr. Gerald Schoenewolf, when in 1991 he delivered a talk titled The Feminist Myth About Sexual Abuse to the Psychohistory Association. When delivering the paper he decided not to take questions after the presentation. Some feminists in the audience, who had only attended the talk to knock the piece down, began yelling their displeasure and treating him like it was sexist to read a presentation and not allow a question and answer or discussion period.

Daily Sabah: Interview With Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon In an interview with Daily Sabah's editor Burak Altun digging into  the current crisis in the Middle East
Burak Altun: Mr Atzmon, you are one of the most gifted jazz musicians around. In addition, you  are actively engaged in peace in the Middle East and criticize the state of Israel  within that context. I can see two separate identities here - you are a musician and a political activist. At the social and political level, you complain about identity politics in the West. What is it all about?
Gilad Atzmon: To start with, you are very kind in your description of me, but let me correct you. I am not a political activist, I have never been involved in politics and I prefer to stay away from the so called activist community. The reason is simple. Activists always know the answers. I am a philosopher. My task is refining the questions. I can easily live in peace with more than one answer and even with competing and contradicting  answers. 
However, let me address your question regarding identity politics. In the world in which I grew up the role of the political and especially Left politics was to point at that which unites us. Our left icons insisted that it didn’t matter whether one is a Muslim, Black, Jew or Woman, we were all united against the mammonites, those capitalist plunderers in the City. But this has  changed. At a certain stage the Left decided to embrace new tactics. We were taught how to speak ‘as a’: as a woman, as a Jew, as a Black, as a gay and so on. Instead of being united we were set up to fight each other. In this New Left/progressive universe, we the people are divided by our biology yet the global market is united in its war against us the people, against humanity and humanism.

Dalal Lulah & Amir Abdul-Hamid Abu Mosa'ed

If Americans Knew: Another Palestinian death the media ignored, this one a little girl. Please share this 1-minute video so Dalal Lulah's needless death at the hands of the Zionist Jews won't be forgotten.

Feminism Has Become #FirstWorldProblems To The Infinite Power

Raging Golden Eagle: Now they are complaining about doing "all the work" when they literally just use some apps to delegate their work to other people... How can we parody these people anymore, they already make themselves out to be such jokes!

Jewish Israel's War On Africans And All Non-Jews Today

David Sheen: 72-minute slideshow about Israel's treatment of non-Jewish African asylum-seekers, given at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

21 Jan 2018

A Discussion Of Recent False Rape Cases

By Jordan Holbrook: In today's episode I discuss some recent cases of false allegations of rape and what the response to these cases has been.
Liam Allan (15-12-17): Liam Allan was charged with 12 counts of rape and sexual assault but his trial collapsed after police were ordered to hand over phone records. The case against Mr Allan at Croydon Crown Court was dropped after three days when the evidence on a computer disk containing 40,000 messages revealed the alleged victim pestered him for “casual sex”.
He told the BBC his life had been “torn away” by the process, which included being on bail for two years. “You just think the worst case scenario…

An Open Letter To Alison Saunders

Simon Warr: A copy of my Open Letter to
the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders.
Dear Ms Saunders, Like many people who have had first-hand experience of our criminal justice system, I was dumbfounded by your recent assertion on the BBC Radio 4 'Today' programme, that no innocent victims are languishing in prison as a result of disclosure failures by the police and/or the Crown Prosecution Service. The statement is as absurd as your predecessor's that 'all complainants of historical sexual abuse will be believed.' How people who secure senior appointments such as the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) can make such preposterous statements is beyond me. 
Ms Saunders, how could you possibly know that there are no innocent victims suffering as a result of disclosure failures? Pray, tell me, how?
These puerile claims do everyone who is involved in the criminal justice system no credit at all. Anyone who has had a 'taste' of British justice in recent years, particularly in alleged sex abuse cases, knows that the whole system is set up solely to produce convictions at almost any cost. Any defendant will have a mountain to climb to prove his or her innocence. (Let's stop pretending that in alleged sex abuse cases it is innocent until proven guilty).

We all know that once the police arrest someone they feel it is their bounden duty to secure a conviction. We all know that any evidence to cast doubt on the prosecution case will tend to be ignored. Yet, you attempt to whitewash what has become a broken, unbalanced system and this serves to damage your high office as the DPP.

Politics, Lies And Audiotape

By Omar Karmi: The reverberations from US President Donald Trump’s bungling demolition job on the two-state solution continue.
Entangled is a region already in chaos and confusion. Old certainties have been uprooted and traditional allies and alliances, for whom the peace process provided convenient cover for inactivity, have been unsettled.
On 14 January, even Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority leader so faithful so long to a process he was instrumental in creating and maintaining, was moved to declare that “today is the day that the Oslo accords end.”
He announced few concrete consequences in an angry two-and-a-half hour speech from Ramallah, and the apparatchiks sent out later to expound were similarly vague (what does “freezing recognition of Israel” even mean?).
Nevertheless, the frustration was real, and his characterization – however obvious and late – of the state of play accurate.
The PA is indeed an “authority without any authority;” Israel is certainly allowed – with PA complicity, he might have added but didn’t – an “occupation without any cost;” US ambassador to Israel David Friedman is, in fact, “a settler who is opposed to the term ‘occupation‘” and undoubtedly “an offensive human being.”
Abbas also had hard words for Arab governments, suggesting that if they did not offer Palestinians “a real hand,” they could “all go to hell.”

Israeli Satire On African Jews & The Centuries Of Jewish Atlantic And Beyond Slavery Monopoly

Gilad Atzmon: In the following video, the genius Israeli satire The Jews Are Coming examines the 1950's African Jewish immigration to Israel.  This satire is designed to evoke thoughts about Jews and slavery and Israeli racism in general.

Angelo: This is masquerading as satire when it is in fact the truth, no? Or perhaps I'm missing the point and this is part of a documentary and next we will see the piles of documentary evidence for the Jewish monopoly certainly of the last centuries of Western/African/Middle Eastern slavery black and otherwise? It's not a funny subject, but it is highly appropriate, bravo. Now what is to be done about stinking racist land thieving genocidal supremacist Zionist Jews?

Jenni Murray interviews Alison Saunders On Woman Sour About 'Failed' Rape Trials

Mike Buchanan: This discussion between Jenni Murray and Alison Saunders (Toxic Feminist, Director of Public Prosecutions, head of the Crown Prosecution Service) was prompted by a succession of cases where CPS and/or police incompetence (and/or misandry-fuelled malice and pressure from the CPS for more men to be convicted of rape) had resulted in exonerating evidence not being made available to the defence team in cases of men accused of sexual offences.