26 May 2018

Is Gender Equality Necessary, Achievable And Practical?

By : In medieval times, trial by combat was a thing, and to make marital duels equitable, the husband was buried to his waist, while the woman was free to assault him without restriction. This was an early attempt to create gender equality in a situation where a man and a woman had to compete.
One has to wonder, if marital duels were still a thing today, how we would as a society ensure they were fought on equal grounds?
I’m guessing that the husband would still be buried to his waist, but the wife would be given an AR-15, and the police would be on hand just in case her weapon jammed, and the husband managed to dig himself out. Even then, feminists would argue that the woman was still being oppressed by both the husband, and the system.

This Is The End Of The Euro

'The fatal flaw was baked into the cake.'
By : The Spanish government is about to fall after the Ciudadanos party decided to join PSOE (socialist) and Podemos in a non-confidence vote against PM Rajoy. Hmm, what would that mean for the Catalan politicians Rajoy is persecuting? The Spanish political crisis is inextricably linked to the Italian one, not even because they are so much alike, but because both combine to create huge financial uncertainty in the eurozone.
Sometimes it takes a little uproar to reveal the reality behind the curtain. Both countries, Italy perhaps some more than Spain, would long since have seen collapse if not for the ECB. In essence, Mario Draghi is buying up trillions in sovereign bonds to disguise the fact that the present construction of the euro makes it inevitable that the poorer south of Europe will lose against the north.
Club Med needs a mechanism to devalue their currencies from time to time to keep up. Signing up for the euro meant they lost that mechanism, and the currency itself doesn’t provide an alternative. The euro has become a cage, a prison for the poorer brethren, but if you look a bit further, it’s also a prison for Germany, which will be forced to either bail out Italy or crush it the way Greece was crushed.

MP George Galloway: "The Truth About Syria Is Finally Being Told."

"After all these years of war propaganda!"
George delivered a true-to-style monologue in which he said "The day will come when we will look back on our role in Syria and conclude THIS is the worst thing we have ever done." He also discussed Grenfell Tower, the Manchester arena bombing, and Tommy Robinson.

25 May 2018

Kanye Finally Said Something We Should Pay Attention To... And The Lame Stream Media Is Silent

Authored by Carey Wedler: Kanye West finally tweeted something important this week, and nobody cares — at least compared to the media feeding frenzy that ensued when the notorious rapper expressed support for President Donald Trump.

Assault "Victim" Fined For Provocation

Raging Golden Eagle: In another rare case of justice actually getting served, the ACTUAL victim here avoids jail time while the provocateur gets slapped with a fine and community service. But the media still pushes the single mother angle every chance it gets...

Jewish Apartheid State Israel Targets Journalists In Gaza

The Electronic Intifada: Jewish Israel has killed Palestinian journalists Yaser Murtaja and Ahmad Abu Hussein, and injured more than 90 others, during the Great March of Return protests.
Reporters Without Borders has formally requested that the International Criminal Court prosecutor investigate the deliberate targeting of journalists in Gaza as war crimes.
The Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate is also preparing to send files to the International Criminal Court and some European courts in regards to Israel’s targeting of journalists in Gaza, especially the killing of Murtaja and Abu Hussein.

Yulia Skripal Speaks: "Difficult To Believe We Were Both Attacked" No Shit Sherlock!

By Tyler Durden: A month after she was released from the hospital, Yulia Skripal has given her first interview to Reuters. On camera, Skripal looks healthy and youthful - and not at all like somebody who only recently survived poisoning with a "military grade" nerve agent. 
Skripal and her father Sergei Skripal - a former Russian spy and double agent who was returned to the UK in a prisoner swap - were found unconscious outside a shopping center in Salisbury back in March after suffering an attack from what UK authorities have described as a Russian-made nerve agent.
Of course, Russian President Vladimir Putin has serious doubts about whether she was, in fact, poisoned with a military grade nerve agent. Putin once said that if Novichok had indeed been used on the Skripals like UK authorities say, they would've died almost instantly. Meanwhile, the UK hasn't offered even a shred of proof to back up its claim that Russia was behind the Skripal attack,

The Meaning Of Gaza

Gilad Atzmon interviews Monir Deeb: Monir Deeb was born in Gaza as a refugee. He has been living in the USA for more than three decades. I spoke with Monir about his recent visit to Gaza. 
Gilad:  You have just returned from Gaza. You were there to mourn the death of your father. You have visited Gaza occasionally, did you see any change this time in terms of the people’s spirit?
Monir: The spirit of the Palestinian Gazans always amazes me each time I am there, and this time was no exception. Considering the deterioration of the overall condition of life in general and the lack of a prospect of a better future for the new generation, Gazans maintain a decency and resilience that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the world.

Gilad: What is their secret? how do people manage to maintain their spirits in such appalling conditions? 
Monir: It isn’t really a secret, I think it’s more on the lines of what one believes in. Palestinians believe in their cause; Israel was established as a Zionist idea by people who never stepped foot on this land before, most of whom came from Europe, where they had homes. They didn’t belong to the land, even though they tried it for a while, they stopped when they found out that Palestinians labour was cheaper.


Bettina Arndt: Jordan Peterson talks to Warren Farrell about roughhousing and why fathers' play is so important for child development.

Reporter Syria Reveals Lame Stream Media’s Lies + NY Times Glowingly Defends Jewish Israel's Crimes Against Humanity


24 May 2018

Political Correctness: Munk Debate FIXED

DoctorRandomercam: I missed the beginning of the trend. But I think I managed to get it in somewhere near the end of the middle. Man, I'm average at this.

Hidden Commands

Max and Stacy discuss the bitcoin miner going old school public on a meatspace exchange in Hong Kong. They also talk about the hidden commands only Alexa and Siri can hear. In the second half, Max interviews Eyal Hertzog of bancor.network, the most liquid decentralized cryptocurrency exchange in the world. They discuss market making and liquidity in the crypto markets.