Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Feminist Fraud Financed By You - The C.O.C.K. Fairy

Feminism LOL: Doreen Sorenson was convicted of manslaughter and Elizabeth Sheehy is so annoyed that she is willing to lie about the transcript contents in an attempt to convince us that the trial was not "fair."

Should Men Save Strangers From Danger?

Galloway Criticizes Westminster’s Silence + ‘I want to cut your throat’: 60 Year Old Galloway Beaten By Zio-Nazi Fanatic For Gaza Views

British Member of Parliament and Press TV host George Galloway has criticized Westminster’s silence in relation to the recent violent attack on him.
Zionist Shill Orwellian UK Regulator BANNED Press TV: The attack, which happened on Friday, was carried out by a person wearing an Israeli military t-shirt. The attacker had posted angry messages about Islam and Galloway during the days leading up to the incident.     
Speaking for the first time after the assault, Galloway told the Press TV correspondent in London that “It is an attack on parliament, it is an attack on democracy and it is an attack on my constituents, not just the geographic constituency of Bradford West, though it is, but the wider constituency that I speak for, which is, by anybody’s reckoning, some millions of people, all of whom have the right to be represented, all of whom have the right to have their view represented without being clubbed down in the street.” 
Galloway was released from St Mary's hospital on Saturday.
Metropolitan police on the same day, charged Neil Masterson, with assault by beating of both Galloway and a bystander who tried to intervene.

The Four Curses On Judaism?

"I call on all Jews to repent and the curses will be lifted. I did." Brother Nathanael

Monday, September 01, 2014

To Everyone Saying Russia Is "Isolated", Here's A Map

Tyler Durden's picture While NATO is happy to provide Russia with geographical advice, we thought the following map of "the world" will help explain President Obama's increased use of the term "isolated" when it comes to Russia...

The Tel Aviv Zio-Nazis Have Demolished Gaza Archaeological Sites

Israel’s aerial and ground assaults on the Gaza Strip have wreaked destruction on the blockaded area. 
Zionist Shill Orwellian UK Regulator BANNED Press TV: According to the report, the apartheid Tel Aviv regime demolished many archaeological and historical sites some dating back to over a thousand years ago in its merciless onslaught on the blockaded sliver.

Israel launched many attacks on historical sites and monuments in addition to the rest of Palestinian infrastructure,” Hussam Abu El-Naser, from Beit al-Maqdis Institute, told Press TV.
He further noted that many mosques were destroyed or heavily damaged in the Israeli onslaught.
Shelter Cluster, an international organization engaged in assessment of post-war reconstruction, said it will take 20 years for the war-torn Gaza Strip to be rebuilt.

Mike Buchanan Calls Feminists Out On British TV

By Mike Buchanan: On 22 August I set the alarm clock at 02:30 – a little earlier than usual – so as to get to the London Live TV studio before 06:00, in time for a studio discussion scheduled at 06:15 with Roz Hardie, CEO of a feminist campaigning organisation, OBJECT http://object.org.uk. Following a pre-recorded video piece from Laura Bates – who presumably was enjoying her beauty sleep at 06:15 – Ms Hardie and I had three short discussions scheduled for around 06:15, 07:15, and 08:15. We thank a supporter for capturing the first two pieces, unfortunately a technical hitch means we haven’t got the third, and for capturing the discussion at around 12:15.

Strategy Session: MGTOW MRM

"The only way to win is not to play.
...or the price will be your very soul." Rizzle Dizzle

Angry Harry's MRA Corner with Mike Buchanan of J4MB

"...the first political party in the English speaking world that has the purpose to seek at least some kind of reasonable justice for men and boys, something that currently is woefully lacking." Angry Harry

UK PM To Ease Spooks’ Access To Our Air Passenger Info.

British Prime Minister David 'Camerondo' is to unveil plans that make it easier for spooks to access airline passenger information.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The measures are part of the coalition government’s so-called strategy to combat the threat of terrorism from UK nationals fighting alongside the ISIL Takfiri militants overseas, media outlets reported on Monday.
Cameron is scheduled to announce the strategy in the House of the Commons later on Monday.
The policy also includes a possible temporary ban on British-born militants returning to the UK.
Former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy 'pants down' Ashdown, however, accused the British premier of a "kneejerk" reaction to the threat of terrorism.
Cameron had already outlined plans to develop "information sharing" between the European Union (EU) member states on airline passengers.
"We think there should be urgent adoption of [the directive]. It is stuck in the European parliament at the moment. It would enable much more rapid sharing and monitoring of such information,"

Cronyism, Lies And Censorship: What Zoe Quinn And Feminism Bring To Gaming Part 1

By : On the 16th of August, a programmer named Eron Gjoni sat down and wrote a blog accusing his ex-girlfriend of adultery, not realizing that his actions were to be the spark of an internet wildfire. In the span of several days, the implications of his ex-girlfriend’s relationships, emerging evidence of unscrupulous financing between feminist journalists and video game developers, as well as the efforts of numerous websites to bury these issues from public sight, have served to bring up damning evidence of the corruption that now permeates the games industry.

The blog in question offered evidence that Eron Gjoni’s ex-girlfriend, the aspiring game developer and feminist activist Zoe Quinn, had cheated on him with five different men who are well-known in the game industry. One of these men, Nathan Grayson, is a journalist who gave her game publicity; another one of these men, Joshua Boggs, is a leading developer who gave her a job, allegedly after he and Zoe Quinn had sex. Sparked by this scandal, evidence has since emerged that other journalists such as Patricia Hernandez have been in close relations with developers for whom they wrote positive reviews and even whom they financially supported.