24 Jun 2021

"When Did We Become North Korea?" - UK Government Faces Backlash Over "Strong Britain" Song Campaign

I can’t unhear this (however fervently I wish I could).” ... "Making young children chant 'Strong Britain, Great Nation' over and over again is not what great, strong, stable, or normal nations do in any way..."

By Tyler Durden: The UK Government has supported a campaign by a former police officer which aims to instil pride in Britain through a celebratory day this week.

One Britain One Nation (OBON) Day is due to be celebrated in schools on Friday through the singing of a patriotic song, after the campaign was founded by retarded police inspector Kash Singh.

To be rank, it's all just a little surreal, as many other countries have similar values of “unity”, leaving many puzzled why the UK government found the idea so remarkable that it deserved its own song.

Here's the finale for all your edification...

The United States Is A Dead Person Walking

Updating Lamm’s Plan to Destroy America: End Home Ownership, Immiserate Americans, Incite Anti-White Hate

By James Kirkpatrick: Veteran immigration patriots will recall Governor Richard Lamm [D-CO] and his famous 2003 speech “I Have a Plan to Destroy America” .He outlined nightmarish proposals that have now become unchallengeable public policy: making America a bilingual country; encouraging multiculturalism instead of assimilation to the Historic American Nation; promotion of divided loyalties; and, perhaps most presciently, getting “the big foundations and big business to give these efforts a lot of money” in the cause of “Victimology.” From the perspective of even just 15 years ago, America looks conquered and the Regime Media wants to finish the job of dispossession [The Washington Post: Treat America Like a Conquered Nation, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 11, 2021]. I’d like to update Governor Lamm’s speech with what’s going on today.

My revised plan to destroy America would have three parts:

  • First, make sure ordinary Americans can’t own property and thus build wealth by increasing equity in their homes.

ScamDemic: 'CaseDemic' Over? Wealthy Nations Focus On Hospitalizations As COVID Becomes "EnDemic" Like The Flu

The "casedemic" - epitomized by the surge in cases seen during the holiday season through January - was the result of overly sensitive testing picking up too many asymptomatic "cases."

By Tyler Durden: Some experts are questioning whether a "booster" dose will even be necessary for most healthy people in the coming months as epidemiologists continue to keep a close eye on the spread of the "Delta" mutant COVID strain that is partly responsible for the UK's poor decision to delay the unwinding of its lockdown. In wealthy countries like the US, the link between infections and deaths has diminished. Now, in some places, instead, the focus is shifting to learning to live with COVID, like we have learned to live with the flu.

In this paradigm, the number of confirmed cases won't matter as much as the number of hospitalizations.

"It’s possible we’ll get to a stage of only monitoring hospitalizations," said Jennifer Nuzzo, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, which has built one of the most comprehensive platforms to track the virus and its impact, making it a critical source of international data on the endemic.

Laughing Stock Money Pit US Military Poorly Led & Disgraced

'While Pentagon panders to sexual perversion, Russia & China train men in actual combat.'

US military has become the bad guys in the Hollywood film 'Under Siege'

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: After the Biden-Putin meeting there was fanciful commentary about reduced tensions and avoidance of war. As I explained in my column and several interviews, as long as Washington has hegemonic aspirations and needs the “Russian threat” to justify its military/security complex budget and NATO, little can be done to reduce tensions.

The meeting succeeded in again portraying Putin as a tyrant who poisons and imprisons his political opponents ( https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2021/06/18/the-summit-was-a-propaganda-trap/ ).

As for war tensions, Washington immediately raised war dangers by arranging a 32-country two-week war game from June 28 to July 10 held off Russia’s Black Sea Coast. According to Washington the war game will practice “multiple warfare areas including amphibious warfare, land maneuver warfare, diving operations, maritime interdiction operations, air defense, special operations integration, anti-submarine warfare, and search and rescue operations.”

Russia warned of the risk of deadly incidents and demanded the war game be scrapped.

23 Jun 2021

Snowden Says Assange 'Could Be Next' After McAfee It's Said Accidently Brutally Cut His Own Head Off Whilst Shaving

  • Edward Snowden said he fears that Julian Assange 'could be next' if he faces extradition.
  • John McAfee died by apparent "suicide" ...with bunny ears. News broke that he would be extradited to the US from Spain.
  • "Europe should not extradite those accused of non-violent crimes to a court system [US] so unfair," Snowden tweeted.

By Azmi Haroun: Former NSA consultant and data privacy advocate Edward Snowden tweeted on Wednesday that Julian Assange "could be next," after antivirus mogul John McAfee died by apparent suicide in a Barcelona prison cell following news that he was being extradited to the US on criminal tax evasion charges.

Spanish outlets broke the news of McAfee's accidental inadvertent death by brutal suicide on Wednesday.

"Europe should not extradite those accused of non-violent crimes to a court system so unfair — and prison system so cruel — that native-born defendants would rather die than become subject to it. Julian Assange could be next," Snowden tweeted.

"Until the system is reformed, a moratorium should remain," he added.

WHO Heeds Dr. Peter McCullough’s Warnings ~ Thousands Of UK Women Suffering Period Problems From mRNA Vaccines

The Covid ScamDemic Deception has proven that we cannot trust public health officials

 WHO Stealth Edits Page Warning Against Vaccinating Children

By Tyler Durden: Update (1920ET): Having been caught delivering some fact-base 'science' that does not jibe with the establishment's message that all kids should be jabbed immediately, The WHO has rapidly 'adjusted' its science-based recommendations for whether children should get vaccinated... or not...

Gone is the big headline - "Children should not be vaccinated for the moment."

The new guidance is as follows: (emphasis ours... in case you are confused by their guidance)

Children and adolescents tend to have milder disease compared to adults, so unless they are part of a group at higher risk of severe COVID-19, it is less urgent to vaccinate them than older people, those with chronic health conditions and health workers.

Sheeple Alert: Brace Yourselves, Climate Lockdowns Coming

"They're going after freedom of movement, they're going after private car ownership, they're going after everything it means to be a free person!"

Tucker: Climate Depot's Marc Morano reacts to climate activist fantasy for keeping emissions down.

Russian Black Sea Fleet Warship Warns UK To ​​​​​​​Step Off! The Russians Fired Warning Shots At Invading British Destroyer

UK's "flagrant violation of international norms." ...This story is developing.

By Tyler Durden: Tensions are heating up between NATO and Russia in the Black Sea Region as a Russian patrol ship fired warning shots near HMS Defender, a British Royal Navy destroyer, for violating Russia's maritime borders, according to Russian state-owned news agency RIA, citing the Russian Ministry of Defence. 

At 1152 local time, HMS Defender sailed across "the Russian border and entered the territorial sea at Cape Fiolent for three kilometers," RIA said. 

Around 1206 and 1208, the Russian patrol ship fired warning shots. After nine minutes, Sukhoi Su-24 attack aircraft performed warning bombing maneuvers towards the British vessels.

"White Privilege" Rhetoric Has Contributed To "Systemic Neglect" Of White Pupils Say UK MPs

“Privilege is the very opposite to what disadvantaged white children enjoy or benefit from in an education system which is now leaving far too many behind,”

Authored by Lily Zhou: The use of terms such as “white privilege” may be one of the reasons white working-class pupils are persistently falling behind in the UK, a Parliament committee has said.

The Education Select Committee said that it agreed with the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities that discourse around the term ‘White Privilege’ can be divisive, and that disadvantage should be discussed without pitting different groups against each other.

It also recommended schools to consider “whether the promotion of politically controversial terminology, including White Privilege, is consistent with their duties under the Equality Act 2010. ”

The committee warned of the risk of young people being inadvertently “inducted into political movements,” and asked the Department for Education (DfE) to issue clear guidance for schools and other Department-affiliated organisations receiving grants from the DfE on how to deliver teaching on these complex issues in a balanced, impartial, and age-appropriate way.

So Much Of What The CIA Used To Do Covertly It Now Does Overtly - The US Domestic War Of Terror

By Caitlin Johnstone: In the later years of an abusive relationship I was in, my abuser had become so confident in how mentally caged he had me that he’d start overtly telling me what he is and what he was doing. He flat-out told me he was a sociopath and a manipulator, trusting that I was so submitted to his will by that point that I’d gaslight myself into reframing those statements in a sympathetic light. Toward the end one time he told me “I am going to rape you,” and then he did, and then he talked about it to some friends trusting that I’d run perception management on it for him.

The better he got at psychologically twisting me up in knots and the more submitted I became, the more open he’d be about it. He seemed to enjoy doing this, taking a kind of exhibitionistic delight in showing off his accomplishments at crushing me as a person, both to others and to me. Like it was his art, and he wanted it to have an audience to appreciate it.

Biden-Putin Geneva Summit - Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

GEOFOR: The summit of the leaders of Russia and the United States, which took place in Geneva on June 16, is over. Putin and Biden discussed a wide range of issues of bilateral relations and the overall global agenda in general. Many details of the negotiations are unknown. Therefore, analysts and experts are still arguing about what the effect of the meeting will be and how the world will live now. GEOFOR addressed these questions to the American politician and economist, Chairman of the Institute for Political Economy and former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan Administration, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.