Saturday, April 18, 2015

Just Say No To Human Rights

Grandview Park, Sunday 26 April at Noon. Just say no to human rights. Or, why human rights laws are toxic to a on open, civil society. johntheother

Are Women Capable Of Happiness? - MGTOW

"Hey Sandman, First let me give you a briefing about my background. I am a 24 years old red pill guy coming from a conservative Muslim community in the Middle East. However, I was born and spent my early childhood in Canada as my father was going to graduate school there and had a job for several years. I grew up watching Disney movies and going to Canadian kindergarten and school. At the age of 8, I went back home and never traveled outside the Middle East until I was 19. That is when I came back to the west and been living in the U.S for the past 5 years to pursue a college education. So, you can say that I saw how the matrix looks from both sides of the world and, maybe, that explains why I took the red pill at a relatively young age.

Congress Is Attempting To Reauthorise Key Patriot Act Provisions By Sneaking It Into “USA Freedom Act”

Yet with Section 215’s lifespan now stretching to a matter of weeks, supporters of broad surveillance powers have yet to put forth a bill for their preservation – evidence, opponents believe, that the votes for reauthorization do not exist, particularly not in the House of Representatives. 
More likely, according to a multiple Hill sources, is a different option under consideration: making the major NSA reform bill of the last Congress the point of departure for reauthorising 215 in the current one. 
The bill would not abridge NSA collection of Americans’ international communications, nor prevent the NSA or the FBI from warrantlessly searching through its troves of them for Americans’ identifying information. Nor would it restrict a constellation of surveillance efforts authorized by a Reagan-era executive order. Even a recently disclosed bulk domestic phone records collection dragnet by the Drug Enforcement Agency would be untouched.
“We should be demanding more reforms than the intelligence agencies are gladly willing to offer us,” said David Segal of the activist group Demand Progress.

Women Are 200% Preferred Over Men On STEM

National hiring experiments comfirmed gynocentrism and sexism against men on STEM where women are 200% preferred over men. The attitude of researchers, however, is ridiculous. The Architect

Friday, April 17, 2015

Dont Fuck Wid Da Popes + Mind Bending Terror - The FKN Newz

"I gotta admit, the two popes thing, its gotta be difficult for ya, I mean, which one of us is god speaking directly to right?" Deek Jackson

Red Pill Metamorphosis

Another Feminist Who Doesn't Know She's Indoctrinated...

It always makes me sad to come across videos like these, where a seemingly intelligent woman has been so brainwashed by feminism that she legitimately believes feminism is a good thing. I guess this is why I have to keep making videos. Maybe I can wake some of these women up. Ceara McCord

Would A President With A Vagina Make A Difference?

"This woman is not an alternative. ...She is the washing machine!" Russell Brand. In this episode of the Trews Russell look at two US electoral campaign videos and unearth what the true agenda behind them is.

MGTOW: Woman Experiences Male Privilege, Prefers Being Oppressed

"I swear to god then next time I hear a girl saying you should walk a mile in my shoes I am going to link her this video. How about you walk a mile in a man's shoes." Raging Golden Eagle

Raw Dog Style Honey Badger Radio #1: Live from Calgary

Please note: we are non-violent and when we say that we will do things that will get us arrested, we mean, for example, engaging in free speech in a totalitarian regime.

First Banksters’ Problem Is Fairness (ft. Russell Brand)

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss rackets and their suckers and what Charlie Brown might have to say about the latest banker outrage. In the second half, Max interviews comedian, author and activist Russell Brand about his new film, ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’. They discuss crypto currency, revolution and the Queen’s head.

Jeff Rense & Gilad Atzmon - Re-Electing A Tyrant

"I am wonking on Jewish identity politics. They are working 24/7 bringing disaster on ths earth." Says Gilad Atzmon.  Jeff Rense: Guest Gilad Atzmon on the Jeff Rense Program.