19 Aug 2017

Man Acquitted By Judge, STILL Guilty According To College - Title IX Vagina Power

Raging Golden Eagle: "How things role here in the West." If a drunk woman who initiates a sexual encounter is a victim, then am I a victim if I drive drunk and cause an accident? Yeah didn't think so. "A growing number og guys are just realizing that 2D anime women are the way to go."

MGM Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation Appointment In Coventry Cancelled

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Following my blog post on the scheduled circumcision of a 12-year-old boy in Coventry today, I had an email exchange with the clinic. The appointment for the circumcision was cancelled, and we had plenty of contact with the police. Three police cars were stationed outside the clinic when we arrived.
Patrick Smyth in Coventry
However, the appointment cancellation isn’t the end of the matter, because we expect the appointment to be re-scheduled. There are a number of details in this story which I think it unwise to divulge at this stage, for the sake of the boy.
We wore bodycams throughout our three-hour protest (from midday to 3pm, when the clinic closed for the day) and handed out hundreds of leaflets to passers-by. We also had dozens of interesting discussions with passers-by, mainly Muslim. We wore bodycams, a discussion with a Muslim woman will be published on our YouTube channel shortly.

Only In Cali: New Bill Would Imprison Healthcare Workers For Using Incorrect Pronouns With Patients

By Tyler Durden: California has a well-earned its reputation for introducing wacky legislation. Jerry Brown's bill specifically written to regulate cow farts is a personal favorite of ours.  For those who missed it the first time around, here is a brief recap of our post entitled "Only In California - Governor Jerry Brown Signs Bill To Regulate Cow Flatulence":
In yet another attack on California businesses, yesterday Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill (SB 1383) that requires the state to cut methane emissions from dairy cows and other animals by 40% by 2030.

According to a statement from Western United Dairymen CEO, Anja Raudabaugh, California's Air Resources Board wants to regulate animal methane emissions even though it admits there is no known method for achieving the the type of reduction sought by SB 1383.

Uber Business

Max and Stacy discuss subprime auto leases running over Uber. Max continues his interview with Stephen Baldwin about plans for the Great American Pilgrimage across America in an RV, looking to meet the people overlooked by lame-stream television media.

From Richard Spencer To Otto Weininger

By Gilad Atzmon: Richard Spencer is correct (video above), there is no categorical difference between the skin-colour oriented Alt Right and the Jewish State - a state guided by the delusional concept of 'Jewish Race.’  Worse, there is also no real difference between Spencer’s white-centric views and Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist’s Judeo-centrism. Jewish anti Zionists such as JVP, like Zionists, claim racially oriented political identities. Neither Spencer nor Mustafa from Gaza can become JVP board members primarily because they aren't racially qualified.

Identity Politics Are Bananas

"The protest was peaceful until Antifa
and black lives matter turned up." Said Barbara4u2c.

Mindhive Update: Seven Days To The Great Minnesota Moral Panic

By : One week until the Minnesota State Fair, and one month since Justine Damond, the Australian yoga teacher, was shot dead by police in the streets of Minneapolis. Our last article explained some unique Minnesota phenomena, including being ground zero of the most terrifying and deadly moral panics in the history of mankind. [1][2][3][4][5]
The Trump and Turnbull Administrations have ignored my requests to stop the fair and prevent the next global panic, I feel an obligation to warn the world of what’s been happening here in MN in hopes we might stop another tragedy. While the 494/694 boundary is small (less than 30 miles across) there is something in the water here that starts worldwide witch hunts.
Mosquitos, Minnesota Nice, the quasi-political nature of the University of Minnesota, I can’t say for certain, what causes it, but I do know the phenomena is real. These moral panics have similarities, they all have a taboo or scandalous topic, that represents a perceived threat to women, children or vulnerable adults, they all result in popular demands for an expansion of the police state, and worst of all, they all spread worldwide.

18 Aug 2017

Who's Pushing War With North Korea?

"The Jew-Stream Media!
...Shills for Jewish warmongering look for
smoking guns that blow no smoke!
...It's all Jewish slight of hand!"
Says ex-Jew Nathanael.

‘Boys Beating Girls In A-Levels? Err, No.’

By William Collins aka MRA-UK: Well it’s results day and the newspapers are all full of those pictures of girls leaping for joy.
Left: Malala Yousafzai with fellow students Bethany Lucas and Beatrice Kessedjian at Edgbaston high school for girls. Malala will be attending Lady Margaret Hall college, Oxford
But wait – what’s this we read? The boys, long since written off as second-raters, are now trashing the girls? What? It cannot be. But in the Guardian we read,
Boys get more A*/A grades than girls for the first time in at least seven years
And in the Telegraph,
Boys beat girls to top grades for first time in 17 years
So it must be true, then, right? Err, no. You know what they say about lies, damned lies,…
Indeed, the skilful can generally present statistical data in a manner which suits their narrative. I dare say I could do it myself, if I weren’t such a scrupulously honest chap. In this case the successful misdirection is achieved simply by ignoring absolute numbers and concentrating instead on the number of top grades as a percentage of those of the same sex taking A-Levels. A simple extreme example shows what nonsense this statistic is.

Feminists Get Publicly Humiliated On Australian TV

The Israel Lobby v The First Amendment

'Interestingly, the mobilisation of the US 
- and other western governments 
- to punish the boycott [Israel] movement 
is largely consistent with its targeting
of the South African anti-Apartheid movement in the past.'
By Ramzy Baroud: The adage goes, "Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it." Indeed, this is the very predicament in which the influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) could soon find itself.
In its obsessive efforts to defeat the Palestinian-led boycott movement, AIPAC will soon force the revisitation of a long-dormant debate on the illegal Israeli military occupation of Palestine.
US lame-stream media has long avoided an honest discussion on Israel and Palestine as if the mere acknowledgment of a Palestinian point of view, let alone Palestinian rights, is in itself a sinister act.

The Camp Of The Saints

By Paul Craig Roberts: The liberal/progressives, lost as they are in their emotionalism, do not realize that their rantings about white supremacists are also discrediting themselves and not merely their foes. The rest of the world doesn’t differentiate between good whites and bad whites. As one reader who wrote to me from India said, All whites are guilty.” That is the position of the left who assert that White Supremacy is institutionalized in the United States and has been from day one. The white liberal/progressives should read Jean Raspail’s book, The Camp of the Saints and discover that the world does not differentiate them from white nationalists. Whitesnotsome whites”—are seen as a plague on the world.
If a book is too much for them, they can read Ajamu Baraka in Counterpunch:
“What is the character of racist right-wing politics today? Is it the crazed white supremacist who plows into an anti-fascist demonstration in Charlottesville, VA or can it also be the assurance by Lindsay Graham that an attack against North Korea would result in thousands of lives lost…. but those lives will be ‘over there’? What about the recent unanimous resolution by both houses of Congress in support of Israel and criticism of the United Nations for its alleged anti-Israeli bias? Would that qualify as racist and right-wing, since it appears that the ongoing suffering of the Palestinians is of no concern? And what about the vote by the U.S. House of Representatives to go even beyond the obscene proposal of the Trump administration to increase the military budget by $54 billion dollars and instead add a whopping $74 billion to the Pentagon budget?