Saturday, December 20, 2014

"RAPE" ON CAMPUS - Rolling Stone

Thunderf00t: Justice is blind and carries scales and a sword. Blind to show her lack of prejudice. Scales for weighing the evidence and a sword to mete out justice.

Extrajudicial justice is messed up. A lynching is a lynching no matter who is doing it. Its almost always done on prejudice, rarely bothers with hearing all the facts, and frequently will lynch completely innocent people.

The justice system, may have many failings, but compared to trial by feminist, its a white gowned angel.

The International Men's Movement

The Men’s (Human) Rights Movement (M(H)RM) is a global phenomenon. From South Dakota to South Korea, men are entering a new age with a completely new mentality about themselves and the world around them.

Gynocentrism: A Perfectly Sane Woman

How To Beat A Corporation By New Era + Time for a Revolution

Russell Brand: New Era victory the tenants & Russell explain how they beat Westbrook.

Cultural Misandry: Listening To The Voice Of Reason

By : As a coach who specializes in working with men around issues of sex and relationships, there is nothing more likely to get a click from me than an online post about feminism. I find myself wanting to read and absorb what others are thinking on this subject, which quite frankly has become a source of great confusion for me not only as a woman but also as someone who listens to the voices of many conflicted men who are trying to “be” all things in the modern relationship. What confuses me most is the position of feminism and how sexism prevails over humanism.
A large piece of my work now is working with male survivors of sexual assault and abuse. Sexual assault is not a gender-based issue, and yet the research and funding is driven to women’s causes. Statistically, 1 in 6 men have been sexually assaulted, and given that most men don’t report—it’s under-acknowledged and under-researched—in reality, the number probably sits closer to 1 in 4. Education campaigns on this topic treat men with what feels like a token effort (a small paragraph or acknowledgment that we get that this happens to men) because we are only really talking about women.
There are feminist groups, government departments, and research bodies that refuse to acknowledge the impact on male survivors because it will disrupt the focus from women.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Bloody Hell: Argentina’s Import Restrictions Cause Tampon Shortage

Ever heard the [gynocentric] old cliché,  
happy wife, happy life”?
By Bianca Fernet: As one of the sole business ladies in the fields in which I work, I hear this expression frequently when colleagues or clients find themselves doing something they find ridiculous to satisfy the seemingly baffling and incomprehensible desires of their wives and/or girlfriends. And try as I may, I cannot seem to get it through their dense male skulls that she doesn’t only want you to take her to the new restaurant she can’t shut up about – she wants you to want to take her there, and not have to ask/nag/beg for weeks first.
Men and women are fundamentally different, both physiologically and psychologically.  And while feminism and technology  have made great strides in forcing society to accept physiological lady realities as no longer shameful and disgusting, there are still a number of very normal lady things that Polite People simply do not discuss. Although it is considered fine to slap photos of skinny, naked, pouting girls on just about everything.
In order for our species to continue, women’s bodies serve as more than just shiny silicon-engorged playthings for Tinelli to trot around at the beginning of an episode of ShowMatch. They also make babies, and in order to do so they menstruate once a month. Periods. Gross, right? I know.

How Much Did Feminism Cost Romania In 2014? = €20,963,941.94

By Taxpayers’ money tends to be the main funding source for the feminist ideological program and Romania is no exception to this rule. So we tried to calculate just how much money the Romanian state spent on purely ideologically driven projects or on projects meant to help women and only women, even when there is no need for any help, as stated by the would-be helped women themselves. We will, at least at first, exclude the EU funds, although those amounts should also be included in a broader analysis since this country is a net contributor, at least according to some economists. 
The greatest part of these useless and resource-wasting projects comes from the POSDRUnote 1 line of EU funding. Since the list of useless projects is very long, we won’t include them by name here, but we will provide the documents from where we gathered the numbers so readers can make the calculations themselves if one thinks that we messed up the numbers or we are exaggerating.

BT, Sky And Virgin 'Hijacking' Browsers To Push Porn Blocks

By James Temperton: BT, Sky and Virgin Media are hijacking people's web connections to force customers to make a decision about family-friendly web filters. The move comes as the December deadline imposed by prime minister David Cameron looms, with ISPs struggling to get customers to say yes or no to the controversial adult content blocks.
The messages, which vary by ISP, appear during browser sessions when a user tries to access any website. BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media are required to ask all their customers if they want web filters turned on or off, with the government saying it wants to create a "family friendly" internet free from pornography, gambling, extreme violence and other content inappropriate for children. But the measures being taken by ISPs have been described as "completely unnecessary" and "heavy handed" by internet rights groups.

The Ms. Ann Syndrome

"The Blackman has always been held up for public evaluation and scrutiny, whereas this has never been the case for the Blackwoman. In fact, the Blackwoman has been shielded, protected from such public evaluation; they are a protected class in this way." — Shahrazad Ali

By : While much has been said, written, and studied about Black America more generally, and certain aspects and sectors of it more specifically (for example, the “hood” or ghetto precincts and its denizens), what hasn’t received as close a look are the inner workings, motivations, and psychology of a small but rather vocal and, to some extent, influential group of African Americans: Black feminists. While they’ve been around since at least the early 1970s, there has to date been no attempt to delve into what makes them as a group tick, to attempt to explain why they do what they do.
Until now.

25 Men Bullshitting About Male Privilege

karen straughan: Part 1 of my response to 25 invisible benefits of gaming while male.

Homosexuality And MGTOW: Reasons For Rarity

"Dark rooms and STDs"

IMF [International Money Fraudsters] Now Ready To Slam The Door On The U.S. And The Dollar

By Brandon Smith: As I write this, the news is saturated with stories of a hostage situation possibly involving Islamic militants in Sydney, Australia. Like many, I am concerned about the shockwave such an event will create through our sociopolitical structures. However, while most of the world will be distracted by the outcome of this crisis (for good or bad) for at least the week, I find I must concern myself with a far more important and dangerous situation.
Up to 40 people may be held by a supposed extremist in Sydney, but the entire world is currently being held hostage economically by international banks. This is the crisis no one in the mainstream is talking about, so alternative analysts must.