23 Jan 2019

Jewish Apartheid State Israel Kills Dreams

Ahmad Abu Marahil was a boxing champion-in-the-making. The Jewish apartheid state Israel had refused to let him exit the Gaza concentration camp to participate in international competitions. Now Ahmed is wheelchair-bound after Israeli death forces shot him with exploding bullets in both legs during Great March of Return protests.
From Electronic Intifada: Since March 30 2018, Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip including families, men, women, and children have gathered along the Israeli border to highlight their dispossession in 1948 and protest the growing humanitarian catastrophe.

Alchemized Digital Gold

Max and Stacy discuss the billionaire property developer, Sam Zell, buying gold for the first time in his 77 years of life. Zell sees supply constraints building as gold miners have not invested in new production in many years. Max and Stacy also look at how Trump has cut the cost of the government creating a new job to $650,000 compared to the cost of a central bank created new job of $1,000,000.

Bristol's Banksy Reveals Identity

Jason Liosatos

Getting Up Close With Lee Marvin

By : A couple of months before he died (at age 95!), Ernest Borgnine appeared at Texas Frightmare Weekend, one of the nation’s biggest get-togethers for horror movie aficionados.  During a Q and A session, someone asked him what Lee Marvin, with whom he had appeared in three movies, was like.  He succinctly replied, “He was a Marine.”  That’s a big part of the story but not the whole story.
Like Humphrey Bogart, another longtime screen tough guy, Marvin was born to a prominent New York family with deep roots in American history.  He was an incorrigible youth until World War II came along.
He enlisted in the Marines at age 18 and was badly wounded by machine gun fire (he barely dodged permanent paralysis) at the Battle of Saipan, a particularly grueling and gruesome siege from June 15 to July 9, 1944, in which 3,246 Americans were killed and 10,364 wounded.  The Japanese, soldiers and civilians, fared even worse.
One can’t help but wonder how a young man who escaped from that slaughterhouse would conduct his life thereafter.  Some biographers think Marvin felt guilty for surviving.  Perhaps we could call it Last Man Standing Syndrome.  Then again, we probably could not, as the American Psychological Association would have to sign off on this terminology, and they haven’t been too male-friendly of late.

On First Looking Into Slavitt’s Ausonius: Prolegomenon To Prosaic Studies

expansive ocean vista
Much of classics study, building upwards to a theory of reception in Late Antiquity, has produced goodly reams of publications in Mnemosyne, Philologus, and Classical Quarterly. Yet study of Ausonius’s prosody in Cento nuptialis has been relatively neglected. The publication of Slavitt’s Ausonius in a fine edition from the University of Pennsylvania Press provides a foundation for exploring a wide expanse of prosaic studies concerning Cento nuptialis. Scholars as of yet haven’t fully studied Slavitt’s Ausonius and its translation of the Cento nuptialis. Peter Burian in The American Journal of Philology, 121/2 (2000) at 305, briefly described it as a “real tour de force.” In Papers of the British School at Rome, 68 (2000) at 176, n. 33, Jaś Elsner labeled it “brilliant,” but provided no analysis of its prosody. Garth Fowden in his important work on contexualizing and periodicizing Late Antiquity, Before and After Muhammed, Princeton (2014) at 52, n. 6, listed Slavitt’s Ausonius as an English translation paired with Green’s critical edition, Oxford (1991) at 145-54. That suggests the critical importance of Slavitt’s Ausonius, but Fowden didn’t elaborate.

US Warmongers Praise War Criminal “Mad Dog” Mattis

"Kill everything that moves!"
Empire Files: With General “Mad Dog” Mattis out of the White House, he’s been praised by liberal media and politicians. Abby Martin shows who he really is, and what his resignation means for the war machine.

Gillette Fiasco + Gillette's SJW Ad - Genders Reversed + YouTubers Red-Pilled My Boyfriend!!! + Devastating Smirk

Women, please, behave yourselves.

Crimes Against Humanity: Jewish Israeli Death Force Snipers Have Shot Down 45 Little Semitic Child Gaza Protesters

56 children and babies were murdered by Israeli death forces in the occupied Palestinian territories in 2018; 45 of them were murdered in the Gaza Strip since March 30. In the overwhelming majority of cases, DCIP was able to confirm children did not present any imminent, mortal threat or threat of serious injury when killed by Israeli forces.
The report concludes Jewish Israeli death forces IDF and officials are responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity and other serious violations of international law for the killing of Palestinian child protesters in Gaza.
Crimes against Humanity: Israeli Snipers have shot down 45 Child Gaza ProtestersThe body of a Palestinian baby who died of tear gas inhalation during protests, according to Gaza’s health ministry, is held by her mother at a Gaza City morgue on May 15, 2018 (AFP /MAHMUD HAMS)
Defense for Children International – Palestine (DCIP) submitted a joint report to United Nations investigators last week detailing Israeli forces’ killing of Palestinian children during mass protests in the Gaza Strip, conduct amounting to war crimes, said DCIP in a press release.

22 Jan 2019

Zio-Fascist Jewish Israeli Police Raid Hospital 50th Anniversary Celebration, ...Because It’s Too Goyim

A hospital anniversary celebration attended by “dozens of people,” sponsored by the Palestinian Authority, in occupied East Jerusalem was intolerable for Jewish apartheid colonialist state Israel. The reason: it would include “Palestinian sovereign symbols such as: playing the Palestinian national anthem, political speeches on behalf of the PA and participation of Palestinian officials.”
The shut-down was ordered because an Israeli law forbids the PA “to hold an assembly or activity within the State of Israel.”
The world (except for Israel) considers East Jerusalem to be occupied, and its annexation to be illegal. That is, East Jerusalem is part of the occupied Palestinian territories.
Israeli Police Raid Hospital 50th Anniversary Celebration because it’s too PalestinianJewish police outside Al-Makassed Hospital in East Jerusalem, on Monday, January 21, 2019.

By Nir Hasson: The police on Monday raided an event marking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Al-Makassed Hospital in East Jerusalem, fulfilling an order signed by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, who said the event was sponsored by the Palestinian Authority.

When Democracy Fails To Deliver

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible... make violent revolution inevitable...” Said John F. Kennedy. 
Authored by Patrick Buchanan: In 2016, the U.S. and Britain were both witness to peaceful revolutions.
The British voted 52-48 to sever ties to the European Union, restore their full sovereignty, declare independence and go their own way in the world. Trade and immigration policy would henceforth be decided by a parliament elected by the people, not by bureaucrats in Brussels.
“Brexit” it was called. And British defiance stunned global elites.
Two and a half years later, Britain is still inside the EU, and no one seems to know when or whether the divorce will take place — a victory of London and European elites over the expressed will of the British people.

The Best A Razor Company Can Get

By : I saw the Gillette ad a few days ago and here’s my analysis of it.
My first reaction was “yet another company that bashes men” and I made a decision to stop buying Gillette razors and products from Procter and Gamble. Then I contacted people who think like me and told them about the ad. My wife hated the ad too and wrote to P&G to tell them she’s not buying their products either. We both called their customer service phone, but my wife wasn’t able to go through, probably because their lines were busy. I didn’t post anything on social media about the ad, though, since I don’t like to post on political or controversial topics.
A few days later, I decided to analyze the ad from a marketing perspective, since I have an interest in marketing. Also, that’s a more neutral form of analyzing the ad.
The point of any ad or marketing campaign is to increase sales or to establish a brand in the mind of the consumer. I must say that this is where the true impact of the ad is to be seen. Controversy attracts eyeballs and multiplies the results of any given campaign. If the ad results in bigger sales and profits, it’ll be a success, no matter what other results of the controversy are.

Ad War: What Is A Man? A Response To P&G's Gillette Ad