22 Oct 2016

“Secret Relationship” Book

Zionist Report: Farrakhan exposes a meeting with members of the tribe where they tried to bribe him into denouncing a book titled “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”. The book was released in 1991 by the Nation of Islam and states how the Jews dominated and controlled the Atlantic slave trade.

False Accusations

The role of false accusations of domestic violence in denying access to children in divorce proceedings.

21 Oct 2016

The Meaning Of Trump

By Gilad Atzmon: The question regarding the meaning of Trump is unlike questions concerning the person of Trump or what the Republican candidates stands for.
The meaning of Trump is that, pretty much, half of the American people say enough is enough. Half of the American people are expressing a total fatigue of the system and their ruling elite.
In the last few weeks we learned that Trump left behind a score of offended women. He was disrespectful and grossly misbehaved, allegedly. This may tell us something about who Trump is; yet the fact that all those embarrassing revelations had zero impact on Trump’s popularity suggests that we are dealing with a force of nature. No one else in modern politics would have survived a fraction of such bad publicity. Trump may be a horrid and disrespectful human being, and yet, he appears to be invincible.
Trump is not as eloquent or as lucid as Hillary Clinton or President Obama but he manages to express in a just a few words the deepest and most profound philosophical ideas and criticisms of Western life. It was Trump who reminded us, once again, that true utopia is in fact nostalgia.

Final US Debate Was A SHAM, More Emails LEAKED, Media Collusion & More

Lee Camp unravels the sick, sad world of the 3rd and final 2016 Presidential Debate. He also covers more of the infamous Podesta leaked emails. He reveals the moral bankruptcy and cynical political expediency behind Hillary Clinton’s policy decisions. Then correspondent John F. O’Donnell dives deeper into the leaks, specifically focusing on the collusion between the Clinton campaign and the media. Finally, correspondent Naomi Karavani uncovers the widespread use of facial recognition software by law enforcement and the dangerous implications of this type of technology.

Hillary Not Sexually Assaulted..By Anyone - The FKN Newz

"He didn't even kiss me, pat my fanny or touch my breasts!"
Deek Jackson


Victorian Schools To Teach Students About "Male Privilege" [Q&A]

J is for Junk Economics

Max and Stacy discuss friends of Bill (Clinton) and the remarkable fortunes they’ve made landing lucrative aid contracts. In the second half, Max interviews Dr. Michael Hudson about his new book, J is for Junk Economics and about the US presidential candidates' economic plans.

Why Academics Bow To The Mob

Professor Fiamengo from the University of Ottawa discusses why academics bow to the mob.

20 Oct 2016

“5 Things Women Know That Men Don’t”

By : Passive-aggressive articles about men’s alleged ignorance are nothing new. You could even say they are a kind of tradition. Scott Barthelmes, founder of the Relevant Man and contributor to The Good Men Project is more than happy to carry on this tradition with his piece 5 Things Women Know that Men Don’t.

Before we get started let’s just say up front that there are exceptions to every rule. So, all of you haters just need to simmer down and know that these “5 Things Women Know That Men Don’t” are based on personal observances and experiences. But then, all of you women readers already knew that … didn’t you? See what I mean?
Scott, if this opener is any indication of your experience, there’s going to be a lot of things women know that you don’t—penis notwithstanding.

The Feminist Logical Pardox Personified: The Gigi Engle Story

By : So feminist Gigi Engle is upset. She is upset because her commentary about the Men's Rights Movement and the movie "The Red Pill", which took a compassionate approach to men's issues and the MRM, has drawn heavy fire from MRAs.

Her commentary, in a Medium article prior to seeing the film, and in a podcast with her boyfriend Mike Fishbein after seeing it, was, in my opinion, worthy of criticism. I'm guessing she got bombarded with negative messages in that malignant internet tumour known as Twitter (which in my opinion is good for little more than bullying and dog-piling). In response, she has written another blog post on Medium, decrying all the criticism.

In this post, I will endeavour to address what she says in her blog post in a calm, measured and non-angry way in the hope that she will read it and perhaps reflect on the reasons WHY she has come under fire, and maybe consider that some of the criticisms are justified.

So here goes. The article is reproduced here in its entirety (though without the embedded hyperlinks--you can visit her post if you want to click on those). 

What It’s Really Like To Be A Feminist On The Internet
I spoke out against Men’s Rights and their followers descended.
I spoke out about the MRA on my podcast and the flocks of angry men that this group attracts descended upon me like a plague.

A Shameless Petition For The State Pension Age For Women To Be Changed From 66 To 60

Via Kevin, J4MB: An utterly shameless petition launched 7 months ago. It’s attracted 318,000+ votes.
At the recent Tory party conference the loudest protest was by a group of women protesting against the equalisation of the state pension age, apparently totally the wrong sort of gender equality. I spoke to one of the (middle-aged) harpies, who defended the historically low state pension age for women (60) compared with the pension age for men (65). She said it had historically been lower for women so they could care for elderly parents. I asked her:

Do you agree men are more likely than women to be employed doing physically onerous work, so a relatively higher pension age is disproportionately unfair to men?
Should men’s lower life expectancy mean they should retire earlier than women?
Should women who didn’t look after elderly parents still have got the state pension at 60?
Should men who were looking after elderly parents have been able to get the state pension at 60?
She had no intelligent responses to any of these questions, and shrieked that I was a misogynist. Women are relentlessly privileged, yet ‘feel’ oppressed. It doesn’t say much for women as a class. My firm prediction is Theresa ‘this is what a feminist looks like’ May will cave into women’s demands for a longer period to introduce state pension age equalisation. Because heaven forbid any woman should ever suffer from gender equalisation.