Friday, February 27, 2015

Men Scatter, Women Gather…

By : As arbitrarily promised, the second part of Over reading the nice guy
I was talking to my Dad some time ago about fe/male relations. I’ve always thought of him when watching Clint Eastwood, they look nothing alike, but similar purple pill Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) mentality and no-holds-barred directness; I love him and his insight, despite his not actually raising me (but that’s a whole different topic: moms!!! They can fuck everything up!).
My Dad, is the quintessential MAN!!!
I can NOT… exaggerate his general manness. For instance, back when I was able to visit him during school holidays, I have this memory; I was sleeping on his couch, he and his girlfriend were arguing (if I got the story straight, it was about me), next thing I know, both of them are scuffling all the way up the length of his trailer, naked, and he shoves her out the door, and goes back to bed. Say what you want about that scene, his rarely seen child (he has no daughters, so I can’t extrapolate any difference), was more important to him, than his regular lay; Understand that, and you will understand most fathers, pussy is everywhere, your kids are finite, and time is short.
My Dad, bless his soul, worries an exorbitant amount, over things I’ve long since forgotten; like not being allowed by trailer management, to let me build a tree fort, or teaching me how to swim; he still stresses about the time I was stung by a yellow jacket, and when he had to pierce a canker in my mouth. This is a 6’4″ MAN, a Vietnam vet, who still worries about his influence, or lack thereof, on his only child;

Greece To Exclude Siemens, Rheinmetall & Eurocopter From Public Procurements

: Greece plans to exclude German companies Siemens and Rheinmetall as well as Franco-German helicopter manufacturer Airbus Helicopters (former Eurocopter) from public procurements. Furthermore, the new Greek government intends to bring the issue of the practices of these three companies to the agenda of the European Parliament.
Speaking to defense news website, Alternate Defense Minister Kostas Ysichos (SYRIZA) said that these three companies have to be excluded from procurements due to illegal practices, “the proven fraudulent transactions they have done in order to secure public procurements.”
“The Rheinmetall has been already sentenced in Germany for bribes,” Ysichos said adding that the Greek authorities are also investigate the issue.
In December 2014, German courts fined Rheinmetall with €37million for “bribes aiming to secure public contracts in Greece.” (Der Spiegel).
NH90 helicopters contract under investigation
Kostas Ysichos revealed that the Defense Ministry investigates the purchase of 20 NH 90 military helicopter ordered from NHIndustries, a company owned by Airbus Helicopters, AgustaWestland and Fokker Aerostructures.

Bibi Comes To Capitol Hill

"It's a Jewish world and let the goyim be damned."
Brother Nathanael

If Greeks Did This, The Terrible Crisis Would Be Over

By : The Greeks – the poor, downtrodden, Troika-tortured Greeks – yanked €12 billion out of their own banks in January alone to send this moolah out of the country or hide it in their fridges, culminating waves of capital flight that started years ago. Greeks have been busy siphoning their wealth out of Greece in other ways too, buying homes in Berlin and London, and investing their money elsewhere in a myriad ways.
The Greeks trust their already bailed-out but still putrefying banks as far as they can throw them. To keep them from toppling, the ECB is propping them up via the Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) program, providing many billions in cash so that Greeks can continue to yank their own money out and send it for safekeeping somewhere else.
Greeks at all levels are notorious for not paying their taxes. Successive governments tried to levy new taxes to make up for taxes that Greeks simply refused to pay. They tried to crack down on select groups of tax cheats, going variously after the small fry or a few trophy rich. But to no avail. Greeks simply don’t like to pay their taxes. In that respect, they’re the same as the rest of humanity. They’re just better at it.

Matt O’Connor Interviewed On Bastion Radio About His 14-yr Campaign For Shared Parenting

In wide ranging interview, the founder of Fathers4Justice, Matt O’Connor, talks about his 14-year campaign for shared parenting, political corruption, broken Conservative Party promises, secret family courts and the plight of Britain’s fathers with Mike West from Bastion Radio.

The Austrian Solution To Greece

Arnold Kling asks economists to fill in the blank:
“Greece will achieve economic success when ____”
There is an answer from the Austrian perspective, but first I want to highlight some thoughts from other prominent bloggers.
Option A: Paul Krugman of The New York Times believes that they need a major reduction in their debt burden.

“Two years after the Greek program began, the I.M.F. looked for historical examples where Greek-type programs, attempts to pay down debt through austerity without major debt relief or inflation, had been successful. It didn’t find any.”
Option B:  John Cochrane urges structural reforms:

“Advice remains, stop fooling around, massive structural reform tomorrow morning, grow like crazy, pay off debt.”
Option C: Scott Sumner wants the country to build a factory that pumps out nGDP units at an ever increasing, but predictable, pace (I’m kidding, he thinks leaving the euro is likely their best bet):

An Introduction To Post-Argumentalism

By : The accumulated wisdom of the activated non-feminist sector finds feminism to be, on balance, pernicious. The reasons for this verdict are many and have been examined elsewhere. For a start, know this: we mean to draw a line against the encroachment of feminist power into the non-feminist world. Since we find that power pernicious, we naturally find ourselves at odds with almost every aspect of it. This brings us to the topic of the moment: post-argumentalism.
Post-argumentalism is the stage “beyond argument”, the stage you enter after you deplete the possibilities of debate or persuasion in a given setting. It is a kind of existential crisis in the face of an intractable other: the other may find your stance unacceptable but you find his equally so – and there you stand! Since argument has not settled the issue and apparently never will, you are excused from such activity and may henceforth either agree to disagree with the other, or enter a state of “war” with the other.
None of this holds any great mystery. If you have ever dealt with a fanatical cultist or an incorrigibly pigheaded person of any kind, you will perfectly understand the base dynamic. And what is true of a solitary individual can as well be true of an entire group or subculture.
The intractable other that now confronts us is the subculture called feminism. As said, we find feminism pernicious – and that implies that we have already settled the debate to our own satisfaction.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

How Much Does It Cost A School To Implement A Father Involvement Program? You Might Be Surprised.

By : You may have heard of the group Dads of Great Students (D.O.G.S.), which sometimes goes by the name Watch DOGS. I covered it almost exactly a year ago. This is a program that brings in “fathers, grandfathers, step-fathers, uncles, and other father figures who volunteer to serve at least one day a year in a variety of school activities as assigned by the school principal or other administrator.” Here is a list of just a few of the things they do:

  • Reading to children in the school library or in class
  • Helping students with arts and crafts
  • Helping students study via flash cards and other cooperative study activities
  • Engaging with and providing guidance to students during lunch or other break periods
  • Assisting in loading/unloading buses
  • Being a monitor in the hall and at recess
  • Just being a positive part of children’s lives.
Let’s remember that many of these students, for one reason or another, are not growing up with dads in their lives, which can be a tremendous loss in more ways than simply having more stability, structure, and adult guidance for children, having dads in particular in the home helps in many other ways.

Washington Has Destroyed Trust Between Nuclear Powers, Thus Raising The Specter Of War

By Paul Craig Roberts: Ambassador Jack Matlock made an important speech at the National Press Club on February 11. Matlock served as US ambassador to the Soviet Union during 1987-91. In his speech he describes how President Reagan won the trust of the Soviet leadership in order to bring to an end the Cold War and its risk of nuclear armageddon.
Reagan’s meeting with Gorbachev did not rely on position papers written by staff. It relied on a hand-written memo by Reagan himself that stressed respect for the Soviet leadership and a clear realization that negotiation must not expect the Soviet leaders to do something that is not in the true interest of their country. The way to end the conflict, Reagan wrote, is to cooperate toward a common goal. Matlock said that Reagan refused to personalize disagreements or to speak derogatorily of any Soviet leader.
Matlock makes the point that Reagan’s successors have done a thorough job of destroying this trust. In the last two years the destruction of trust has been total.
How can the Russian government trust Washington when Washington violates the word of President George H.W. Bush and takes NATO into Eastern Europe and places military bases on Russia’s border?
How can the Russian government trust Washington when Washington pulls out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and places Anti-Ballistic Missiles on Russia’s border?

Peter Lloyd On Spousal Maintenance, BBC Radio 4

By Mike Buchanan: An inspired performance by 'Mail Online' journalist Peter Lloyd, debating with a female divorce lawyer who uses the word 'equality' in an utterly laughable sense. The presenter, Eddie Mair, was less toadying towards the female interviewee than is his custom. The interview was prompted by this story

Athens: First Anti-Gov’t Protest By Far-Left ANTARSYA Turns Ugly

ANTARSYA calls for defaulting on Greece’s debt, and nationalization without compensation of major industries, banning of lay-offs, the disarmament of the police, full political and social rights for immigrants.