30 May 2020

A New Development: Window into The Virus

Illustration of a person from behind standing on a spreading ripple going out to figures in the distanceBy Alison Snyder: Welcome back to Axios Science. 
1 big thing: The mystery of superspreaders

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios
A small percentage of people — called superspreaders — may be responsible for a large number of COVID-19 infections, research is starting to indicate.
Why it matters: While there's no method to detect who these people are before they infect others, there are ways to control behaviors that cause superspreading events — a key issue as states start to reopen, Axios' Eileen Drage O'Reilly writes.
The latest: Three recent studies by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Tel Aviv University and the Institute for Disease Modeling in Washington, which have not yet been peer-reviewed, came to similar conclusions: Roughly 10% of COVID-19 cases appear to have caused around 80% of new infections.
It reflects the law of the "vital few," where a small number (between 5% and 20%) are responsible for the majority of cases, says Eric Topol, executive vice president of Scripps Research.

NYPD Precinct Attacked - "Officers Down" As Rioters Storm CNN HQ In Atlanta - Second Night Nationwide US Protests

By Tyler Durden: With ongoing social unrest in Minneapolis, protests are unfolding across major US cities on Friday evening. From Washington, D.C. to New York City to Atlanta to Ohio to Los Angeles to San Jose, tens of thousands of people are marching on the street demanding justice for George Floyd, the man who was killed by Minneapolis Police on Monday. 

Starting in Atlanta, protesters have attacking CNN's headquarters.
The Atlanta protests quickly turned violent:

Meet The Candidates Challenging ZOG's Pro-Jewish-Israel Democrats In US Congress

While progressive candidates are largely focusing on domestic issues, many have promoted even-handed policies on Jewish occupied Palestine
As left-wing Democrats search for the ‘next AOC’, Middle East Eye looks at six primary contests to watch this election season (Illustration by MEE’s Mohamad Elaasar)
By Ali Harb: Joe Biden’s recent pronouncements in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have left many progressive activists angry and disappointed.
Echoing the traditionalist pro-Jewish-Israel approach in Washington, the former vice president has been accused of perpetuating Donald Trump’s anti-Palestinian policies.

29 May 2020

The Fear Is Real, Not Orchestrated

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: For years I have been watching what little intelligence the human race ever had slowly evaporate before my eyes as governments built up arsenals of thermonuclear and biowarfare weapons that they cannot use without destroying us all.  So many important social needs are forsaken, such as a national health service, in order to acquire useless weapons of mass destruction.  My opinion of human intelligence is currently being reinforced by the hysteria over the attempts, however inadequate, to protect us from the consequences of a virus about which little is known.
The precautions of social distancing, masks, and closedowns are under attack both from uninformed laypersons and from some doctors and scientists.  It is better to do nothing, they say, because the precautions cause more deaths from suicides caused by depression resulting from social isolation and from people afraid of going to hospitals for treatment of other life-threatening issues than die from Covid-19. Moreover, the precautions shut down the economy, which threatens life in additional ways, and prevent “herd immunity” from forming.  According to this view, it is better to accept the deaths and illness in order to gain immunity.

666: Digital Immunity Passports Are Coming

Computing Forever

Feminist Shallon Lester Got Karma'd Sooo Hard

Aba & Preach

First They Came For The Greek Cypriots ~ Boris Uses Feudal System Law Seizes £150 Million From Britons' Bank Accounts

'Amazingly enough, this ridiculous feudal custom still exists.'
Authored by Simon Black: During the summer of 1215 in a riverfront meadow near London, some of England’s top barons gathered to confront King John and force him to sign a contract guaranteeing their rights and freedoms.
The contract became known as the Magna Carta. And one of its key provisions (#43) gave the Barons protection against something called ‘escheat’.

In medieval times, ‘escheat’ referred to the property being forcibly passed to the King if its original owner died without heirs.

So if a Baron passed away without a son, his domain would pass by escheat back to the crown.
Over time, kings vastly expanded the use of escheat; anyone convicted of a crime would have their property seized by escheat. Occasionally someone’s son or daughter could be pressed into servitude by escheat.
It was like a medieval version of Civil Asset Forfeiture: the King took whatever he wanted, for any reason, and people had no rights.

Art Of Resistance: The COVID 1984 Contest

28 May 2020

The New Hysteria

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: We now hear that wearing masks is not a safety issue but a control issue imposed on us to take away our liberty.  https://thefederalist.com/2020/05/27/mandatory-masks-arent-about-safety-theyre-about-social-control/?utm_campaign=ACTENGAGE 
How likely is it that every state, local, and federal health official, every state governor, every government in the world is involved in a control conspiracy?  How can countries locked in intense conflict against one another be united in a control conspiracy? Can we really imagine Washington in league with Iran, Venezuela, China, North Korea, Russia? It is amazing to me how far off real concerns all of this has become.  It has become more of a hysteria than the virus itself.
The emotional and liberty issues are made up.  Everyone was demanding masks, the general population as well as doctors and nurses.  The criticism of the authorities was the lack of masks.  The lack of N-95 or higher masks was the leading sign of the unpreparedness of the Western governments.
The flip-flopping of public health officials on masks is likely explained by the initial unavailability of masks even for those treating infected patients as well as for the public.

China Double Dares Trump, Boris, Etc. To Go For It - Approves Homogenous Chinese Law For Hong Kong

Beijing will initiate a far-reaching 'crackdown' to impose standard Chinese law on privileged Hong Kong once it takes effect in September.
By Tyler Durden: One day after the US declared that Hong Kong is no longer "autonomous" from Beijing, China's Politburo Standing Committee on Thursday officially wove a controversial new "National Security" resolution that was approved during last week's National Party Congress into Hong Kong's 'Basic Law' - the de facto constitution left by the British - in defiance of President Trump, and a broader backlash across the West, which has repeatedly stood up to defend Hong Kong's freedoms.
According to the Jew York Times, Beijing will probably initiate a far-reaching 'crackdown' to impose the new law on Hong Kong once it takes effect in September.

Laundering Feudalism

Max and Stacy examine the abundance of circumstantial evidence that the entire economy has become a money laundering operation. From the ‘unicorns’ of Silicon Valley where losses are rising exponentially, to fracking plays where losses mount every year for the past decade to the entire business model of private equity where companies are loaded up with massive piles of debt... who exactly is profiting from so many money losing enterprises?

Like Some Sweeteners The Best Leading COVID Indicator Might Literally Be Shit...

Here Is The Best Advance Indicator If A Second Wave Of Coronavirus Is Coming

By Tyler Durden: As public health officials and investors search for reliable leading indicators for the 'second wave' of infections that Dr. Fauci and the WHO insist is right around the corner, one team of researchers has determined that the answers might be found under the ground...

To wit, a team of researchers from Yale University in New Haven, Conn. published a paper earlier this month on their studies of SARS-CoV-2 concentrations in the sewage in the Greater New Haven area. In the abstract of their report, the team determined that "when adjusted for the time lag, the virus RNA concentrations were highly correlated with the COVID-19 epidemiological curve (R2 =0.99) and local hospital admissions (R2 =0.99). SARS-CoV-2 RNA concentrations were a seven-day leading indicator ahead of compiled COVID-19 testing data and led local hospital admissions data by three days."