23 Jan 2017

Refugee Reveals Human Trafficking From Turkey To Greece

Perseus999: Revealing report by a refugee in Moria Camp in Lesbos island of Greece as to the modus operandi of human smugglers in Turkey, taking advantage of the desperation of migrants to reach Europe, forcing them into grievous endangerment of their lives.

Things I Wish My Father Had Told Me - Testosterone

Men Are Good! All too often people have used testosterone as yet another way to bash men. Alan Alda started it off as a gallant white knight in the 1960's by claiming that men were testosterone poisoned. This little vid will give you the scoop on the reality of testosterone.

Trump Is The Swamp: Trump's Jewish Elite MAFIA And The 5 Dancing Israelis

TruthMediaRevolution: "Trump is absolutely surrounded by and has appointed psychopathic Neo-Con-Artists and Rothschild Zionists, yet many are in delusion and denial, largely due to their desperate desire for a saviour and this is what the elite have counted on. It is through this desperation and demoralisation of a collective consciousness sick and tired of a corrupt system and government they we're able to once again pull off another dog and pony show and manipulate people into believing that once again things could be different this time, through the obsolete and meaningless system voting. Hope and change 2.0. Unfortunately this is just another case of meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

Drosilla And Charikles Shows College Sex Police Can Be Redeemed + Whatever Necessary To Make Your Mum Happy

The old woman Maryllis hadn’t laughed or danced for eight years. She was a single mother, and her son’s death had crushed her spirit and judgment. How could she not now hate young men? So it might be for college officials who staff today’s tyrannical college sex tribunals. Is there any hope for them?
The twelfth-century Byzantine novel Drosilla and Charikles shows that a couple’s passionate love can redeem even a dour old woman. Through lengthy ordeals of pirate captivity, separation, dangers at sea, slavery, and so on, Drosilla and Charikles were finally re-united:
like ivy clinging to an oak, they kissed each other gladly.
So difficult was their embrace to bring to an end
that it occurred to Maryllis
that the two had indeed become one body
who in speech had become one soul.
Thus it is with every lover who is redolent with desire;
for when after a long time he sees her whom he desires,
he kisses her insatiably until his desire is assuaged. [1]
Did Charikles ask Drosilla for affirmative consent before he embraced and kissed her? No sane person would even ask that question.

Netanyahu To Iran - "We Are Your Friend, Mwahahaha"

Motley Politics: Maybe Bibi 'the baby butcher of Gaza' should apply those exact words and actions to the Palestinians in The Occupied Territories, the hypocrite!
Zionist Report: It sounds like Bibi wants peace and war at the same time! Zionist "Divide and Conquer" propaganda at its finest!
Transcript: "I plan to speak soon with President Trump about how to counter the threat of the Iranian regime which calls for Israel's destruction.
But it struck me recently that I've spoken a lot about the Iranian regime and not enough about the Iranian people, or for that matter, to the Iranian people.
So I hope this message reaches every Iranian—young and old, religious and secular, man and woman.

22 Jan 2017

India - Crime Of The Century - Financial Genocide

By Peter Koenig: A Financial genocide, if there was ever one. Death by demonetization, probably killing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, through famine, disease, even desperation and suicide because most of India’s money was declared invalid. The official weak reason for this purposefully manufactured human disaster is fighting counterfeiting. What a flagrant lie! The real cause is of course – you guessed it – an order from Washington. On 8 November, Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, brutally declared all 500 (US$ 7) and 1,000 rupee-notes invalid, unless exchanged or deposited in a bank or post office account until 31 December 2016. After this date, all unexchanged ‘old’ money is invalid – lost. Barely half of Indians have bank accounts.
The final goal is speedy global demonetization. India is a test case – a huge one, covering 1.3 billion people. If it works in India, it works throughout the developing world. That’s the evil thought behind it. “Tests” are already running in Europe.

Rhodanthe As Back-Biting Bitch: The Real World Of Byzantine Romance

In a twelfth-century Byzantine romance, Rhodanthe and Dosikles were passionately in love. Each was enthralled with the other’s beauty. Only a few weeks before Rhodanthe was to marry another, Dosikles with armed friends abducted her and carried her off across the sea. Bride abduction, even if consensual, was an offense incurring the death penalty for the man.[1] Rhodanthe praised Dosikles’s decisive amorous action:

Fare you well, brigands who practise sound brigandage
and who have carried out my own wishes,
kindly practitioners of a kindly abduction,
excellent despots in an excellent despotism. [2]
Despite not being formally married to Dosikles, Rhodanthe called him husband. Dosikles in turn regarded himself as eternally bound to Rhodanthe and preferred death to being separated from her.
The Byzantine romance of Rhodanthe and Dosikles isn’t just a romantic fairy tale. No flesh-and-blood human, not even a woman, is wonderfully perfect. With the pioneering literary realism of Theodore Prodromos, Rhodanthe occasionally showed that she could be a back-biting bitch.
Consider Rhodanthe’s words at a banquet celebrating the return of a long-lost son thought to be dead.

I Am Woman, Hear Me Whine + The UK Home Office On MGM Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation

Crowd Of 1,500 (Or Possibly 1,200) Feminist Zealots, Manginas And Children March Past Philip Davies’s Office In Shipley
My Mike Buchanan, J4MB: At the London conference six months ago, Philip Davies MP (C, Shipley) gave a speech on the Justice Gender Gap, in which he made some well-reasoned points about ‘feminist zealots’. A few weeks later the Guardian decided to mount an attack on him, with the aim of having the whip withdrawn, in which event he’d no longer have been a Conservative MP. It failed spectacularly. James Delingpole’s article for Breitbart was particularly memorable, and titled, “Feminazi Zealots Adopt Feminazi Zealot Tactics To Get An MP Sacked For Pointing Out Their ‘Zealotry.'”
A group named ‘Shipley Feminist Zealots’ was formed. Feminists are nothing if not utterly predictable.
Davies’s local paper, the Telegraph & Argus, yesterday published online an account of an anti-Trump and anti-Davies march past Davies’s office. The Google Alert mentioned 1,200 marchers, while the published piece claimed 1,500. Both numbers appear to be gross overestimates, judging by the six accompanying photographs.
In the photographs, the geniuses – feminist zealots and other silly women, manginas, children – can be seen carrying placards with the following:

WE MARCH FORWARDS, NOT BACKWARDS (Shame. Marching backwards would have been altogether more entertaining. The ‘K’ in ‘backwards’ is replaced with a Swastica.)

What Was The Point Of The #WomensMarch?

6oodfella said. "Women couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery. ...Let's get together and make it all about our vagina. ...Everything has to be about your vadge all the time. ...Stay out of my vadge, but pay for my birth control." This is the first time I've witnessed a protest/march where not one of the participants even know why they're there. Enjoy.

German Press: "That Was No Presidential Speech; That Was A Declaration Of War"

By Tyler Durden: Following yesterday's openly confrontational, deliberately protectionist presidential address by president Trump, which in various circles has been dubbed the "American carnage" speech for obvious reasons, some of Obama's closest foreign friends are scrambling to find a role in a world that has drastically changed in less than 24 hours. One of them is the foreign leader whom Obama spoke to last before vacating the White House, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who vowed on Saturday to seek compromises on issues like trade and military spending with Trump, adding she would work on preserving the important relationship between Europe and the United States.
"He made his convictions clear in his inauguration speech," Merkel said in remarks broadcast live, a day after Trump vowed to put 'America first'.
Speaking at a news conference in the south-western town of Schoental, Merkel - and finding herself in a world where many of her "established" friends have been swept away by the tide of "populist anger" - suddenly struck a more conciliatory tone toward Trump than Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, who on Friday said Germany should prepare for a rough ride under the new U.S. president.