17 Aug 2018

Misandry In The News

Men Are Good!: Paul Elam and Tom Golden explore the prevalence, dangers and absurdity of Misandry in the News. The four stories in this episode will be listed and linked below. For future episodes we are inviting men to submit articles for future episodes. You can submit them by direct message to Tom's twitter account @trgolden. We are going to have one guest for each show so be sure to mention whether or not you would like to take part.

Why We Continue To March In Gaza - Abdalrahim Alfarra

By Abdalrahim Alfarra: I was sitting behind my desk in my family’s supermarket in Khan Younis on 14 May when my cousin Ali approached.
There was going to be another gathering in al-Faraheen for that day’s Great March of Return protest, he said. Would I join him?
“No, I prefer the one in Khuzaa where we usually go,” I said.
Ali insisted to go to al-Faraheen and decided he would do so with his friend Saed. He stayed with me until I closed the shop and we went our separate ways. I called my friend Ahmad to go to Khuzaa.
At the protest, we found the usual: tear gas canisters falling thickly, leaving us barely able to breathe or talk; ambulances and paramedics fanning out everywhere; and the sound of live bullets whizzing past.
The sound of a bullet elicits contradictory feelings. All of us know that it will hit someone. But if we hear it, we are safe, just like when we hear shelling it means it has exploded but not on us.
Critically wounded 
Then my phone began to ring. I saw my brother’s name on the screen. Before I had a chance to say anything, he urged me to come to the European Hospital, “now! Ali was shot.”
I started running without thinking. Ahmad followed and we rushed over to the hospital in a taxi. There we made our way through the crowds, the screams, the blood on the clothes and beds, the men and women weeping.

The Mike Pence Rule Just Keeps On Spreading

Raging Golden Eagle: What do you know, guys who just want to avoid pointless drama will simply cut the source of said drama out of their lives. Most recently, we have the biggest Twitch streamer in the world jumping on this trend! - While it was just "basement dwelling losers" that nobody wants doing this, it wasn't a big deal. But now that the men these women desire are avoiding them, it's suddenly a problem now.

“Singing In The Ruins: How Feminists Have Destroyed The Church Of England Beyond Repair” Rev Jules Gomes

Mike Buchanan: Dr Jules Gomes is a journalist and academic. He writes for The Conservative Woman and is the religious affairs correspondent for Virtue Online. He became conscious of the feminist cancer in the Church of England when feminists began to hijack synod. Jules has a doctorate from Cambridge University and has taught at universities in India and England.

Jewish Apartheid State Hoarding Mail Of Indigenous Goyim And Shiksas ~ Delivers 10 Tons Of Mouldy Mail 8 Years Late

Here is yet another example of Jewish state Israel’s obsession with controlling every aspect of Palestinian life: for 8 years, it has been hoarding mail, and now it has delivered 10 tons of old letters and packages at once.
By Megan Specia: Ten tons of letters and packages, which Israel had long prevented from reaching Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, have finally been delivered. Some of the pieces are eight years old.
The mail, held in Jordan, began being released to the Palestinian Authority on Monday, according to a statement from Palestinian officials. Some of it was badly damaged after the yearslong delay. 
A stack of damaged letters and postcards at the post office in Jericho. CreditAbbas Momani/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images 
Israel controls all goods coming in and out of the Palestinian territories, and the Israeli Postal Service sorts mail destined for the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Goods are regularly blocked from entering the areas, more strictly for Gaza, on what Israel describes as security grounds.

Inhuman: Jewish State Israel Bars Gaza Mother From Accompanying 3-Year-Old To Chemotherapy

By Amira Hass: Jewish state Israel is not allowing a 'shikser' Gaza mother to accompany her 3-year-old son to a hospital in the West Bank city of Nablus for cancer treatment. Security sources told Haaretz that the reason was that she is a first-degree relative of a Hamas member and therefore, may not leave the Gaza Strip. The woman had to resort to Facebook to find eligible unrelated women to accompany her son for medical treatment.
The child, Louay Al Khoudari, was diagnosed with aggressive soft tissue sarcoma in January, at the age of two and a half years. At first he was treated in the Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem and at Hadassah Hospital in western Jerusalem, and as of May, began to receive treatment at the An-Najah Hospital in Nablus.
When his first appointment was set, his mother, Hannan Al Khoudari, applied for permission to leave Gaza to accompany him. She was told that her request was under consideration – an answer repeated throughout the following seven months, every time he had an appointment and she applied for permission.
At first the boy’s aunt took him, but her own medical condition put a stop to that. Since no other relative could be found to take him, he missed two treatments, in June and July.

The Political Deplatforming Of Alternative Media

Sargon of Akkad: They want you gone, forever, and they won't stop.

16 Aug 2018

Antisemitism And Antiblackness

By Eve Mykytyn: Great Britain’s Labour Party has been wrestling with allegations of antisemitism. One of the charges is that although the Labour party adopted The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) ‘s definition (often incorrectly identified as the ‘international’ definition) of antisemitism, Labour did not include in its definition all of the examples listed in the IHRA definition. Specifically, Labour omitted the provisions that define criticism of Israel as antisemitism.
Israel may claim that it wants to be a state like all others, but it vigorously campaigns to limit criticism of its expansionist policies by forcing critics to navigate a minefield of potential claims of antisemitism. I can think of no other country that even attempts to limit criticism by outsiders.
Even without the provisions relating to Israel, the IHRA definition of antisemitism seems overly broad and unnecessary in light of the discrimination that many people have faced. In the United States our record is spotty at best and many immigrant groups have faced discrimination by the legal system, by the actions of our public institutions and by the behavior of other Americans.  Notably, and at different times, Asians and Jews have been affected by quota systems in our universities, the Chinese were exploited and then deported under the exclusion acts, Japanese Americans were forced into internment camps during World War II

Health Insurance Policy Masquerading As A Country

Max and Stacy discuss the high-deductible health insurance policy masquerading as a country, and how – as more and more people rely on this insurance racket for their livelihood – the more powerful that healthcare system becomes in extricating resources from the productive economy. In the second half, Max continues his interview with economist and professor, Saifedean Ammous, about his new book, ‘The Bitcoin Standard.’ They also discuss Saifedean’s new monthly research bulletin, analyzing the economics of Bitcoin.

Europe Is Undergoing A Conservative Christian Revival - And The Lame Stream Media Aren't Telling You About It

Dr. Steve Turley:
"it's not just Russia - its the whole continent.
It's clearly cool to be an Orthodox Christian right now."

Weed-Killing Carcinogen Glyphosate Found In Children's Foods

“We’re very concerned that consumers are eating
more glyphosate than they know...”
Authored by Mac Slavo: The known carcinogen and infamous weed killing chemical glyphosate has just been found in breakfast foods marketed for children. A new study has discovered trace amounts of the most widely used herbicide in the country in oats, granolas, and snack bars.
Concern over glyphosate has continued to grow in the United States in recent years.  Although the chemical may be safe in some amounts to spray on weeds if certain safety precautions are taken, it is probably a lot more dangerous if it’s ingested by a child. Most disturbing, however, is the fact that thirty-one out of 45 tested products had levels of glyphosate that were higher than what many scientists consider safe for children.
The study, which was conducted by the non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that many of the breakfast foods marketed to children contain glyphosate.  “I was shocked,” said Dr. Jennifer Lowry, who heads the Council on Environmental Health for the American Academy of Pediatrics. Although not much is known about the effects of the chemical on children, parents and doctors are concerned. “We don’t know a lot about the effects of glyphosate on children,” Lowry said. “And essentially we’re just throwing it at them.”

Daily Mail Features Alison Weir Article In Odd Piece About Jeremy Corbyn

The UK’s right-wing Daily Mail newspaper is trying to use a 2014 article by Alison Weir in an odd, guilt by (remote) association hit piece against Jeremy Corbyn…
Daily Mail features Alison Weir article in odd piece about Jeremy Corbyn
By If Americans Knew: Britain’s Daily Mail, the world’s largest English-language website, yesterday published an article about a 2014 report by If Americans Knew Executive Director Alison Weir. If Americans Knew is a nonprofit organization that provides information on Israel-Palestine, with particular attention to media reporting on the issue.
Weir’s report gives full information surrounding the tragic Munich attack, emphasizing the fact that all massacres are tragic and that all victims should be mourned. Her article focuses on and corrects a one-sided Washington Post article on the subject; reports on Israeli actions before, during, and after the attack; and poses the question “do only some massacres matter?”