22 Jun 2018

'Orthodox Judaism Is A Religion Of Lying And Deceit' - The Saker Interviews Michael Hoffman

Introduction by the Saker: I have always had a passion for theology in general and the studies of religions in general. Several years ago I discovered, quite by chance, a book written by Michael A. Hoffman II entitled Judaism’s Strange Gods which I found most interesting and thought provoking. Reading that book, I felt that I wanted to find out much more and I ended up ordering and reading Michael A. Hoffman II’s magnum opus Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit which absolutely amazed me: over 1000 pages packed with information, sources and most interesting analyses. Needless to say, the book was also very controversial and elicited all sorts of negative reactions from various reviewers. Here I need to immediately begin by a disclaimer: while the topic of “Rabbinical Phariseism” (modern “Judaism” should be called something like “Rabbinical Phariseism” since all modern Judaic denomination are descendants of the sect of the Pharisees; furthermore, this religion is dramatically different from the religion of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: it is the religion of Maimonides, Karo, Luria and others) has always fascinated me and while I do have a graduate degree in theology, I am absolutely not qualified to endorse or refute the views of Hoffman. What I can say is that his books are very well written, well researched, fully sourced and that I see no contradictions between what he wrote and the little I personally know about this topic.

Julia Gillard Achieves The Impossible

By : There’s a silly little game played by people when someone is going to deliver a speech. The bigger the occasion and audience, the funnier it is to the participants. It goes something like this: “I’ll bet you can’t use the word elephant in your speech.” The speaker may be talking about the economy, fashion, sport or ship building. There is always a gasp of delight from those in on the secret gag if the speaker manages to place the word somewhere and use it in a manner which raises no eyebrows.
Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia, must surely have been involved in a similar stunt a few weeks ago when she penned an article on suicide prevention in Australia. Gillard was recently appointed the Chair of Beyond Blue, an organization devoted to addressing the scourge of depression and suicide in our nation.
Now, her version of the game differed in one key aspect. The challenge set before her was an astonishing one, which few people would think anyone could possibly accomplish and yet she did it with aplomb. Julia had to write a detailed article about suicide in Australia without using the word men.
Challenges on a par with the difficulty of this one might be:
  • Writing an essay on the greatest English writers in history without mentioning Shakespeare
  • Writing about the origins of Christianity without once referring to Jesus.

Women Secretly WANT Patriarchy

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast: Evolutionary traits suggest so! I used Sweden as a case study to examine the (formerly) baffling unholy alliance between feminists and Muslim migrants.

Shadows Of

Shadows Of is taken off the latest Album release ‘Troubled” by UK rapper Shakezpeare

Women Need Shorter Work Weeks Cause Of "Burnout"

Raging Golden Eagle: They are strong and independent and can do everything a man can do, but BETTER, and while wearing heels and pregnant. Except work a normal 40 hour work week.

The Self Proclaimed Jewish Master Race Are Strip-Searching The Palestinians In Hebron

Hebron is unique among cities in the occupied West Bank due to the presence of about 800 Zionist land thieves living throughout the city, alongside double their number of Jewish death squads IDF who are predominantly based at military checkpoints, restricting the movement of at least 30,000 Palestinian inhabitants.
In Hebron, the most divided and arguably the most systemically discriminatory city in the region if not the planet, Jewish Israeli death forces have taken to the humiliating (and unnecessary) practise of strip-searching Palestinians.
From Ma’an News Agency: Jewish apartheid state death forces strip searched Palestinians as they were on their way to their homes in the Tel Rumeida neighbourhood of the Old City of Hebron in the southern occupied West Bank on Monday.
Local activists told Ma’an that Israeli death forces stationed at a checkpoint in the neighbourhood forced residents to remove some pieces of their clothing in a “provocative and humiliating way” before allowing them entry.

What You’re Not Being Told About Venezuela Crisis

What You’re Not Being Told About Venezuela Crisis with Abby Martin and Jimmy Dore.

Former Secret Service Agent Files RICO Suit Against Clintons, Soros, Podesta, Brock

By Tyler Durden: Conspiracy theorists (and conspiracy factists) are running wild as infamously outspoken former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne has filed a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) suit against what some call the Democrat Deep State.
Defendants in the case include:
Quite a rogue's gallery.
Here's the summary of Byrne's case...

21 Jun 2018

The Entire Western World Lives In Cognitive Dissonance

'Are we experiencing a mass psychosis form of cognitive dissonance?'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: In this column I am going to use three of the current top news stories to illustrate the disconnect that is everywhere in the Western mind.
Let us begin with the family separation issue. The separation of children from immigrant/refugee/asylum parents has caused such public outcry that President Trump has backed off his policy and signed an executive order terminating family separation.
The horror of children locked up in warehouses operated by private businesses making a profit off of US taxpayers, while parents are prosecuted for illegal entry, woke even self-satisfied “exceptional and indispensable” Americans out of their stupor. It is a mystery that the Trump regime chose to discredit its border enforcement policy by separating families. Perhaps the policy was intended to deter illegal immigration by sending the message that if you come to America your children will be taken from you.
The question is: How is it that Americans can see and reject the inhumane border control policy and not see the inhumanity of family destruction that has been the over-riding result of Washington’s destruction in whole or part of seven or eight countries in the 21st century?


Massive Market Manipulation By Inside Traders

Max and Stacy discuss the ‘special place in hell’ for those previously known as our closest allies. They also discuss the UKs plan to enforceonline civility’ through a Chinese-developed technique of ‘online identities.’ In the second half, Max interviews Henri Pihkala, CEO of Streamr, about real-time data and decentralization.