8 Apr 2020

A New World Is Being Born: What Will It Be? 666?

'New tracking procedures and technologies are to be put in operation reminiscent of the “mark of the beast”. ...The Big Boys are being bailed out and their debts covered.  Everyone else, except those already marginalized and without a recent work record and fixed address, got a month’s rent and extended unemployment benefits.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: We are hearing from many that the world after Covid-19 will be different.  The question is:  Different in what way?  Will it be better or worse?
Elites are working to make it better for them, and worse for the rest of us.

7 Apr 2020

Effect Of Covid-19 On Child Contact: Survey

By MRA-UK: One of the many issues which arise during the Covid-19 “lockdown” is that of parents living apart, and the movement of children between two different domiciles where such arrangements were in place prior to the lockdown. Ditto, where contact arrangements with the non-resident parent were less than shared care.
The Government has issued guidance on this matter, and the President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane, has reiterated the main point, which is this,
“Where parents do not live in the same household, children under 18 can be moved between their parents’ homes." This establishes an exception to the mandatory ‘stay at home’ requirement; it does not, however, mean that children must be moved between homes.” (emphasis as in the original).
However, a very obvious question is what will actually happen in practice. Moreover, the effect of the lockdown may change as time wears on. To capture data on the actual effects, the charity FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru has created an online survey “Survey of separated parents’ shared care of children during Covid 19 pandemic“. If you are a separated parent with shared care or contact arrangements, please complete the survey via that link. Also, please pass the link on to anyone else for whom it may be relevant. UK residents only, please.

A Failure Of Leadership

'Leadership is absent, because the West has been organized to serve private selfish interests with agendas inimical to the public interest.'
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The below is a factual commonsense statement:
“If the current approach of telling everyone to stay home is to be lifted, widespread and faster testing will be needed to identify infected people for isolation. Easing stay-at-home orders in the absence of sufficient testing would risk reigniting the outbreak.”
The question is:  Where were WHO, NIH, CDC, health ministers, prime ministers, presidents? Why did the leadership of the Western World sit on its hands for three months? Has history ever experienced a worse and more complete failure of leadership?
Leadership is absent, because the West has been organized to serve private selfish interests with agendas inimical to the public interest.  The People accepted lies and deception, and now we are paying the price.

Why Amber Heard Johnny Depp - Part 3/3

Ava Brighton: These Johnny Depp and Amber Heard series are for everyone who wants to see it, but specifically created for women to see what the feminist movement is really about. So if you're already 'red pilled', most of the information might not be new for you. #justiceforjohnnydepp

6 Apr 2020

Is COVID-19 A Condition Of Oxygen Deprivation And Not Pneumonia?

Ventilators may be causing the lung damage, not the virus. Doctors may be inadvertently killing patients!
Natural News: A NYC physician named Cameron Kyle-Sidell has posted two videos on YouTube, pleading for health practitioners to recognize that COVID-19 is not a pneumonia-like disease at all. It’s an oxygen deprivation condition, and the use of ventilators may be doing more harm than good with some patients. The ventilators themselves, due to the high-pressure methods they are running, may be damaging the lungs and leading to widespread harm of patients.
Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell describes himself as an “ER and critical care doctor” for NYC. “In these nine days I have seen things I have never seen before,” he says. Before publishing his video, we confirmed that Dr. Kyle-Sidell is an emergency medicine physician in Brooklyn and is affiliated with the Maimonides Medical Center located in Brooklyn.
In his video (see below), he goes on to warn the world that the entire approach to treating COVID-19 may be incorrect, and that the disease is something completely different from what the dogmatic medical establishment is claiming.

UCL Professor Warns Johnson Will "Very Likely" Be Placed On A Ventilator

Very likely PM Johnson will be put on a mechanical ventilator in intensive care.
Mirror: Professor Derek Hill, professor of medical imaging, University College London (UCL), said it was "very likely" Mr Johnson would be put on a mechanical ventilator in intensive care.
He said: "It seems clear that the Prime Minister went to hospital because he had difficulty breathing. It seems he was initially put on oxygen, and was conscious.
"But as often happens with Covid-19, his condition has now deteriorated so he has been admitted to intensive care where he is very likely to have been put on a mechanical ventilator to breathe for him."
Mr Johnson, 55, was admitted to St Thomas' hospital in central London on Sunday after his coronavirus symptoms persisted for 10 days.
Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will "deputise where necessary", a Number 10 spokesman said.

Interview With Doctor WHO

DoctorRandomercam: This content is NOT SUITABLE for the emotionally undeveloped, e.g. Children, Political Partisans, Mainstream Journalists, Silicon Valley Tech Bosses and CHINA. May not be recommended for pregnant women. Please consult your GP to find out if all of this is doing you any favours.

5 Apr 2020

"We Will Meet Again" The Queen's World War C Speech

Recalling the first address she made at just 14 years old in 1940 to wartime evacuees, the Queen said: “Today, once again, many will feel a painful sense of separation from their loved ones. ...We Will Meet Again.”

Gates, Soros & Other Jewish Tyrants Using Virus To Create A Gentile Dystopia To End Privacy, Family, Cash, Fossil Fuels

'The call to abolish the family 'because coronavirus', published by OpenDemocracy'
By Helen Buyniski: Technocratic activists are full of solutions to the coronavirus crisis – the same panaceas they've been pushing for years. What problem wouldn't be solved by abolishing the family, privacy, and other things we take for granted?!
Under the time-honored rubric of "never let a good crisis go to waste," the usual suspects have come out of the woodwork to tout their favored "solutions" as answers to the coronavirus pandemic and the attendant economic crisis. Of course, they've been pushing these initiatives for years, and there's a reason (or three) that they haven't been terribly popular – they'd require completely upending current societal models, and few have the stomach for such fundamental change.

WORLD WAR C: Russia's Counter-COVID-19 Aid To America Advances Case For A New Detente

Authored by Andrew Korybko:
Russia’s urgent dispatch of counter-COVID aid to America was both symbolic and substantial in the sense that it improved the country’s reputation among average Americans which in turn advances Trump’s years-long case for a “New Detente” between these two Great Powers.

From Russia With Love
Observers could be forgiven for not believing it when they first heard the news, but Russia just urgently dispatched counter-COVID aid to America in a real-life scene that seems ripped from the pages of political fiction. Had anyone speculated about this scenario just a few short months ago, practically nobody would have believed them, but World War C is truly turning the world upside down faster than anyone could have expected.