28 May 2022

No One Is Talking About This One Reason Why Johnny Depp Could Still Lose


Dystopian Futures: Exploring The Themes Of Elysium

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How The Jews' Lobby Infiltrated US Education To Support Their Colonialist Anti-Gentile Apartheid Regime "IsRealHell"

The Institute for Curriculum Services (ICS) claims to advocate for accuracy of K-12 instruction on US Jewish history – but backed by the Jewish anti-Gentile Israel regime lobby it whitewashes the history of indigenous Palestinians and The Jews' theft of their land, and even attempts to delete the word Palestinefrom textbooks. ICS also discourages students from researching the issue on their own.

ICS boasts that it hasimproved public educationin all 50 states and impacted 11 million students across the country.

ICS operates as a nonprofit under the 501(c)(3) status of San Franciscos Jewish Community Relations Council

By Jessica Buxbaum: In 2018, the Virginia Coalition for Human Rights (VCHR) successfully stopped the US state from adopting textbook edits made by the Institute for Curriculum Services (ICS), a pro-Israel “educational” institution.

The ICS promotes itself as improving the accuracy of K-12 instruction on Judaism and Jewish history in the United States. Yet, backed by the Israel lobby, its strategy appears more in line with advocating a Zionist narrative than enhancing education.

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"So the solution to these runaway energy prices, this market that's just gone into hyperbolic increase is to print up money? ...Your free four hundred quid could be wiped out by inflation within months!"

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Alex Thomson.

27 May 2022

"Dirty Political Trick": Hillary Clinton Guilty Of 'Sedition'

"It was a gross injustice, and it hurt the United States in many ways, including what were seeing in Ukraine these days..."

By Tyler Durden: Former US Attorney General Bill Barr says Hillary Clinton engaged in a "seditious" conspiracy against Donald Trump, and that he named Special Counsel John Durham to investigate what appears to have been a "dirty political trick" to paint the former president as a Russian stooge.

"I thought we were heading into a constitutional crisis. I think whatever you think of Trump, the fact is that the whole Russiagate thing was a grave injustice. It appears to be a dirty political trick that was used first to hobble him and then potentially to drive him from office," Barr said on an upcoming episode of Glenn Beck's Blaze TV podcast, adding "I believe it is seditious."

"It was a gross injustice, and it hurt the United States in many ways, including what we’re seeing in Ukraine these days. It distorted our foreign policy, and so forth," he continued - while warning that those charges would be difficult to prove in court.

In Stunning Shift, WaPo Admits Catastrophic-Conditions, Collapsing-Morale Of Ukraine Front-Line Forces

"We are being sent to certain death," said a volunteer fighter in Donbass. "The casualties here are largely kept secret to protect morale among troops & the general public."

By Tyler Durden: With Russia's war in Ukraine now in its fourth month, mainstream media consumers have been treated to seemingly endless headlines and analysis of Russia's extensive military losses. At the same time Ukrainian forces have tended to be lionized and their battlefield prowess romanticized, with essentially zero public information so far being given which details up-to-date Ukrainian force casualties, set-backs, and equipment losses.

But for the first time The Washington Post is out with a surprisingly dire and negative assessment of how US-backed and equipped Ukrainian forces are actually fairing. Gone is the rosy idealizing lens through which each and every encounter with the Russians is typically portrayed. WaPo correspondent and author of the new report Sudarsan Raghavan underscores of the true situation that "Ukrainian leaders project an image of military invulnerability against Russia. But commanders offer a more realistic portrait of the war, where outgunned volunteers describe being abandoned by their military brass and facing certain death at the front."

I Know Who The U.S. Will Coup Next!

"We even coup-ed ourselves once!"

Lee Camp:

Russia Ready To Help Solve Global Food Crisis, On One Very Fair Condition

Putin informs Italian Prime Minister in phone call...

By Tyler Durden: Italy says it's working to intervene diplomatically with Russia to allow Ukrainian ports to open amid a growing global wheat and food supply crisis, given some 30% of the world's wheat comes from war-ravaged Ukraine and Russia. 

This culminated in a Thursday phone call between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Russian President Vladimir Putin, wherein the Italian leader is believed to have pressed Putin to order his military to unblock Black Sea ports.

A statement from the Kremlin following the call said "Vladimir Putin emphasizes that the Russian Federation is ready to make a significant contribution to overcoming the food crisis through the export of grain and fertilizer, subject to the lifting of politically motivated restrictions by the West."

Putin's office confirmed he spoke about "steps taken to ensure the safety of navigation, including the daily opening of humanitarian corridors for the exit of civilian ships from the ports of the Azov and the Black Sea, which is impeded by the Ukrainian side."

CNN Investigation: Shireen Abu Akleh Was ‘Shot Dead In Targeted Attack’ By The Jews

CNN investigates the murder of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh on May 11 and says she was targeted by a Jewish sniper positioned 600 feet away from her with a clear line of sight.

By Philip Weiss: Today CNN published its own investigation of the killing of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh on May 11, and it says that new eyewitnesses, videos and ballistic analysis bear out what Abu Akleh’s colleagues said that day: The AlJazeera correspondent was targeted by an Israeli sniper positioned about 600 feet away from her with a clear line of sight.

CNN’s team of six journalists writes:

[A]n investigation by CNN offers new evidence — including two videos of the scene of the shooting — that there was no active combat, nor any Palestinian militants, near Abu Akleh in the moments leading up to her death.

Cornel West On The Complicity Of US Media In Israeli Crimes

Middle East Eye: CNN and MSNBC claims to be progressive… that shattered when it comes to dealing with the Palestinian plight.’ One of America’s foremost intellectuals and academics, Cornel West speaks to MEE on the complicity of US media in The Jews' crimes against humanity.

Monkey(pox) Business As Usual

Story #1: Henry "The Bastard" Kissinger - Ukraine Must Give Russia Territory https://archive.ph/Gxyw1

"Imagine The Compliance": Pfizer CEO Pitched Davos Elites On WiFi Microchip Pills In 2018

https://www.zerohedge.com/political/imagine-compliance-pfizer-ceo-pitches-davos-elites-wifi-microchip-pills // https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/414599546010730514/978364853515321344/IMG_2430.jpg

Repeat after me: I shall never scoff at so called conspiracy theorists again. I will listen and remain open minded that perhaps what theyre saying is actually happening.”