21 Jun 2021

CIA Stories: The CIA Is Born

Empire Files: Abby Martin introduces the first installment of a new Empire Files series about the CIA explaining why the agency was created, and how it became the most nefarious criminal organization in the world, with CIA expert Douglas Valentine.

Joe Biden: Career Defender Of Jewish Israel’s Crimes & Impunity

If Americans Knew: Shabbos Goy Joe Biden's grotesque pro-Jewish Israel career in a nutshell. Beginning in 1973, Biden has a long track record of supporting some of The Jews worst atrocities... Its killing of Gentile women and children in Lebanon, its bombings of Gaza mega concentration camp for indigenous Gentiles of Jew occupied Palestine... He's boasted about his relationship with Bibi "The Baby Butcher" Netanyahu, and for decades has worked to funnel money to Jewish "IsRealHell" despite its massive human rights abuses and violations of international law.

20 Jun 2021

Whiteness Is Being Eliminated

Colour America Black

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: A TV ad report forwarded by a reader:

The results are stunning from a spreadsheet of TV commercials over a 4 month period.  White men have all but disappeared.

When they are in commercials they are either old, ugly and sick or they are the partner of a black woman and have no speaking part.  In 3 of the commercials the white men are doing laundry and are paired with a little girl to whom they are delivering the clean clothes. There were zero commercials of white fathers and sons.  None!  

Equally disturbing, young white boys and teens have also disappeared. My study found a majority of the children where white girls with a black brother.  In December there was an uptick in good looking white male models. Research determined that in each and every case it was a cologne commercial and every one of those commercials was made in Europe where they still use muscular, masculine white men.  

While the African American population in America is only 12% they were in 94.3% of the commercials.  Black males are only 5% of our population yet were in 89.7% of the ads. White males make up the largest segment of our population, yet were only in 4% of the TV commercials!  In most of those cases they are in their 60’s to 80’s and were pushing medication for debilitating diseases, reverse mortgages (Tom Selleck) or Medicare plans.

World Sees Thousands Of Violent Demonstrations Linked To Orwellian ScamDemic

Report shows Covid ScamDemic heralded an increase in civil unrest, with number of violent protests increasing in tandem with Orwellian government measures

By Anne Gulland: There were thousands of protests linked to the Covid scamdemic in 2020 to 2021, with violence and civil unrest increasing worldwide throughout the year because of fascist lockdowns. 

In its annual global peace index the Institute for Economics and Peace found that while initially there was a drop in violence when Covid scamdemic fascism first hit and people were stuck at home, civil unrest increased considerably as the scamdemic dragged on.

There was a 10 per cent increase in violent demonstrations in 2020, compared to the previous year, with the index logging 14,871 violent demonstrations, protests and riots.

The Emperor Has No Authority: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

'If you let the smearmeisters control your reputation it won’t matter how solid your work is since nobody will look at it. Making sure their smears damage them more than they damage you is the only way to create some space for yourself and your work.'

By Caitlin Johnstone: If you think the Biden administration caging kids at the border is bad, wait til you hear what it’s doing in Yemen. Would you be willing to murder a child every ten minutes to advance US geostrategic interests in the Middle East? Because that’s exactly what the US government and its proxies are doing in Yemen. Imagine watching a political party consistently demonstrate the exact same pattern of behavior for generations and then thinking it’s about to change.

Arawelo: The Somalian Legend That Endorses Men’s Rights

'The legend of Arawelo is about male liberation. It is a story that acknowledges discrimination against boys and men. It is a story that all men’s rights activists should know since it is their story.'

By Diego Morales: Queen Arawelo is among the best-known folktale characters. Originally an obscure figure outside of Somalia, her legend has reached international audiences due to English-language media: a graphic novel (Mohamed, 2014), an article in biographies of women in history (Porath, 2016), and a theatrical production in London. There’s even a website for diasporic Somalian women named in her honor. Gender politics underlies this popularity since her story, in its many forms, is among the few about explicit sex discrimination. While most artists and scholars focus on the topic of women’s rights and feminism, the legend’s content also captures important aspects of contemporary men’s rights activism.

A starting point is that male resistance is a fundamental theme. In all versions of the tale, the queen is assassinated by her grandson.

Life Inside Gaza Concentration Camp For Indigenous Gentiles After 11 Days Of Bombings By The Zio-Jews - Must watch

"Does the world expect us to be slaughtered without making a noise?"

Asks the heroic Gentile leader of la résistance.

VICE News: Meet the Gentile 'survivors' of Gaza mega concentration camp, including members of the Al Kolak family who lost 22 relatives in the Jews' high tech laser guided precision bombings of civilian "Goyim and Shiksas" [with mostly US made missiles] that the Jews call "Mowing The Lawn".

Police State: Ireland’s New Garda Powers

"Where am I, is this China? No we're still in Ireland! ...Communist levels of policing under the guise of public safety was the precedent! ...Covid helped to build a police state!"

Computing Forever.

19 Jun 2021

Anti-Gentile Jews Land Theft Regime Kill Gentile Teen Friends One Week Apart For Target Practice AKA "Mowing The Lawn"

The Jewish land thieves call the murder of little Gentile kids "Mowing The Lawn"

By Tamara Nassar: Jewish Green Shirts killed the fourth Palestinian from the occupied West Bank mega concentration camp Beita section since May as Jewish land thieves steal nearby Palestinian land.

Jewish Israel Green Shirts shot 15-year-old Ahmad Zahi Ibrahim Bani-Shamsa with a live bullet to the head on Wednesday afternoon during ongoing confrontations with villagers protesting the Jews' theft of nearby land.

Bani-Shamsa and his 16-year-old friend Mahmoud had gone to a hilltop on the outskirts of the village to set some tires on fire, according to a field investigation by Defense for Children International Palestine.

Jewish Green Shirts Shot Dead Another Young Gentile Mother

Mai Afaneh earned her doctorate in psychology in Jordan, was teaching at a local university and had a good family life with her husband and 5-year-old daughter…

“She was not politically affiliated. All she cared about was her studies and helping her family and husband…”

She was killed by Jewish Green Shirts in West Bank mega concentration camp in Jew occupied Palestine.

By Josef Federman: Mai Afaneh appeared to have a happy family life and a fulfilling career. So when she left her West Bank home early on Wednesday, no one thought anything was wrong. - But a short while later, her family received the devastating news that she had been shot and killed by Jewish Israel Green Shirts, allegedly after carrying out an attempted car-ramming attack, but actually for the crime of being born a Shiksa.

In just a few short moments, she became another statistic — the latest in a never-ending list of Palestinians murdered by the Jews' military 'under unclear circumstances'.