17 Aug 2006

St George's Park Survey

As you are here, why not comment on the way you would like our park improved. Just click on the comments tab below. From the original survey we asked, which of the following improvements would you like to see made to the park?

Basket ball court improvements, a bandstand, Extended young kids section, first aid post, more bins and signs indicating fines for littering, better maintenance and extension of the existing skate park, a designated picnic area, a park warden, a club building, repair wooden benches, refreshment facility?

Please indicate which of the above improvements you would like to see. Do you have any other comments or suggestions on how the park could be improved?

I can report that replies to the paper survey have been coming in thick and fast. There is clearly great pride and interest in the park. We have received some good suggestions including many requests to reinstate the punting that used to go on at our lake. The most popular suggestion is a full time warden. I will keep you posted.

UPDATE 21st October 2006:
We have organised the first meeting for the ‘Friends of St Georges Parks’ at the ‘Beehive Centre’ Stretford Road, by St Ambrose Church on Thursday November 9th 7.30pm.

Guests invited include, PC Ben Sullivan, Council community development officer Richard Fletcher, local experts, business people and residents with ambitions for the Park.

We hope this new group will develop to include the other parks and open spaces around the ward, which have deteriorated over the years.

All are welcome; please bring your ideas, expertise and suggestions for future speakers etc.


  1. I'm all for any improvements to the park. I think it's important that there is something for everybody, so that everyone can enjoy the space. I would like to see the following improvements: a bandstand, extended young kids section, more bins, better maintenance of skate park, a designated picnic area, a park warden, repair wooden benches and refreshment facility. I particular like the idea of a bandstand, as I think it would provide a focal point to the park.

  2. I am glad, that there is somebody, who cares. I would like to see more dust bins in the park and it would be great, if the lake could be cleaned from time to time. It's a nice area but the place behind the little island is all dirty a smelly. Thanks and good luck

  3. i would to ask for the basket ball court to be resurfaced and also some flood lights for the allocated area im so delighted we have some one that has taken our local park in to consideration yours sincerly grant bidmead

  4. i am glad to see angelo as took the time out of his free time to help us locals and and other viewers to st george park, most people and myself would like to see the basketball courts resurfeced and floods lights to be placed into the local skate and bike park, also me and a couple mates wouldn't mind doing a couple lessons on biking to improve your skills in biking. Thanks A Lot and Good Luck.
    Chris Takle

  5. How refreshing to hear that there is somebody who is actively campaigning to improve such an important part of St George.
    The park is a pretty and tranquil place but has the potential to improve so much. I think people need to feel safe when visiting and for this reason I feel that a park warden is essential.
    The skate park is obvously an attraction for many people but don't you think that an injection of colour would bring this to life and the use of flood lights in the evening?

    I hope you succeed in transforming the park so that the local community can have an area which they can enjoy and feel proud of.