6 Feb 2012

Bradley Manning for Nobel Peace Prize!

The name of Private Bradley Manning - a U.S. soldier accused of passing classified material to the whistle blowing website Wikileaks has consistently made it into the headlines, mostly in connection with his trial. But now his name is now on a different list - that of over 200 nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize. His nomination was put forward by the parliamentary group called "The Movement" in the Icelandic Parliament. One of its members Birgitta Yonsdottir says Manning deserves the nomination because it's not a crime to blogger-whistle on war-crimes. Source

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  1. I completely agree. Even more, Obama should be publicly stripped of his prize and it should be handed to Mr Manning. Anything less would be a half step perpetuating the worthlessness of the award itself. Unless you still believe War Commander Obama deserved his prize.