7 Feb 2012

'Hysteria' over Russia veto after West jumps the gun at UN +

Russia and China are facing a barrage of criticism from some Western and Arab states for their decision to block the latest UN resolution on Syria. Moscow has already dubbed the reaction 'hysterical', saying the resolution took a biased approach to resolving the civil conflict. RT's Sara Firth was in Syria when the diplomatic showdown began.


Syrian Signals: Assad 'ready for talks' after meeting Lavrov

Members of the Syrian opposition say they would welcome Russia mediating talks with the Syrian authorities. The reaction came after Russia's Foreign Minister's talks with President Bashar Assad in Damascus. Following the meeting, Sergey Lavrov said Moscow will continue its efforts to settle the crisis in the Middle Eastern country.

Syria unrest - News Analysis

Those who vetoed UN Security Council resolution against Syria, have blood on their hands, say the US and the UK. What lies ahead for the Arab nations struggling with months of violence? Will foreign countries interfere directly in Syria like what they did in Libya? Will they continue arming Anti-Syrian government forces?Will President Assad overcome this crisis without foreign intervention? On this edition of News Analysis we are looking into the reasons behind Russia and China's opposition. Source

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  1. It seems that today, the good guys, those seeking to avoid another blunderous first world attack on the infrastructure of the second world with commensurate collateral damage of the innocent civilian population, are the ones painted black. Russia and China have our vote on this one!