25 Apr 2012

James Turk gives his timeline on the Dollar's Collapse and Gold's role as the messenger!

With Italian and Spanish bond yields back on the rise, we've recently seen the Dutch government collapse under the weight of austerity talks and French president Nicolas Sarkozy defeated after the first-round of elections. As price discovery is guarded against in the financial markets, are we seeing its emergence reflected in the delicacy of eurozone governments as discontent is being "priced into" the democratic process?

Central banks may not be waiting to find out if major currencies -- the euro or the US dollar -- will collapse or be devalued. They are stocking up on gold. IMF data shows Mexico added close to 17 tons of gold to its reserves in March. Turkey, Russia and Kazakhstan are buying gore too. We speak with GoldMoney founder James Turk about why he thinks central banks could be guarding themselves from the confetti cannon currency being shot around the globe.

And in the US, we've seen oil prices become a political football in an election year. We'll look at what the onion market can teach us about oil speculation. What is really to blame for higher oil prices?

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