17 Apr 2012

Keynote Rick - Pirate Parties Discuss Merger + RT Exclusive interview update

This weekend Prague became the capital of pirate parties. Representatives from more than 20 countries, around 200 delegates, met the General Assembly of the umbrella organisation for Pirate Parties (PPI) in the Czech Republic. It was also here to advise on the establishment of a European pirate party. Around 200 delegates from pirate parties more than 25 countries have discussed in Prague about their future cooperation. The goal is the establishment of a European pirate party for the European elections in 2014, said the co-founder of the German Pirate Party, Jens Seipenbusch, on Saturday. "A lot of people are waiting in the wings to work out the statutes," said Seipenbusch. Other countries, however, favored only a loose association.
At the meeting, the umbrella organization "International Pirate Parties" on Saturday and Sunday will also decide on the admission of new members. Pirates have promoted associations in Greece, Tunisia, Croatia and six other countries. The founder of the pirate movement, the Swede Richard Falkvinge, spoke out for closer coordination.
"Large similarities" 
The success in the elections in Berlin and Saarland, have shown that the addition of Internet pirates freedom should also conquer other policy areas. Falkvinge sees great similarities between the Pirates more than 25 organizations worldwide. "The challenge for next year will be recorded in writing that too," said Falkvinge. In Germany, the pirates set steadily in the polls. In the current ARD "Germany trend," they reached 11 percent. 

One vote per country 
At the General Assembly of the World Federation Pirate Parties International (PPI) on Saturday and Sunday dispatched each member up to six delegates. Representatives of the Austrian Pirate Party traveled to Prague to attend the meeting. In voting, each country has only one vote.

The conference can be followed on Twitter at hashtag # ppinternational PPint or on account @. There is also a live stream of interested people. The program for the meeting can be found here .

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  1. Absolutely spot on interview with RT. I have so much time for this iconic man of our era and the reason is crystallised here.

    Yes, yes, yes across the board and nicely done Rick.