19 Jun 2012

The V-J.J Song? "Hands Off My Clam" - Lisa Koch

Lisa Koch shares her thoughts on the War on Women. Contains the word "vagina" and other women's body parts... yup. Parody lyrics by Koch (to "Stand By Your Man" and "If I Only Had A Brain") Source

Request: May we have one for fathers who, on the social scale, are a least two steps behind women, and their V-J.J's. Oh no, I forgot, 'Dolly' already did the original condescending version "Stand by your... just a man."


  1. So, you want a song for men who aren't first in line in getting a giant probe shoved inside them? You feel like your sex deserves some of that spotlight?

    1. I have been known to shoved my probe inside women and on the whole it has been a mutually enjoyable experience. If I were you, I would ask for a nicer probe if you need one.

      Yes, Fathers who are metaphorically ass probed by the giant fist of state are one of the most important issues of our time and urgently need spotlighting and resolution.