1 Jul 2012

Apartheid: The Palestinian right of return - Remember Palestine

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) will commemorate international refugee day by hosting a number of events across Europe. The events will commence in the UK on 18 June and end in Geneva 22 June. International Refugee Day is an annual event launched by the United Nations to highlight the plight of millions of refugees worldwide who are forced to flee their homes. Palestinian refugees comprise of the largest and longest standing case of refugees and displaced persons in modern history.

2012 marked the 64th anniversary of the Nakba, the beginning of their ongoing cycle of exile and dispossession. 64 years on Palestinians all over the world are facing many desperate challenges. In Israel, Gaza, Jerusalem, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jerusalem, Libya, Brazil and across many other parts of the world, Palestinians are subjected to gross violations of their basic human rights. Source

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  1. This episode made me consider the many news stories I have read over the years hounding WWII Nazis and of Jewish gold in Switzerland and the Hollywood tirade (often very entertaining). I wonder if the new Israeli Nazis will suffer a similar fate?

    Not without an internal revolution, they’ve got the clincher, nukes! We need more heroes like Gilad Atzmon to form an Israeli fifth column and gain control over their maniacal bloodthirsty overlords.

    Following this winds me up about subjects from the role Israel played creating the Cyprus refugees to the corrupt nature of our three-headed one party UK politics that has gone to war without our leave and bailed out the banksters with our taxes.

    Turns out we need change on our own doorstep. 'Awaken Ye Pirates' and get out your 'little green books'!