23 Jul 2012

UK police Overkill facing difficult questions over brutality, racism, criminality and murder x 65 per year since 1990 + 0 convictions!

Overkill: "Shot 7 times in the head!" Some figures the UK police do not like talking about are 1,433 people killed after contact with them since 1990 and zero, the number of police officers to have ever been convicted for those deaths. Source

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  1. This seems to suggest that if you are murdered in the UK, there is roughly a 10% chance that it will be on official police business.

    Projection: Using the figures suggested in the program against Wiki homicide stats and other sources for the UK/West also seems to suggest that over the next decade there could be a 75% chance your murder will be a 'State Sanctioned drone attack' 20% chance by the inland fascists and 5% miscellaneous. NICE! 'War is Peace'... You probably had 7 bullets in the head coming to you.