18 Oct 2012

German government wants to levy higher silver coins

Die Welt: German government is preparing an attack on property tax values. Coins of silver will continue a 19% tax subject - instead of the current 7%, as the "world" government sources told. The same goes for art and antiques.Basis for the elimination of lower taxation could already be the Annual Tax Act 2013, which was on Wednesday advised the Finance Committee. Thus, the new rules would take effect from January. The Finance Ministry would not confirm on request not think the changes will come into force in 2013. Eliminated the tax privileges, it is established, however: "The reduced rate is to be abolished in principle," it said in a statement the Ministry of Finance to the "world".German investors privilege falls awayBackground for the tax increase is to harmonize the law in Europe - in this case, does the VAT system policy. The European Commission had initiated infringement proceedings against Germany and our general allowances. This pressure, it says the ministry, one must bow down.

The tax advantage is an exception in a European comparison. It also applies for this reason many tax experts as a foreign body. But not only the comparison with other countries is critically an argument at hand. The German principle and exception rule on VAT on precious metals in itself is not easy to penetrate.Gold coins and bars are exempt from taxThe treatment of precious metals in the VAT is as different as imaginable: gold coins and gold bars are completely exempt from VAT - provided they meet the requirements, such as to fineness and weight, for "investment gold".Gold coins do not fall under this category, shall be payable on the acquisition of VAT, as well as silver coins. It is different from the other hand in silver bullion. Who his white precious metal rather than on pieces pressed into buying coins must also previously been charged the full rate of 19 percent.Platinum is taxed at 19 percentWithout any special position are palladium and platinum. Those who buy coins or bars made of these metals must now pay just 19 percent VAT. Collector coins are again an exception.Tangible assets such as silver or enjoy art in recent years, with investors growing popularity. The cheap money policies of central banks has meant that confidence in paper assets such as bonds shrinks when large segments of the population. The tax increase next year, therefore, meets most investors, the traditional investment products are skeptical.Connect to the "world" writers on Twitter. Daniel Eckert tweets contributed to the development of euro, dollar, yuan and gold.


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