7 Oct 2013

'Feminist logic' Stay Safe = YOU DESERVE RAPE!

Thunderf00t: I recently put up a video which suggested that rape, as with any other risk in life, can be modulated in part by the potential victim. To many this would be a bit of a no-brainer, in that who could possible say 'taking self defense classes has no effect whatsoever on your chances of being raped.'
I had figured this would be an uncontroversial and sensible appraisal of the situations. However I reckoned without 'feminist' reasoning. Here, merely suggesting that women can through their choices, modulate their chances of being raped, means that I am a 'rape apologist'!

Here is PZ blog on the subject.

and Taslima

Yup these articles are pretty much what I remember from 'freethoughtblogs' in that they just drip with pointlessly vitriolic invective.
PZ Myers deliberately instructs people not to watch the actual video, (the exact quote is "Typical blunderthud, then. So don't watch it.") while simultaneously telling his readers what to thing "It's horrifyingly ignorant, condescending, and oblivious to his own arrogant attitude." -Like I say its amazingly pointlessly hostile invective. Personally Im stunned anyone turns up to watch him spit poison at people he doesnt like. Do they really think this OTT name calling is a 'game winner'?

Taslima apparently can't tell the difference between me and a muslim extremist "I felt I was listening to a Muslim fanatic, not an atheist or a humanist. "

The sad thing, is do they really think they are going to change minds by just spitting poison at people? They apparently ranted over 'some grey bloke' who wrote some blog which started out with "Yes, I'm biased. There are not harsh enough words in the English language to sum up what I think of Phil Mason."

Hmmm, saying within the first 2 paragraphs that you 'hate someone'. Hardly the place to go for a fair and objective appraisal.

The bizarre thing is these folks dont seem to have realized that if you have a 'winning argument', you dont need to say how biased, or how much you hate things, the arguments alone will stand on their merits. Like this video.


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