18 Mar 2014

Autistic Boy Tortured - Mother Most Affected Says Feminist Hanna Rosin + Thomas Sowell Destroys The Left's Use Of Racism And Feminism

Paul Elam: Two young women in Maryland have admitted to torturing a 16 year old mentally disabled boy over a period of months, including putting a knife to his throat on several occasions, kicking him in the groin, forcing him to masturbate and have sex with animals, making him walk across a frozen pond where he fell into the icy water several times, dragging him around by his hair and other acts which they reportedly recorded on camera phones.

Despite the fact that the mother of the autistic boy knew that he was associating with the two (and spending excessive amounts of money on one of them), she admits she had never bothered to meet either of them. Now the mother is afraid people will judge her for that.

So is Hanna Rosin.

Writing for Slate Magazine, Rosin empathizes with the Mother, not so much the tortured boy, crossing the line in writing what amounts to a series of scripted excuses for the maternal cluelessness.

"I feel her pain," says the End of Men author. "From the little we know of the mother, it sounds as if she had to work a full day."

Surely that left her no time at all to get to know anyone her mentally disabled son was spending time and money on.



Thomas Sowell Destroys The Left's Use Of Racism And Feminism
publiusforum: It only took him five minutes, but economist Thomas Sowell, an African American, practically destroyed the left's constant use of racism (today we call it the race card) as well as its reliance on the false theories of feminism.

Thomas Sowell is a free-market economist, social theorist, philosopher and author. In 1981, Sowell appeared on an episode of the TV show Firing Line, featuring renowned conservative William F. Buckley.

Dr. Sowell was questioned by Harriet Pilpel, a lawyer and feminist activist who asked him how he would bring about more equality in society for women and minorities. Citing the gender wage gap that was all the rage of leftists at that time, Pilpel asked Sowell how he might explain such pay discrepancies, and what the underlying causes might be. As you can see on the video above, in just under five minutes Professor Sowell totally deconstructed the equality myths that are still perpetuated in the media, academia and the halls of government to this very day.

Sowell just destroyed this woman's whole world, didn't he?

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