2 Sep 2014

To So Called Good Women - C.O.C.K.

"Lady, what are you doing about  
the gun in the room, ...your gun!?" johntheother



VenerableSage: Do different women have different types of guns? Some guns aren't very dangerous and will just sting a bit when shot, an airsoft gun for example. I like to think that my girlfriend has a paintball gun, it leaves a mark but everyone knows it doesn't do any damnage. But how can you tell what type of gun it is, how many bullets it holds, and whether its even operable? · 

VagabondCrazyDiamond: Your comment reminds me of something. I heard someone call false rape or domestic violence accusations from a woman in the process of divorce the 'golden bullet'.
Whatever gun it is, it fires something like that.
That's also the exact kind of gun that your girlfriend is toting around and just might start pointing it at you if you piss her off.
I don't see how dumbing down the situation or mocking it helps men out in any way.

Of course...you are a troll, so, I'm not surprised. Nothing you say here should be taken seriously.


01egna (aka WD): Irrespective of the woman, the size and style of the gun is dependent purely on the jurisdiction. In some places the gun is used against you even if the woman refuses to be a party to its use, in others there is a greater dependence of the particular woman’s proficiency at shooting the local gun.

The long and short is ...what a fucking great analogy! :-) ...And the important fact is as a general rule at this moment in time, across the Anglo-sphere, it can actually be a real gun and she will get away with your real murder due to the institutionalised misandry ubiquitous across our western bankocracies and civil services.

Jeff Arredondo: Great article John very thought provoking as are all of your articles and videos.  I am a relatively new MGTOW, just over a year.  Your work gives me confidence that I made the right decision for my happiness and well being.  Keep up the good work.


jeffiek: A threat of violence is a violent act.

"An assault is carried out by a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm. It is both a crime and a tort..."

The state is definitely "apparent", and always "present". Threatening to use them is assault.

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