22 Oct 2014

"Another Shock Drop Is Coming.. And It's Coming Soon" Saxo Bank's Chief Economist Steen Jakobsen

Steen Jakobsen The fourth Saxo Bank #TradingDebates are being held this Wednesday at the British Museum in London. Among the speakers will be Saxo Bank's Chief Economist Steen Jakobsen who's predicting another 'shock drop' in the markets within a few weeks. With debt and low inflation continuing to create a nervous atmosphere behind most markets, Steen argues that we will hit fresh lows in mid-November.
Steen takes the view that central bank policy is creating a 'fantasy land' for investors and he points out that the recent 'day dive' in markets was a closer reflection of reality.

Steen outlines his suggestions for trading ahead of another dip in mid November with targets for the S&P 500 around 1810 and the Dax at 8000 - 7800.

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