31 Oct 2014

MGTOW and Telling the Truth - Mike Hunt Joins MR Fight Club

"I am not Paul Elam's problem and the problem started long before my arrival at AVfM. ...Perhaps I'm fucking all the MGTOW, I do have a car." Feminism LOL/Mike Hunt/The COCK Fairy 

Stardusk's video which, I believe instigated Elam's response.

Paul Elam's choice to call me a bunch of names.

Final note about “relational aggression”: I spent many hours every week trying to counteract the Yoko Ono backchannel bullshit about me and finally gave up. The two weeks before I was fired, along with JtO, were spent hard at work trying to fix articles in “pending” because they were all lacking sources and the quality wasn't good enough.

Oh, and I actually asked Paul why people were talking like he was dead already (re the R Todd Kelly article) and we had a laugh about it. A few months later Dean Esmay made an announcement to all key staff that Paul was seriously ill and we were to stop Skyping him or asking him for anything. I might have at one point, after he told JtO that he has nothing to do with the running of AVfM and all John's concerns were non-issues, said that Paul was acting like he was dead and maybe he really was dying. The backchannel discussion of Paul's health was actually issued by Dean Esmay.

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