2 May 2015

People Camping Outside UK Parliament Against Lame-Stream Politics

As UK is preparing for it upcoming general elections, political activists, academics and artists have come together for the second day in front of London’s Parliament Square in an effort to tackle corporate capture, environmental chaos and cronyism.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The ten-day event has been organized by Occupy Democracy, a social and political movement that is seeking to address Britain’s democratic deficit, and build a fairer society in the process.
“The reason we are here is that we want a democracy that works for people and the planet. We think democracy has been captured by corporations,” Said Julie Green one of the organizers of the event.
She went on noting that the activists are looking for a democracy that works for people and the planet not the corporations that are backing all the major parties.
“We are also calling for the breakup of the monopoly media and the main men and women, big billionaires, who own 97 percent of media which means the voice people hear out there today in the world and the community, doesn’t reflect the will and the voices of [people] and essentially represents the views of the 1 percent corporations and banks,” she emphasized.

 Green also referred to the major problems resulted from austerity measures saying: “Money is being taken away from the poor to give to the rich…. Specific things like the NHS, there has been a huge social movement mobilized with almost no coverage in the media about… a privately-run NHS…. A privately-run NHS is just incredibly expensive and has really poor outcomes.”
Other activists say the UK is far from its real democracy.

“We British and indeed all westerners need a movement for real democracy is true, but we are very far from it as we stand. Nothing is actually going to change in our countries unless and until there are mass demonstrations, peaceful demonstration for democracy,”
Author and investigative journalist, Alan Hart told Press TV.
He said for real democracy to exist, the voters need to be informed enough about critical issues.
He concluded:”More and more people are becoming aware of this, but if they want to change it, they have got to get off their backside and theh have got to take to the streets they have got to demonstrate peacefully.”


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