26 May 2015

Global Corporate Information Warfare 2.0?

Note to the Hardcore Resistance: You Might Want to Pay Close Attention to This and Get Organized NOW!
Just when you thought that mainstream media already controls the narrative in most – if not all – instances two new mainstream alliances have been announced in one month time that are meant to push United Nations, related and derived propaganda to the next level.
Collectively the two alliances willeducate journalists and news agencies on how to successfully report about the UN agendas, while paid content (UN advertisements) will be released as authentic sustainable news reports. The participating news agencies and their journalists will be working closely with those who are tasked to implement (politicians, NGOs, experts and other mouthpieces) the UN agendas on sustainability and man made climate change (geoengineering is not included in the UN concept of man made climate change since that exposes that the CO2 scam is just that, a scam).
The first initiative or alliance was created by Ted Turner’s United Nations Foundation. This partnership with Jynwel Foundation and Thomson Reuters Foundation “will engage with a network of journalists, media experts and social media influencers around the world to make available trainings, media capacity grants, and partnerships in the lead up to two pivotal summits happening later in the year;
the United Nations summit in September that will see the adoption of the new Sustainable Development Goals, and the UN Climate Change Conference in December in Paris, which is aimed at reaching a universal climate agreement,” states the April 23, 2015, UNF press release.

This partnership’s main goals are to increase even more the already dominating mainstream narratives relating to the UN’s Agenda 21 and man made climate change. Journalists, media organizations and spokespeople will be further “trained” to improve their communications with the public on the UN its policies that the UN hopes will be fully implemented starting this year 2015.
The UNF media alliance also comes with a new mainstream news outlet, a news aggregator, that took off in February. Global Daily is being profiled as the one-stop-shop where mainstream news outlets can find content on which they should base their own reporting. Obviously the bulk of the content is UN related or concerns these items that the United Nations deems worthy of pushing upon the general public. Critical and skeptical pieces won’t be found there.
The second initiative, Climate Publishers Network, is an alliance of 25 mainstream media organizations that will collaborate on their coverage of UN climate change propaganda.
This partnership includes The Age (Australia), Al Ahram (Egypt), China Daily (China), Clarín (Argentina), Der Standard (Austria), De Standaard (Belgium), El Comercio (Peru), El Deber (Bolivia), El País (Spain), El Watan (Algeria), Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany), Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland), The Guardian (United Kingdom), India Today (India), The Irish Times (Ireland), La Presse (Canada), La Repubblica (Italy), Le Monde (France), Le Quotidien de Nouakchott (Mauritania), Politiken (Denmark), The Seattle Times (United States), The Straits Times (Singapore), Stuff (New Zealand), The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) and To Vima (Greece).
In addition to streamlining the UN narratives and UN propaganda more efficiently in a drastic attempt to fully win the minds of their combined audiences and beyond the participants in this alliance have [also] agreed to drop their mutual licensing fees to allow all network members to share their coverage on the climate change issue prior to the December 11 summit.
Although both alliances are advertised as temporary initiatives it is needless to say that even after their disbandment the former links and intentions will remain active. It is only to be expected that similar initiatives will be organized more frequently and will attract more and more establishment media outlets that want to participate. When these initiatives prove successful more funding is of course expected for next similar editions of initiatives and alliances, eventually leading to an even more homogenized mainstream media block that will put out even more paid UN propaganda content – in addition to that which they already distribute as ordered by the UNEI terror alliance – which following the ethics of journalism can’t be regarded as news and authentic reporting since it is paid content or advertising. In such cases the media reports should explicitly state so but we all know that for sure they don’t now so they won’t in the future as well.
For the hardcore resistance, as small as it already is, these alliances have even greater implications than what we have been facing already and not only because the mainstream media block will be an even stronger opponent. It needs little imagination that the largely co-opted alternative media – as we have been witnessing increasingly recently  [1, 2] – will further be dragged into these kinds of alliances and their propaganda. Many alternative press outlets – several hundreds including some of the most popular and branded venues – have already failed to differentiate fiction from reality in the ever advanced propaganda campaigns run by their mainstream counterparts. This has led to entire readerships and fan bases being slickly diverted into supporting that which their trusted alternative outlets have allegedly long opposed.
At this point I deem it crucial to specifically address those of the true hardcore resistance and suggest that we get organized right now. I know that some of you haven’t fallen for the co-opting and have managed to stay true to your causes. You have to be saluted for this and must be regarded as great and honorable allies, how few we may be nonetheless.
A consistent hardcore info rebellion is the only force that will be able to keep fighting effectively against these two giant media blocks, the mainstream and the co-opted alternative press.
A consistent hardcore info rebellion is the only solution and is the only one that holds the key to victory.


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