16 Aug 2015

Astonishingly Sexist Sally Peck, Please Explain This

6oodfella. "I'm showing graphic images because Sally Peck basically said women can't behave like this, how is it possible? ...I'd like Sally Peck to explain to me, how is it possible for these women to behave like this? Is it going to be that they were raised as boys, because obviously only boys are violent? Were they injected with toxic masculinity? Were they being encouraged to behave like this by men? And if you're choosing that one that means women should not be allowed to vote because if men can force people to do things against their will. ...It's disrespectful to say that women can't be violent. ...That's what she said, "we have to change the way we raise boys so that they're not violent."
...All these women behaving like this, why should this count for nothing? There are violent women out there and there are violent men. People like this spread the astonishingly sexist message that it's only boys that are violent towards girls, yet I see it all the time, women being violent, women being aggressive, women being obnoxious."

Twitter: @6ame

As Milo (@Nero) said, it is astonishing sexism.

Wiki article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...

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