5 Aug 2015

Roger Crawford Has Written A Book About ‘One Of The Biggest Social Scandals Of Our Time’

By Mike Buchanan: Roger Crawford is a campaigner with New Fathers 4 Justice. He dresses as a jester when demonstrating, and he’s written a book with the title Rebel Without A Clue. It’s available to buy here, and we hope it sells well. The book’s entry on Amazon:
Roger was born in 1948 and adopted at birth. He was brought up in the north-west London suburbs and enjoyed a carefree childhood in a world totally different to that of today. Sent to a private Grammar School because his socialist parents were so concerned at his lack of academic ability, he was the only pupil in the history of the School to become a Farm apprentice.
Embracing the free-thinking of the late sixties and early seventies, and concerned that many city children did not know anything of rural life, he founded a charitable society which gave country holidays for free to disadvantaged city children and for a time lived a bohemian type of life in a converted coach.
He also founded and ran a successful Youth Club and ran Gardening classes for the London Borough of Harrow. After happily living with a lady twenty years older than himself for thirteen years he then fell in love with and had a daughter by a married lady his own age. His battle to be a part of his daughter’s life is vividly recorded in his story, and the prejudice and sheer inhumanity of the Family Court system is described in detail.

Protests on roofs followed, plus standing for election in Oxford East in 2010. Roger has also battled the Planning system to enable him to stay on his smallholding in Bedfordshire. This is an entertaining journey through his life with many laugh-out-loud moments as well as the pathos surrounding the loss of his only child.
Roger has been married for twenty years to Rosa and lives and works on his smallholding as well as driving a local school bus. He still works for parents and children’s rights and is a vocal campaigner against child abuse in all its forms.

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