5 Sep 2015

Hateful Misandrist Guardian Writer Julie Bindel Proposes Feminazi Concentration Camps For All Men

: Julie Bindel is a misandrist feminist who is a regular columnist for the Guardian newspaper, having written hundreds of article for the publication. She’s a patron for charities such as For our daughters and is the founder of Justice for Women. She’s a regular fixture in the media, particularly on BBC’s Women’s Hour programme and she’s a research fellow at Lincoln University. Oh, and she also wants to introduce concentration camps for all men, a group she doesn’t actually even regard as human.
Bindel’s literal Feminazi moment came in an interview with the Rad-fem Collective website on August 29th. Upon being ask the question “Will heterosexuality survive women’s liberation”, Bindel responded as follows:

It won’t, not unless men get their act together, have their power taken from them and behave themselves. I mean, I would actually put them all in some kind of camp where they can all drive around in quad bikes, or bicycles, or white vans. I would give them a choice of vehicles to drive around with, give them no porn, they wouldn’t be able to fight – we would have wardens, of course! Women who want to see their sons or male loved ones would be able to go and visit, or take them out like a library book, and then bring them back.

I hope heterosexuality doesn’t survive, actually. I would like to see a truce on heterosexuality. I would like an amnesty on heterosexuality until we have sorted ourselves out. Because under patriarchy it’s shit.
And I am sick of hearing from individual women that their men are all right. Those men have been shored up by the advantages of patriarchy and they are complacent, they are not stopping other men from being shit.
I would love to see a women’s liberation that results in women turning away from men and saying: “when you come back as human beings, then we might look again.”
So lets examine Bindlel’s views and proposals. Firstly she wants the power to be taken from men. While a small number of men hold considerable power in the business world, Bindel’s statement is farcical when it comes to the overwhelming majority of the population. Higher education is now completely female dominated, young women earn significantly more than young men, and this supposedly powerful gender absolutely dominates when it comes to low life expectancy, homelessness, workplace death and injury, imprisonment, suffering violence and committing suicide.
Next, Bindel proposes camps for men, not just the men who might be breaking the law (we already have that of course) but all men, just simply for daring to be born male. As with similar concentration camp schemes Bindel tries to briefly distract from her gender hatred and true agenda by adding in some fun activities and therefore perhaps implying they’d be holiday-type destinations. However, it’s made very clear exactly what sort of camps these are as Bindel proposes camp guards (or wardens as she calls them). In true Goebbels style, Bindel disguises the real purpose of these guards by pretending their job is to stop the men fighting amongst themselves, glossing over their main activity which is of course to control, punish and imprison the entire male population against their will and to make them entirely powerless objects to be owned/borrowed by women! Bindel adds in the final missing piece of the Feminazi jigsaw by adding in more than bit of de-humanisation of the men for good measure, likening them to library books that are property for women to borrow. She rounds off her proposals by making it explicitly clear that she doesn’t even consider men to be human beings at present. Taken as a whole, her proposals not onyl meet but massively  exceed any definition of a concentration camp.
One of Bindel’s most recent media appearances was on Sky News during which she rightly (albeit for the wrong reasons) attacked Jeremy Corbyn’s proposals to consider introducing women-only carriages on trains. What Bindel failed to mention was that she was willing to go further than Corbyn, and of course her proposals above would result in every single train carriage being women-only because all the men would be in her concentration camps! Furthermore, seeing as she’s stealing most of her ideas from Nazis, presumably she’ll want to use men-only cattle trucks too for transportation of the sub-human inmates to their destination?
In he feminist world, Bindel’s views are far from isolated and she’s just the latest in a long line of high profile feminists to propose either imprisoning all men or even eliminating or exterminating all or the vast majority of the male population. Bindel’s fellow travellers in this regard include author of the “Scum Manifesto” Valerie Solanas, “academic” Mary Daly (for whom Bindel wrote a glowing obituary) and also Sally Miller Gearhart, an author who also worked at San Francisco State University. Nor is this an isolated incident in terms of Bindel’s behaviour, for example in 2006 she wrote a Guardian column titled “Why I hate men”  and her writing regularly attacks men as a whole falsely paints violence and abuse as gendered, something done by men to women, rather than by people to other people.

More recently, feminist hatred of men has made the news with incidents involving Bahar Mustafa at Goldsmiths’ University and Lib Dem Executive Committee member  Sarah Noble at the NUS Conference (a story broken exclusively by HEqual). it’s interesting that the one common theme that almost every piece of feminist hate is the involvement of the higher education system. Mustapha is the Diversity Officer at Goldsmith’s Students Union who banned white men from events and called for their death on Twitter. Noble’s misandry came to light due to her calls to “ban men from society” at the NUS Women’s Conference, with her Twitter acocunt also littered with misandrist hate speech and she’s since started a new job at the NUS too! Daly was a professor at Boston College who didn’t just want men to be reduced to 10% of the population, she infamously kicked male students out of her classes too! Gearhart worked at a University for decades too and therefore it’s little surprise to see that Bindel is a research fellow at Lincoln University and has previously held a position at bth Leeds and Brunel  Universities too. Numerous other feminist extremists also work in institutions in places such as the North east and in Bristol with others exposed in a leak of info from the Rad Fem Hub website.  It’s little wonder we have such a huge gender education gap when so many universities are hotbeds of unopposed gender hatred.
I realise that Bindel does at least get some condemnation from some feminists for her views on trans women, and while this is somewhat welcome, there’s a hugely problematic double-standard at work which totally undermines such condemnation. Any feminist hatred of trans-women almost always stems from the fact that trans-women used to be men and the feminist still regard trans-women as 100% male. While other more direct forms of transphobia do exist out there, almost all feminist transphobia ultimately stems not so much from hatred of trans people themselves but from their extreme misandry. Thus, most feminist protests against transphobia by fellow feminists is often almost completely hypocritical and constitutes little more than faux-outrage. Those feminists opposing Bindel are usually the same people spending vast amounts of time attacking and demonising men and celebrating misandry, thus making them at the forefront of the root cause of the problem and ultimately little different to Bindel herself in the wider scheme of things.
It’s easy to dismiss Bindel’s comments as being extreme and not representative of “real” feminism. However, take out the concentration camp remarks and other extreme content and much of what’s left not only constitutes mainstream feminist thought, but even the policy of public bodies and academic institutions. Many of the sexist phrases and ideas presented by Bindel could easily have come from Director of Public Prosecutions  Alison Saunders, Acting Labour Party leader Harriet Harman, Northumbira Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird or even Liberal Democrat politicians such as Lynne Featherstone and all sorts of current policies and public services are outrageously biased against men not to mention completely dishonest in their use and presentation of data.
Feminists regularly complain about the use of terms such as “feminazi” as if it’s an outrageous and completely unjustifiable slur, yet Bindel’s proposals and de-humanising language might as well be lifted from a Nazi manifesto and the silence from feminists in condemning her (and all those listed above) is deafening. Feminists have plenty of time to get outraged by a harmless shirt worn by a respected scientist, they’ll misrepresent a clear joke by Tim Hunt to get him fired from his job. They’ll campaign endlessly about how men sit on trains and assault them if said seating position is not to their liking, and then next priority on their agenda is to interfere with the way men go to the toilet. However, it’s now a week since one of the most high profile feminist commentators openly suggested putting all men on concentration camps until they became human beings and there’s not a word on condemnation anywhere. Until that changes and feminists start condemning misandry instead of celebrating it then the feminazi term is quite clearly 100% justifiable and particularly so in reference to anyone associated with Bindel or the organisations she works for.

Note: can people please stop linking to the blog in question where the hate comments are published. The article in question saved on Archive.org and it’s counter-productive to reward extreme gender hatred with web traffic and therefore potential revenue.


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