5 Dec 2015

London School Of Economics - Everything But The Truth

Report by Gilad Atzmon: The London School of Economics (LSE) shamelessly bowed to Jewish pressure mounted by the infamous ultra Zionist Board of Deputies Of British Jews (BOD) and removed an academic truth telling blog about Israel and Jewish culture.
The Jewish Chronicle reports today that the LSE has removed a post on its website  pointing at the most obvious and undeniable truth that  Zionism is based on Jewish biblical notions of separateness, superiority and entitlement”.
Dr Sandra Nasr, a lecturer in the politics of the Middle East at Notre Dame University in Australia, wrote that Jewish notions of “otherness” as the chosen people and colonial plan to occupy Palestine have led to a deliberate delegitimisingand dehumanising of Palestinians. Dr Nasr also wrote that  “Zionism, the ideological project to secure a Jewish homeland, relies upon notions of separateness, superiority and entitlement”.
The LSE said that its editorial guidelines had not been followed in publishing the blog. Let’s attempt to learn what are the academic ‘editorial guidelines’ in British academia 2015:

In a statement, a LSE spokesman said: “LSE has received a number of complaints regarding a recent post on the student-led Human Rights blog.
The post was by a non-LSE academic and, as noted on the blog, the views expressed were by the author alone.”
Did you get it? Dr Nasr, is not a LSE academic. She also expressed here own views. But it gets funnier...
"With all academic engagement, the School will seek to balance the concerns of research quality, academic freedom and reputation. LSE uses blogs, among other channels, to offer a platform for academic discussion on often contentious and emotive topics. The School has firm guidelines on blog posts and editorial procedure.”
"Regretfully, editorial guidelines were not followed in this instance. The blog post has now been taken down."
I guess that the LSE 'editorial guidelines' are too simple. When it comes to Israel, Jewish politics and culture, the LSE is interested in everything but the truth. 
I am convinced  that when Karl Popper wrote The Open Society and Its Enemies, he couldn’t had guess that half a century later, his own university would become an arch enemy of freedom and truth.  


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