9 Mar 2016

New British Brainwashing Cunts Hit Piece On BBC Radio 4

"I agreed to go on Radio 4 on the condition that I could make a separate recording of the discussion with Mr Jenkins which I could then put on my own youtube channel later on and I would own the full copyright. He agreed. Mr Jenkins said very clearly, "Look, I'm not on your side, but I will give you a fair hearing." He lied, he lied hard and he lied often. ...He firstly said there's no evidence supporting hypergamy. I discussed with him at length the study and the experience from Hong Kong. He simply lied there, he said. "MGTOW believe that feminism is the rout of all evil." I explained that. "Feminism is a symptom of a wider gynocentrism and it would probably be foolish to focus on it exclusively as the genesis of all male problems."" CS MGTOW


The Interview With Jolyon Jenkins

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