6 Aug 2016

Judaism And Black Skin

By Gilad Atzmon: The above Hebrew news item reports on the hierarchy of Goyim within the Judaic universe. Apparently Black skin is bad but fortunately Chinese eyes are Kosher.
The reports tells the story of a rabbinical Jew who wanted to divorce his wife because he married her unaware that she was of Chinese origin. He complained to the rabbi that their children inherited Asian eye features.  The Rabbi ruled that Chinese eyes are not a defect, unlike Black skin which is.
One of his Rabbinical students asked the Rabbi, what would be the Rabbinical attitude in a case in which the children were born Black.  The rabbi answered that the ruling would have been different because Blacks are cursed by the Curse of Ham.
The Curse of Ham refers to an edict issued by the biblical Noah. In the Book of Genesis, Ham sees his father naked and drunk in his tent. Noah finds out and curses Ham the father of the  Canaanites. Some people of the Abrahamic religions believe Blacks to be the descendants of Ham.  The "curse of Ham" has been used by some to justify racism and the enslavement of people of African ancestry.
It has been argued that contemporary Judaism strongly disagrees with the racist interpretation of the Curse of Ham. But the contemporary  Orthodox Rabbi quoted above quite clearly endorses the most reprehensible racist interpretation of the Curse of Ham. He clearly believes that dark skin is a ‘defect’ because it is the outcome of a curse.

Professor Tony Martin produced a scholarly examination of the Curse of Ham, and as a result of his work, he was subjected to an orchestrated Jewish onslaught. His conclusions were spot on as there is a theological Judaic racist bigotry towards black skin. The Rabbi quoted above is very clear on that point. This bigotry towards Blacks is reflected in the Jewish State’s attitude toward African refugees and Ethiopian Jews. Professor Martin suggests that the Curse of Ham helps explain the prominence of Jewish merchants within the slave trade. This bigotry against dark skin explains Zionism’sattitude towards the Palestinians and also explains the discriminatory Ashkenazi attitude towards the Mizrahi Jews in Israel and beyond.


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