29 Aug 2016

Australian Senator Pauline Hanson Claims Women Make Frivolous DV Complaints And Abused Men Are Ignored

Anti-Feminism Australia: In a recent article she said the following:
"We need a full overview of the child support system and the family law courts to find the answers (because) you know some (women) are going out there and claiming domestic violence because they're told 'I don't like the colour of your dress'," Ms Hanson said.
"They (women) are making frivolous complaints and it's time that our court system (is looked at) - especially for men who are the subject of domestic violence themselves.
"Men have nowhere to go - (domestic violence against males) is very widely spread.

"I want to sit down with these (male-focused) organisations, these groups, and give them a voice, because they feel like they're not being heard."

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