12 Sep 2016

International Men’s Day Saturday, 19 November - Protest Outside The Royal Courts Of Justice, London, England

By Mike Buchanan J4MB: We haven’t yet decided how to commemorate International Men’s Day, but a protest we’re strongly inclining to is this.
The protest will be outside the Royal Courts of Justice – 11:00, Saturday, 19 November. The full description:

Family lives matter.
Time to talk, Time to listen, Time to act,
suicide is not an option.

Fighting for family law reform and equal rights.
Aiming to highlight the failings of the family/divorce courts and associated organization’s that can lead to so many men committing/considering suicide. Also a celebration of all fathers and mens groups that help in these dark times.
We aim to show the magnitude of the problem by taking teddies/dolls to parliament with our children’s first names attached. Each teddy/doll representing a child missing out on the love of a father, grandfather, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins. After the event the teddies and dolls will be donated to a childrens charity.
The name tags sent to parliament.


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